Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 28 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 28 March 2021

Zara says you have started calling me Nargis so I will give in and call myself Zara? Kabir says when we have a heart connection then there is nothing in the names. I am just asking you to protect yourself. Zara says I am not scared of anyone. Kabir says right, you were about to promise a lie on the Quran, I took it from you. This Zahida has made you evil. Zara says you can’t disrespect her like this, you are a liar. Kabir says your teacher has made against us, your family, and your Kabir.. Zara says enough, I am trying to be positive but she is my mother and I won’t hear all this. Kabir says but there is only one mother who gave you birth so you can’t replace her. Imran calls Kabir and says you have to come for a meeting, they are not listening.

Ruksaar applies glue on the door and thinks nobody would be able to open the door. Salma comes there and asks what are you doing in my room? Ruksaar says I was just searching for you.

Kabir tells Irfan that I am coming back in an hour and I would suggest you throw the mangoes that Ruksaar brought, she can’t be trusted. Salma tells Irfan that Ruksaar was here so I am not feeling well. Irfan says I will throw these boxes out of the house. Ruksaar sees it and locks their door. Irfan takes a box but it opens and locusts start attacking them. They try to open the door and scream for Zara to save them. Zara rushes there but Ruksaar stops her and says if you are not Zara then why do you care? Zara says leave me. She pushes Ruksaar away and goes to the door. She tries to break it and says open the door. Irfan says someone has locked the door. Zara tries to break it. Zeenat and Ruksaar look on. Salma says I am unable to breathe. Zara cries and says I won’t let you anything happen to Amma and Abba. Irfan says my Zara. Zara cries and says yes I am your Zara. Kabir comes there and is shocked. Kabir tells her that there is only one Maa and you can feel her pain.

Kabir kicks the door and opens it. The locusts fly out. Zara runs to Salma and hugs her. She cries hugging her tightly. Irfan hugs them both. Kabir wipes his tears seeing the family reunite. He thanks God for sending her back in their lives. Zara turns to look at Kabir. She holds his hand.. in lamhon ke daman mein plays.. Kabir is surprised. Zara takes Kabir from there smiling. Zara brings Kabir to a room and opens her arms. Kabir is hesitant to touch her. Zara says you are looking at me like you know me for years but you are scared to touch me? Kabir says no, I am… I am not scared to touch you but scared to lose you, I can’t. Zara smiles and says then tell me priest how much did you miss me? Kabir says this much? He stretches his arms. Zara says no.. He tries to stretch and is about to fall down but Zara pulls him back and hugs him. They both smile at each other.. it all turns out to be Kabir’s dream. Salma hugs Zara. Kabir thinks why she is still hesitant? Irfan asks Kabir to come closer. Kabir tells Zara that I knew you are our Zara and no Nargis. Why? Answer me whenever you are ready. You don’t have to say sorry because we know there must be a reason behind doing all this and staying away from us. Zara says you have left the decision on me and time but I want to take a decision for this witch. She glares at Ruksaar and goes to her. She says to Ruksaar that you are dangerous than locusts, what if something happened to my mom and dad? I will tell you what fear is. She is about to attack her but Kabir pulls her back and says don’t.. Zara shouts that you used to take the truth’s side then why are you protecting her? She pushes him away. Kabir looks on.

Zara grabs Ruksaar but Kabir pulls her back and says stop. Zara says you will take this liar’s side? Ruksaar says many things have changed in 2 years. Zara says but you are still a lowlife person. I won’t spare you. Kabir pushes her back and says don’t do it. Zeenat begs Zara and says leave Ruksaar, I didn’t know she would do it. Ruksaar says I did all this to bring her truth out, we know that she is not Nargis but Zara. Irfan asks her to shut up. Ruksaar says you should thank me for bringing the truth out that she is your daughter, she ran away and didn’t even care about you people. She doesn’t see your pain. Zara says you will tell me about morals? Have you seen your sins? You don’t know about mother-daughter pain. I have spent my time for God, I was away from my parents but not disconnect to them. I was Nargis but.. Kabir says no you don’t have to explain anything to Ruksaar. He asks Zeenat to take Ruksaar away. Ruksaar says I thought I would be appreciated here. Zeenat takes Ruksaar from there. Irfan says Ruksaar will never change. Zara says yes she will never change but what happened to the head priest, he has changed a lot? She glares at him and leaves. Kabir thinks I can’t tell her what has changed in these years. Salma tells Kabir that Zara is fair in being angry, why did you save Ruksaar? They leave from there.

A Man comes to meet Zara. Irfan is confused.

Zara calls Zahida and says I failed, I got weak. You taught me so much but I lost my cool and would have killed that Ruksaar if Kabir didn’t stop me. That Ruksaar tried to harm my parents to make me say the truth. I failed. Zahida says you didn’t fail, you are starting a new life. Salma calls Zara and says someone has come to meet you. Zara says Jasim you here? I was trying to contact you for 3 months. Kabir says to Jasim that you knew that Zara was alive and didn’t tell us? Zara says I asked him to promise me to not tell them. Jasim says yes she told me that God has changed her path so I thought to become a connection between you all. Zara tells Salma that I was on a different path but I worried about you both, I used to call Jasim as he used to in front of your house. Irfan says he used to bring gifts for us.. Salma says our Zara used to it for us

 Jasim says yes, she used to come to Dargah to see you both. Kabir says that’s good news, Zara was caring and keeping an eye on us. Zara says I didn’t ask about you Kabir. Jasim tried to tell me about you but I stopped him. Kabir is shocked and moves closer to her but Zara moves back. Kabir sighs and says why are you so angry with me? Zara says I saw how you took that liar Ruksaar’s side today, I did everything right. Kabir thinks this happened today but Zara was angry with me since before but why?

Scene 2
Ruksaar is dancing around. Zeenat asks her to be careful, she is pregnant. Ruksaar says did you see how Kabir protected me? Because of this baby. I have no threat from Zara now. Maybe now I am a threat for Zara.

Salma offers prayers and thanks to God for sending their daughter back.

Kabir and Irfan offer prayers. Irfan prays for Zara to stay with them till their deaths. Kabir prays to God that forgive me if I did a mistake, I love Zara with all my heart so make her see that.

Kabir comes to Zara’s room to see her praying. He knocks on the door and smiles at her but she ignores him. Kabir thinks it’s good to see that Zara is away from her evil teacher Zahida and praying to God. Zara puts the Quran back and Kabir helps her. Zara pours water on Kabir’s hands. He is shocked and says why? Zara says it’s your rule, you used to wash your hands when you touched some girl. If you remember you dragged me from this room by holding my hand so I thought to wash your hands. I am a stranger to you now, you have no right to be in my room like this. Kabir says never thought you would say that. But I will not be angry with your words, I will not feel bad at anything you do. I just love you and I know you won’t be able to live without me, I am your life. Zara says to lie. Kabir says I am not lying, I never stopped praying for you in these 2 years. Zara says this is all a lie, you don’t love me. I just know one thing that there is a girl named Zara in your life whose hand you held on a road and told her that you didn’t want to lose her. Kabir recalls how he said it to the other Zara and is stunned.

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