Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 4 October 2020


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 4 October 2020

Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 4 October 2020: Kabir and Zara comes home, Zeenat is scolding Amaan for not doing his homework. Amaan runs to Zara and cries, Amaan says I failed. Zara says you are rockstar. Zeenat says teacher failed him as they cant make him study, I wanted him to study in madarasa and become like Kabir. Kabir says to Amaan that I will put you in school where you will learn religion and education both, I will take you to my madarasa. Kashan says he will study in same school where he is. Kabir says but..

Ayesha says only Shahbaz will decide where Amaan will study. Kashan asks Zeenat why she wants to send Amaan to Kabir’s school? Zeenat says Amaan is more respected, I dont want to hurt you, you are educated, you run business but family gives more power to Kabir, he is decision maker, I want Amaan to be like Kabir. Zara thinks about Kabir’s words to send Amaan to madarasa. Kabir shows his cap to Zara and says I wore it in my madarasa, Amaan will wear this too, he will go there for sure. Zara is tensed. Amaan says to Ruksaar that I will go to madarasa now. Ruksaar and Amaan are playing in Zara’s room. Zara asks them to sit calmly. She makes them eat biscuits. Ruksaar says I will go to madarasa too. Kabir says she doesnt like it, she never went there. Ruksaar says then send her too. Ruksaar and Amaan leaves. Kabir says you have a problem with madarasa. Zara says madarasa have problems with women, there are no women in there, you men have no place for women, not even in mosque, Zara says then why was Alena not sent to madarsa? You are doing a mistake too. It is about some people not Muslims. He says what are you trying to say? I didn’t learn anything in madarsa? You better end this thought about madarsas. Roshan says to Zeenat why are you doing this? Father got me admission in that school. She says aman will go to madarsa. Kabir comes there.

Kabir brings aman to the madarsa and makes him wear the topi. He says you look good. He meets the principal. Principal gives them flowers. Kabir says hello to the kids. He says you will learn the best in this madarsa. Study progress and do good things for this country. Our Aman will also study here. Principal says wow. We are glad. Rich people don’t send their kids to madarsas these days. People will appreciate this. Promise us he will always study here. Kabir recalls what Zara said. He says I promise Aman will study here. Principal says thank you.

Aman comes home and says dadi.. He runs and hugs her. Ayesh says kabir.. Kabir comes in too. Ayesha says you look like Kabir. He says do you love Kabir the most? She says yes. Aman says more than ami abu too? Ayesh says yes. He says wow kabir chachu everyone loves you. Amaan asks family if Kabir is liked by all? Ayesha says yes. Amaan says all like Kabir. Kashan hugs him and takes off his cap. Shahbaz comes there and greets everyone. All hug him. Shahbaz says Javaid called and congratulated me that Kabir decided to send Amaan to madrasa. Shahbaz says to Aman that you are lucky that Kabir is sending you to madrasa. All look on. Kashan is not happy, Zara notices it. Kashan recalls Zeenat’s words that she wants Amaan to become like Kabir and nobody cares about Kashan’s opinions. Kashan pulls Amaan back from Shahbaz and says this house and family is yours, you have money but Amaan is my son, you took all decisions but I will decide for my son’s future, you took decision for Kabir as he is your son but I am deciding for my son that he will not study in madrasa but in school and become like me. Ayesha says Kashan.. Shahbaz says you made me realize my place today, he asks Zara if she is on Kashan side? Zara says house is not dividing, its just different thinking, we can talk about opinions as we love each other, I think leaving school in middle will destroy his year so he can complete year and not fail. Shahbaz says Kabir went to madrasa and became a pious, successful man. Kashan says I will decide what is better for my son, dont argue. All are stunned. Kashan leaves with Amaan, Zeenat leaves too. Kabir glares at Zara.

Kabir says to Zara that see your stubbornness has divided house, why did you have to go against decision? Zara says its about sending Amaan to madrasa is wrong. Kabir says its about Kashan and Shahbaz strained talk. Zara says lets talk to KAshan. Kabir says he is my brother so I will talk to him. Kashan calls Zara and asks if she can come to talk to him? she says okay. Kabir says I will talk to Kashan, Zara says lets talk together, Kabir says I will talk. Zara prays to solve the issue.

Shahbaz is hurt of Kashan’s words, his image says that you raised your sons for a plan, you sent Kashan to school and made him businessman and made Kabir a religious person to handle both sides but what will happen now? Shahbaz says this house is still in my grip. Ayesha comes there and says Kashan is our son, he must be angry but I will give him gift you brought and talk to him. Shahbaz says I will give it to Kashan, she nods and leaves. Shahbaz changes gift boxes and takes Kabir’s gift for Kashan.

Kabir and Zara comes to Kashan. Kashan says to Kabir that why are you here? I only called Zara, you leave. Kabir is angry. Zara says I brought Kabir to solve the issue. Kabir gets a call from priest and says you did a great job by sending Amaan to madrasa, it will be a message for world. Kashan says no, I dont want my son to become part of your religious politics, you leave. Zara says no lets talk and solve it. Kashan says no, ask him to go. Kabir is hurt and leaves from there.

Alina asks Zeenat why Kashan got angry today? he never said anything to Shahbaz, Zeenat says my husband is standing with Zara and not me.
Zara says to Kashan that dont fight, lets end it. Kashan says I never said anything to anyone but its about my son so I will not stay silent, I got a call from teacher and they want to have special class for kids who failed, she called me too, Kashan asks if he is should go there? Zara says God asks to go to any cost to get education. Zeenat comes there and looks on. Zara comes to her room. Kabir says wow, you so easily broke relation of brothers, you have a problem with madrasa but you destroyed this house, you divided it, if Kashan didnt call me there then why did you take me there? why did he call you? Zara moves away. Kabir glares at her and says answer me. Zara says this house and people mean a lot to me so I dont have to justify to you. Zeenat calls Kabir, he leaves.

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