Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 4 April 2021


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 4 April 2021

Zara tells Irfan that I am sure someone is hurting Shahbaz, I want to find out so let me stay here. Irfan says everyone knows about your relationship with Kabir, I trust you but I am worried about your protection. Zara says God is with me, nothing will happen to me, if I don’t find out the truth then my music will be blamed. Kabir goes out to pray so I don’t want to leave Shahbaz alone with Ruksaar and Zeenat. Irfan says okay, take care. Kabir comes there and asks him to stay. Irfan says it’s late, I will meet Shahbaz in the morning. Kabir tells Irfan that I will protect Zara at any cost so don’t worry, Irfan gives the food to Zara and leaves. Zara tells Kabir that if you let me help you make the food then I will eat with you.

Kabir and Zara are busing cooking together and enjoying.

Rukaar and Zeenat test a ladder. They both smirk and temper with it.

Kabir and Zara sit to eat but Zeenat comes there and says Ruksaar fell from the stairs. Kabir runs from there.

Ruksaar holds her stomach and asks to call the doctor. Kabir calls the doctor and is tensed. Zara comes there. Kabir says nothing will happen Ruksaar. Zara says Kabir? Kabir thinks I can’t let Zara know that Ruksaar is pregnant. Zeenat thinks Zara will find out the truth today. Zara asks what happened to her? Why are you worried Kabir? Kabir takes Zara from there and says she fell from the stool. Zara says but how she got hurt? Did you call the doctor? Kabir says Shahbaz is alone. Ruksaar cries loudly. Zara says I will call the doctor. Kabir says no, I am here so you go to Shahbaz. Maybe Ruksaar is just pretending as she does often so you go to Shahbaz. She says you are right and leaves. Ruksaar thinks that Kabir won’t let Zara come to me then how will she know that I am pregnant. Kabir thinks if Zara talks to the doctor then she will know the truth, I have to call the doctor as the baby’s life is in danger, God please find a way.

Zara checks Shahbaz’s temperature and sees him sleeping. Zara says I pray that Ruksaar becomes fine and Kabir comes here so we can talk. We will tell each other about the heart thing. She hears Zeenat talking on a call, she asks the doctor Shalini to come here fast, she leaves. Zara says why she is calling a gynecologist?

Kabir tells Ruksaar that the doctor is coming but you won’t tell Zara the truth. He gets Zara’s call and asks if Shahbaz is fine? Zara says yes but is Shalini coming? She is a gynecologist? Kabir says I don’t know. Zara says Zeenat called her, I will ask the doctor if there is anything to worry. Kabir ends the call.

The doctor comes to the house. Kabir receives the doctor and sees Irfan there. Irfan gives him a pious book and says I will leave now. Kabir thinks Zara can’t meet the doctor. He laves. Irfan calls Zara and says the doctor came to check Ruksaar so I hope she is fine, Zara says yes, she ends the call. She comes to Kabir and asks if the doctor is here? The doctor comes there dressed in a PPE kit. Zara asks if she is a gynecologist? Kabir looks on. The doctor says no I am Shalini Kapoor. Kabir asks Zara to go to Shahbaz. Zara leaves. Kabir says why this? Kabir says you said that you didn’t want anyone to know about the pregnancy before 3 months. Kabir thinks I had to lie to Zara today. Ruksaar tells Zeenat that Zara will know from the doctor that I am pregnant. They see the doctor coming there but she is in the PPE kit. She tells Ruksaar that I didn’t tell anyone about your pregnancy. Zeenat says why are you wearing the PPE kit? We are all fine here. The doctor says we have to be careful of the Corona. She asks them to leave for Ruksaar’s examination. They leave.

