Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 11 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 11 March 2021

Zara takes an officer’s gun and is going to shoot Jalali but Kabir stops her and takes her away.

Kabir locks Zara in a room and shouts at her to not do this. Zara says I can’t let him destroy people’s lives. Kabir says then go ahead and shoot him, I will not tell you anything. Zara says I will not wear this thread till I deal with him. Kabir gives her the thread and says wear it, I am ready to become the head priest. Zara is elated. Kabir says we have to make him lose by being together. Zara says we will win together. Kabir makes her wear the thread.

Salma prays for Kabir. Imran says it’s good that Kabir agreed to become a head priest. Irfan says Kabir will have to write a letter to become a sharia board member, he will have to convince someone to resign so that Kabir can take his place. Zara says who will resign for Kabir? Salma says Imran can resign for Kabir’s place, right? Azra says no, first he was chosen to become a head priest and now asking him to resign? I mean to say what if Kabir doesn’t become a head priest then we should have a person in there. Imran says but I can resign for him. Kabir says no, I will find someone else to resign. Irfan says you have 3 days to find that person.

Salma is cooking in the kitchen. Zara says nothing will happen to me, you are with me.

Azra meets Shahbaz and says I am ready to help you. Kabir is ready to become a head priest and they wanted Imran to resign but I want you to stop Kabir. Shahbaz says what if Imran takes Kabir’s side? Azra says Imran just listens to me.

Kabir meets a member and he is ready to resign for Kabir as he helped him before. The member gets a call and leaves.

Imran tells Azra that I can resign for Kabir. Azra says I am doing this for us, if you resign then our relationship will end, you have to leave for Delhi, if you love me then do it.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara come to a restaurant. There is a love lunch celebrated there. A couple is celebrating their anniversary. Kabir congratulates them. Zara says we can spend some time here till the member call us.

Shahbaz meets all the members of the board and says I want Jalali to become a head priest, Kabir is trying to get that seat and if anyone of you resign for him then it will be bad for you. Jalali uses his powers to scare them. He says if you people resign for Kabir then it will be worst for you.

The man in the hotel asks Kabir what is love to him? Kabir says love is falling for a person which makes you rise, love is unconditional, you win even if you lose yourself. You can never lose with them by your side. The man says we do lose when they leave you. Kabir says love is always with you.

Kabir gets a call from the member’s wife who tells him that he is going out the city. Kabir tells this to Zara and calls him but his phone is off. Zara says we have to find a person who can resign for you.

Zara comes in the restaurant and sing dikhai de plays. Kabir is trying to call the sharia board members but they all are away.
Jalili has filled the bus with all the sharia board members. A member says this is not fair. Shahbaz says we are doing this for the betterment of the board, we will return on time and make Jalili the head priest.

Kabir tells Zara that Jalali must have got to know that I want to become the head priest so he took away all the members of the board. Where must have he gone with them? Zara says I never thought I would go back to Jalalpur but I will go back there for you and bring the letter so you can become the head priest. Kabir says are you sure? She says we will win on this lover’s day. Kabir says yes.

Kabir and Zara meet Hilal. Zara says you have to tell me how to go to Jalalpur, I left it when I was a child so I don’t know what happened here. Hilal shows his hand amputated and says Jalali’s ghosts forced me to cut my own hand, I was dazed and had put my hand in the machine. He says Jalalpur has changed, he does magic there but don’t try to go to a cave there, nobody returns from there. Be careful.

The bus stops at a checkpost. Shahbaz says you don’t trust us? Jalali says I don’t trust anyone. Jalali brings out a black cat and she scares Shahbaz. Jalali says it’s a human and he doesn’t like misbehavior of anyone. Shahbaz says he is that? Jalali says yes, this place is my mine, I even own air here. Shahbaz says sorry to the cat and says it will never happen again. The cat checks the bus. Jalali says he just wants to check if I have any enemy here.

Zara asks the priest who are ghosts? The priest says we are made from mud and they are made from fire, they didn’t bow to Adam Prophet so God was angry with them. There are good and bad ghosts, some can really hurt people. I can’t guarantee that you will come back from there. It can even kill you. Kabir says we just need your prayers.

Kabir sees a car and tells Zara that this is Jalali’s car, they are taking opium there. Zara stops the car and scares the man. She makes him unconscious. Kabir takes the car and leaves with Zara. They both disguise. Zara says we will have to pretend as husband and wife, I don’t even have the experience, you will have to romance with me and take care of me like a couple does. Kabir says protecting you is my responsibility so I will do it regardless. They both enter Jalalpur. They both enter Jalali’s house.

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