Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 26 July 2020(Zara Knows Ruksaar Wants To Kill Her)


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 26 July 2020(Zara Knows Ruksaar Wants To Kill Her)

26th July 2020 Sunday Update on Zara’s Nikah Update: At Irfan qazi’s house Zabir, reema and imran start looking at all the photos. They are shocked to find a pic of Ruksar following zara in burqua. Zara asks Imran to help her. they should go to air lines office and find if Ruksar had flown to Kashmir around the time of their honeymoon. This was the only evidence they had to prove Ruksar was in Kashmir.

Zara’s Nikah Sat Update 25 July 2020

Miraj too calls up his sources and gets the info that there was a lady in burqua always following Zabir in Kashmir. Even Kashmir police is hunting for a burqa waali lady, she even stayed in their hotel. Miraj’s doubts are confirmed. He recollects how shiraj had shown the evidences of his chats with zara and how she had denied it was her profile and that she never chatted with him. He gets furious as he remembers how Kabir refused to talaq zara. How then he had fallen for zara and desired her and wanted to marry her. Zara is in tears and recalls how Ruksaar said she will make Kabir believe that her fake profile is her real ID. Zara says to Reema that this Ruksaar is a jerk, she made my fake profile and chatted with that goon Siraj, dont know how many Sirajs talked to her as Zara. Reema says we have two options, one is to beat Ruksaar and ask her how many people chatted with her otherwise we can find a hacker that will reactivate your fake profile and we can see a history of chats. Zara looks on.

Miraj is angry, he throws things away, he looks at Ruksaar’s photo and says you talked to my brother Siraj using Zara’s fake profile, you trapped him, I promise you will die like Kabir and Zara, you are as much responsible for Siraj’s death as much as Kabir and Zara and you will die from my hands, he circles her pitcure and laughs evilly. Kabir comes there and asks what he is doing? he sees their family photo in his hands. Miraj says I was selecting group photo for our website. Kabir sees his face, Zara’s face and Ruksaar’s crossed. Kabir says Ruksaar is not part of our project. Miraj says yes but she was before so I thought to have her photo too. Kabir says why did you cross living people’s photos? Miraj says I am sorry, I will remove them. Kabir says Shahbaz has called us, lets go. Miraj leaves with him.

Alina mistakenly strikes with Ruksaar, Ruksaar shouts to look where she is going. Alina says what has happened with everyone? Zara scolded me too. Ruksaar says I am sorry. Alina says I took Zara’s hard-drive to download her photos but she got angry, Ruksaar asks why? Alina says maybe she wanted to see her honeymoon photos. Ruksaar asks if she has their honeymoon photos? she says yes but why you want them? Ruksaar says I wanted to plan my honeymoon in Kashmir too so I wanted to look at some reference photos. Alina says okay come, I will show you.

Shahbaz shows a letter to Kabir, he says these are complaints received from sharia board, there are many cases pending which you had to see but you are not going there and this is happening because of this project. Miraj looks on. Shahbaz says I cant accept this, my only dream is to make you head of sharia board but if anything stops it then I will destroy it and that is your project, if that project intervenes with my dreams then I will put my power to destroy this project. Miraj says can I say something? Shahbaz stops him and says this is between a son and father so you stay silent. Miraj says then sorry to say you shouldnt have called me here. Shahbaz glares at him and says you have to be here because you invested in this project, if this project stops anytime then I dont want any loss for you, if this project stops then I will give all your money to you because I dont want my son to be embarrassed. Kabir says to Shahbaz that I wont stop before fulfilling your dream father but this project is my dream and if someone tries to go against this project then not you nor anyone else would be able to stop this project, I will fight them. Shahbaz is stunned. Kabir says I am sorry for raising my voice, I know your dream is for me but my dream is for whole nation, he leaves from there. Miraj smirks seeing their clash.

Scene 2
Alina is showing Zara and Kabir’s honeymoon pictures to Ruksaar. Ruksaar says I had to give chocolate to Amaan, I will go. Alina says no you see these pictutres, I will handle Amaan, she leaves. Ruksaar looks at pictures and find a picture in which she is shown behind Zara. Ruksaar is stunned. Ruksaar thinks did Zara get to know that I was present in Kashmir when se went there. Ruksaar says how can I do such mistake? she recalls how Zara said that she will make people believe that Ruksaar created her fake profile and Kabir would throw her out, how she is just searching for a proof. Ruksaar says if Zara knows everything then she will tell Kabir too, no before Zara tell Kabir anything, I will finish her. Ruksaar evilly plots.

