Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 25 October 2020 Ruksaar to kill Zara


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 25 October 2020 Ruksaar to kill Zara

Zara’s Nikah Update 25 October 2020: Kabir says you kept telling me to walk on world path as time can change anytime but it changed and I am not ready, you were right that religion and world can only run together, poor people were right, I just gave them clothes but you gave them opportunity to run their kitchens for life, you gave them source of food, you

were right but I didnt understand, I didnt even listen to my wife, I gave my life to my nation but I didnt take care of my family, wish I listened to you before, I went against you, did so much against you but you didnt say a word, you didnt complain and you just kept bearing it. He touches her forehead and says forgive me, you will never lose again, from today I will involve religion and world both in my life, not just 1000, I will earn many thousands and show them everything. Kabir says to Zara that I am going to start walking on world path along with religion from now on. Zara smiles and hugs him. He clutches her fingers in his. She says I waited for this day, you made my trust win, this is your victory and your victory is my win. Zara says to Kabir that we are together now and nobody can make us lose now. Kabir hugs her and looks determined.

Zeenat shows video to Ruksaar to give her guide on how to take revenge from Zara. She says I chose hospital because she is away from family and doctor told me that they will injection to Zara before tests. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that Zara will be given injection, she will sleep then you have to scorpio in her bed and then go out, become scared and go to nurse then, its most poisonous scorpio, it will bite Zara over and over again and she will be dead before nurse can go to her. Ruksaar says I am scared of scorpio. Zeenat says dont worry, she shows her scorpio in a box and says this one doesnt have poison, I just brought it to take your fear away, I will do anything but make Kabir yours.

Kabir comes to hospital with sweets. He greets Irfan and Salma. Irfan says why sweets? Kabir says Zara made me realize to walk on world and religion both path. All eat sweets, Zara tries to eat them but Kabir says you are ill. Zara says I worked hard for this win so let me eat some. He makes him eat it. Irfan says to Kabir that priest went to conference so you dont have to go. Salma tells Zara that Kabir made her do drama of getting ill so when he goes to conference then you can come to us and we make you eat food, he did it because of love for you. Irfan says you both are lucky to have each other. They smile at each other.

Zeenat puts scorpio on Ruksaar’s hand and says good, now you are not scared so you can take revenge from Zara. She says I will put real scorpio in your toy bag, you have to put it under Zara’s bed.

Doctor tells Kabir that Zara had infection, she is fine now but we will do some tests, it will be of some thousands. Kabir thinks I have to earn them soon.

Zara tells KAbir that I didnt eat anything wrong so how I got food infection? Yes I remember I drank water with zeenat. Kabir looks on and says I have to go now to find work. Zara says where will you find it? Kabir says God will show me the way, he takes off his sherwani and says this is my priest uniform so I am giving you this as proof of me going to work, Zara says take care. He smiles and leaves.

Zeenat and Ruksaar comes to hospital with her toy bag. Security checks Zeenat and stops Ruksaar. Zeenat says her mind is like of a child, these are just her toys. Security woman lets her go without opening bag.

Kabir gets ready in simple black clothes.

Shahbaz calls investor and asks for loan but investor says that Kashan already took money. Shahbaz is stunned and ends call. Kabir comes there and says I am going to find job. Shahbaz thinks that he wont earn much from job and if I have to save this house then I have to stop him from getting a job. Shahbaz says how much can you earn from a job? Kabir says this is just a start and when you aim big then you can achieve your goals, we will save this house.

Scene 2
Zeenat and Ruksaar comes to Zara’s ward. Zeenat says she was worried and wanted to meet you. Ruksaar says I am sorry Zara. Zara says sorry for throwing you out of house. Ruksaar says I will take revenge from you using my toys. Zara laughs. Zeenat asks Salma and Irfan to drop her somewhere then she will pick up Ruksaar when her work is done. Salma says I am staying with Zara. Zara says I will be given injection so you dont have to stay here. Salma prays for her and starts leaving with Irfan. Zeenat smirks and leaves. Zara smiles at Ruksaar.

Kabir meets Imran and says I have to find work, I wont think about religion when I am doing my job. Imran calls some people and says they called us in an hour for work.

Kabir calls Zara. Zara says they gave me injection, I might sleep. Kabir says okay. Zara says Ruksaar is with me, take care. He ends call. Zara sleeps.

Kabir calls Zara. Zara says they gave me injection, I might sleep. Kabir says okay. Zara says Ruksaar is with me, take care. He ends call. Zara sleeps. Kabir calls Ayesha and asks her to go to Zara. Ayesha says I have headache, I will go after some hours. Kabir meets law firm employer and says Imran told me that you need someone for translation work, my urdu is nice so I can translate wills and paperwork of courts in Hindi. Owner gives him a document and asks him to translate it. Kabir reads it and says this is completely wrong, this man wants to throw his mother out of house. Owner says this work is difficult for you. Kabir thanks him and leaves. Ruksaar sees Zara sleeping and takes her bag. She takes out scorpio and puts it on her bed. It starts going towards Zara. Kabir and Imran sits in a public truck to go back. Imran says we can start a business. Kabir says we dont have money for that. Kabir gives his place to an old man. Kabir sees another truck driver asking for help. Kabir gets down from truck and goes to help him.

Ruksaar is crying. Zeenat calls her. Ruksaar says I did everything but scorpio ranaway from window. Zeenat says dont cry and meet me on a building adjacent to hospital. Ruksaar whispers to Zara that I wont spare you and leaves.

Kabir tells truck driver that I can help. Imran says we will help. Kabir says not you. Imran says I used your things, I made you get me food, when I took your things with right then why cant I work with you? Kabir says okay we will divide money. Imran says you need money. Kabir says we are in same boat, I am earning money for my wife, you are earning to get a wife, they laugh. Driver says if you bring my truck out from mud then I will give you 2K. Kabir gets happy.

Ruksaar cries and meets Zeenat, she says scorpio left so how will I take revenge? Zeenat says when Zara wakes up then take her to window and throw her from there. Ruksaar says how? she is heavier than me. Zeenat shows her ambulance from roof and grabs her legs to throw her from roof. Ruksaar screams. Zeenat pulls her back and says you have to do that, you have one hour and then Zara will be awake. Just do what I did right now, you can do it, you want revenge right? Ruksaar eyes her. Zeenat says I am with you, you will take revenge right? Ruksaar eyes her and says yes.

Driver says I have to take this truck to port in 15 minutes. Kabir says you have put all weight on side of truck so that side got stuck in mud.

Ruksaar comes to Zara’s wardroom and looks at window. She smirks and goes to it. She looks down and then at Zara. Zara wakes up and smiles at Ruksaar. She gets down from bed.

Kabir distributes weight in truck.

Ruksaar asks Zara to come to window. Zara says let me offer namaz then I will come. Ruksaar looks on.

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