Kabir sits in Ruksaar’s room and recalls the doctor telling him that Ruksaar is fine, she is just scared after falling. You should talk to her otherwise the baby would be in danger. Zara enters the room and says I called Shalini Sharma and she told me that Ruksaar is pregnant.. why didn’t you tell me? She told me that you care for the baby a lot.. it means that Ruksaar is pregnant with your baby? Is she your wife? Tell me, Ruksaar would never allow you to marry me then did you come without asking her permission? You had to hide such a big thing from me… It all turns out to be Kabir’s dream. Kabir thinks I am hiding such a big truth from Zara and she is alone.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz’s room and says I am in pain Zara. Can you pray for me which will make me be with you all the time irrespective of the situation. Zara takes him aside and says the prayer is of love but there is a trouble. Kabir says there is no trouble in a lover’s life. I can’t stay away from you and that’s the only trouble. Zara says okay let’s take your love’s test. Kabir says I am ready. Zara says I will blow love’s prayer on your face and you can’t close your eyes. Kabir says when my love is in front of me then I can’t close my eyes. Zara says what if you do? Kabir says it won’t. Zara smiles and thinks that I pray our love remain like this and no one can enter between us. She blows on his face and his eyes close on it’s own accord. Zara laughs and says you will have to pay now. Kabir says what I have to do? Zara says I want to kiss your beautiful eyelashes. Kabir is surprised and says you are granted the wish. Zara moves closer and kisses his eyes. Kabir moves closer but she stops him and smiles. Kabir sighs and says one more. She blows and his eyes close again. Zara laughs and kisses his eyes again. She blushes so Kabir asks her to do it again. She blows again and he close his eyes. Zara smiles and hugs him tightly. Aap humari jaan bangaye plays. Kabir says I closed my eyes deliberately as I will want you to win everytime till I am alive. I pray to God that we become successful in this test of love. He prays for her and blows on her face… it all turns out of be Zara’s dream. She wakes up and smiles. Zara says it’s prayers time and Kabir didn’t come from Ruksaar’s room? I hope Ruksaar is fine. Seh calls Kabir’s phone but it’s off.

Zara comes to the house to look for Kabir. She tries to go in Ruksaar’s room but it’s locked from inside. She says Kabir might not be here. She is about to leave but Zeenat comes there with medicine. Zara asks if everything is fine? Zeenat says Ruksaar is still in pain so I am giving her medicine. Zara says where is Kabir? Zeenat says he is with Ruksaar, he didn’t leave her since the doctor left. Zara thinks that my Kabir can’t be in a locked room with Ruksaar, is Zeenat trying to fool me? She sees Kabir sitting on Ruksaar’s bed from the window. Zeenat says you can see from your eyes that Kabir cares for Ruksaar a lot. Zara says Kabir will tell me himself what it means for him to stay in Ruksaar’s room whole night. She is about to knock but gets Irfan’s call. He asks if she is fine? I feel like something wrong is going to happen with you, are you tensed? Zara says I am fine, go to sleep. Irfan’s phone gets dead. Zeenat asks Zara if she can bring coffee for Kabir? She nods and leaves. Zeenat calls someone and says we have to do this today only.

Zara comes to the kitchen and says I will sit and talk to Kabir. He won’t lie to me about his relationship with Ruksaar, it’s making me tensed. A man calls Zara and says your father had an accident, come here as he is unconcious. Zara gets tensed and leaves.

Kabir is leaving Ruksaar’s room but Ruksaar holds his hand. Kabir says I have to go offer prayers and I can’t compromise on that. He leaves from there.
Zara comes to Ruksaar’s room and sees Kabir gone from there. She looks around the house for Kabir. She gets the man’s call and says I will have to leave your father so come here fast. She says I am coming. She calls Kabir’s servant and asks him to come to Shahbaz’s room, my father had an accident so I am leaving. She takes a cab and calls the man. The driver of the cab says what accident? Zara says who are you? He says I am the one who attacked you earlier but you got saved. I am Sartaj. Zara is tensed. He says you destroyed my brothers’ Siraj and Miraj. Now I will destroy your life. Zara says stop the car, I will call Kabir. He takes her phone and throws it out of the car.

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