Miraj is looking at Kabir’s family photo. He gets a message from Ruksaar but he ignores it, he says Ruksaar I will shorten your life, Ruksaar you are so innocent. Miraj replies Ruksaar that talk on messages. She messages Siraj that ‘you promised to kill Zara as her wedding gift, I want you to give my gift as soon as you can’. Miraj evilly laughs and replies from Siraj’s profile that go to Miraj’s room, he will tell you the plan.

Reema says to Zara that my cousin will reactivate this fake account, we will find IP used to use this fake profile, you just have to find Ruksaar’s laptop’s IP and match it with one used for this profile. Zara says I will have three proofs against Ruksaar and then I will not spare here. Salma comes there and asks if they want any food? Zara says no we have to leave.

Reema asks Zara what does Ruksaar want? Ruksaar says she wants Kabir. Reema says but Kabir is yours and he cant be hers till you are alive. They are in car. Reema says let me know if you get a call from Imran, she leaves at her place. Zara rolls her eyes but it clicks to her and thinks how Ruksaar pushed her from cliff in Kashmir, she says now I understand that Ruksaar wants to kill me, where Ruksaar is? She sees Ruksaar in a rickshaw and asks driver to follow that auto. They miss her, Zara rolls her eyes and asks driver to take her back home.

Ruksaar comes to a restaurant. Miraj is already there, Ruksaar says I want to talk to Siraj, Miraj ides Siraj’s phone, Ruksaar calls him but he doesnt pick up. Ruksaar says to Miraj that I asked for a promise from Siraj and I want that promise to fulfill today, he asks what? she says Zara’s death, Miraj looks on.

Zara is in car, she recalls how Ruksaar kept plotting against Ruksaar.
Zara calls Kabir and says where are you? he says coming to house, Zara says talk to me, she says you are my life, I want to tell you that I really love and everything will be fine, just come to me as soon as you can, tonight I want to sleep very peacefully, so peacefully like never before, he says I am coming, I liked that you said all those things for first time, they both blush. Zara comes home but suddenly lights go off. Zara switches on her phone’s light and looks around, she calls out for family members but no one is there. Servant comes there and says seems like fuse went off, nobody is home except Zeenat, they have gone to dargha, Zara nods, servant leaves. Zara recalls how Reema asked her to find Ruksaar’s laptop’s IP address somehow, she thinks Ruksaar is not home, its time to see her IP.

In restaurant, Miraj says to Ruksaar seems like you dont want to go home, if it was not ramadan, I could have taken you to show movie. Ruksaar says did Siraj call you? we have to kill Zara before she tells truth to Zara. Miraj says you could have killed Zara then why asking Siraj? Ruksaar says I did try to kill her but Kabir saved her. Miraj says dont worry, Siraj will take your side, he will kill Zara for you as he got to meet such a nice girl Zara because of you. Ruksaar looks on. Miraj says lets ask some questions. Miraj says you were messaging Siraj from Zara’s fake profile right? she says yes I faked as Zara because I wanted to throw Zara out of Kabir’s life. Miraj gets angry, he breaks glass in his hand. He wipes his hand from tissue. Miraj says come let me show you our plan.

Zara comes to Ruksaar’s room and finds her laptop, she sees its password protected, she enters ‘I love you Kabir’ but its wrong, she enters ‘Kabir my life’ and it opens. Zara smirks and notes her laptop’s profile. She is about to turn off her laptop but sees Siraj’s messages on Ruksaar’s profile, she is about to reads their messages but hears someone coming there. Zeenat is coming there. Zara takes Ruksaar’s laptop and hides behind curtain. Zeenat comes there and looks for Ruksaar, she says this girl goes anywhere without telling anyone. Zeenat turns to leave but looks at curtain. Zara is tensed. Zeenat starts coming near curtain but Amaan calls out to her and says I am hungry. Zeenat says I should open her windows, its humid here, Amaan keeps calling her so Zeenat leaves. Zara comes out from hiding and opens her laptop again, battery is low. Zara takes her laptop, charger and leaves.

Zara comes to her room and takes a deep breath. Zara is trying to call Kabir but its not reachable. Zara thinks I have to tell Ruksaar’s truth to Kabir.

Scene 2
Ruksaar and Miraj are on road, Miraj asks what if Zara showed Kabir Kashmir’s pictures? she says Kabir isnt home. Miraj calls Kabir and asks if he can come to meet him? Kabir says sorry but I am married so I have to listen to my wife, I am going home, you can come there. Miraj says I just need your few minutes, please meet me, he tells him address, Kabir says okay I am coming, he ends call. Miraj says to Ruksaar that I will keep Kabir busy, you know what you have to do. Ruksaar nods and leaves.

Reema calls Zara and says Imran got some information against Ruksaar, you come to your mother’s house, we are coming there, Zara takes Ruksaar’s laptop and leaves.

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