Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 20 September 2020 Kabir to spend a night with Ruksaar


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 20 September 2020 Kabir to spend a night with Ruksaar

At night, Kabir is holding water bottle tightly. Ruksaar comes there with knife. He glares at her and says dont do it, there is still time, give it to me. He tries to take it from her but Ruksaar says I will slit my wrist and give myself to you, dont compare my love with Zara, she came in your life now but I was there since start, I am ready to do anything you want but I will prove that I love you more than Zara. Kabir fights and takes knife from her. He says you will not leave me? I cant spend a moment with you and you want to spend a life with me? I cant do it, save your tears as you would need them in your lonely nights, he leaves from there. Ruksaar holds knife again.

Shahbaz calls Zeenat and says you are part of this family and respect us? she nods. He says you can do anything for us right? Zeenat says yes. Shahbaz says go to your sister and asks her to take divorce from Kabir, Zara proved her love, she walked on burning coals for her love, now its time for you to prove how much you care for us, ask your sister to separate. Ayesha holds her hand and says we are sure that you love this house and peace of this family. Zeenat is in daze and leaves from there. Shahbaz says to Ayesha that Kabir and Zara are pride of this house and if we dont do anything to save their relation then I am afraid they might become a reason for destruction of this house.

Ruksaar shouts on Zeenat that you want me to divorce Kabir? I did all crazy things for him and you want me to give up? I will never give him to Zara. Zeenat says this family wanted that from me so I asked you that. Ruksaar shows her knife and says you can ask for my life as a sister but if you ask me to divorce Kabir as elder daughter in law of house then I will kill you. Zeenat is stunned.

Zeenat comes to Shahbaz and says I am sorry.
Ruksaar looks at knife and recalls Kabir’s words. She is about to cut her hand when Shahbaz comes there. She hides knife. He comes in and says you asked for something that day and I am here to ask you for something too. Ruksaar says you can ask anything expect Kabir. Shahbaz says Kabir is happy with Zara today so he should be with her but if he wants to be with you in future then I will support you. Ruksaar says he doesnt even want to walk a mile with me. Shahbaz says he used to hate Zara but now he loves her so much so dont lose hope, you saw how Zara walked on coals and he brought her here in his arms, do something to make him happy. Ruksaar says I can do anything for his happiness. Shahbaz says then ask for divorce, it will make him happy. He leaves from there.

Kabir asks Imran that you think Zara will calm down after all this and our love will flourish again? Imran says yes.
Zara wakes up. Reema tells her that not only Kabir saved you, he brought you in house in his arms, it was romantic.

Ruksaar comes to family and smiles. Ruksaar says to Shahbaz that I have a condition before asking for divorce. Shahbaz says what? Ruksaar says Kabir has to be mine and spend a night with me as my own. Shahbaz says what? Ruksaar says he has to be my husband and spend a night with me. Ruksaar says to family that I swear on Zeenat, if you give me a night with Kabir as his wife then I would leave him. Shahbaz says are you crazy? Ruksaar says you asked me to take divorce from Kabir but who would tell about this deal to Kabir? you cant tell Kabir about this openly, he takes Zeenat as his sister so she cant talk, Kabir wouldnt listen to Kashan, who would talk to Kabir then? this is difficult than walking on burning coals. Ruksaar says to Shahbaz that you call yourself a businessman but you are a helpless father, if you people cant then I will tell Kabir truth, I have one more condition. She says to Ayesha that you said so much to me for Zara’s love, but after today, till my night with Kabir, you will call me younger daughter in law. Zeenat asks her to stop. Ayesha looks away from her. Ruksaar says dont waste time, say younger bahu save my family, save Zara and Kabir’s happiness, tell it. Ayesha sadly looks at Shahbaz, Shahbaz nods. Ayesha reluctantly says choti bahu.. Ruksaar says put hand on my head and say it again. Ayesha says it again. Ruksaar says poor Kabir.

Kabir goes to his car and finds Ruksaar inside. He asks her to come out. Ruksaar says sit in car, its yours. Kabir says I am nicely asking you to get down. Kabir gets call from Shahbaz, Shahbaz says Ruksaar wants to go somewhere so take her, she wants to talk to you too, he ends call. Kabir says to Ruksaar you took permission from father? Ruksaar says I wont tease, I promise, sit in car. Kabir sighs and sits in car. He asks her to put on belt. Ruksaar says I am not scared of death till you are with me. She roams rose around his face. Zara and Reema comes there. Zara sees Ruksaar playing with rose and rubbing it on Kabir’s face. Kabir takes rose from her and eyes it, he smashes rose and throws it away. Zara doesnt see him smashing and thinks they are enjoying each other’s company. She hides so Kabir doesnt see her. Kabir leaves with Ruksaar. Zara is tensed.

Ruksaar shows a bridal dress to Kabir. She takes off her earrings and says I lost, I lost. Kabir says I knew you would say that, you can never understand depth of Zara’s love, let alone compare with it. Ruksaar says I lost to Zara and your thoughts, you saw Zara walking on burning coals but you couldnt see my bleeding wrist before your marriage, Kabir says I remember. Ruksaar says I have lost this love battle so I have decided to divorce you. Kabir says is this a joke? she shakes her head. Kabir says then lets go and take it. Ruksaar says but there is a problem, I promised myself that I wouldnt leave you till I dont spend a night with you, if you give me a night as a husband then I would leave you for Zara, I can write it that if you give me a night then Zara is yours for life. Kabir throws away earring she gave him and says I dont agree with this deal.

Reema says to Zara that why this happens with Kabir only? Zara says it might be his helplessness. Reema says why Kabir cant divorce her now when he knows you cant share him, why you have to take divorce from him? Zara says taking divorce is my helplessness and not taking divorce from Ruksaar is Kabir’s helplessness. She hears Kabir shouting.
Kabir comes home with Ruksaar and pushes her away, all come there. Kabir says how dare she ask for a deal with me? to spend a night with me so Zara and I reunite? how dare she ask me to have a deal to spend night with her? she should be ashamed, if Zara cant share me then how can I share her? Zara smiles. Kabir says I always thought she is crazy in love thats why she does all this but I realized today that her love is physical and not soul love, spending my time with Zara is love for me and spending time with Ruksaar is a sin for me, I wont forgive you, he angrily leaves from there. Zara smiles. Reema hugs her.

Scene 2
Kabir comes to his room and sees it decorated. He looks around and says Ruksaar is it you? I wont spare you if you are behind it. Zara comes out of cupboard and smiles. Kabir goes to her and lifts her. Zara says till today, you were in my heart and now you are on a pedestal for me. Zara pulls her closer and says you washed my feet with your hands? Kabir says this is not a joke? Zara says it is, you said no to Ruksaar, it means nobody can come in Kabir’s life too other than me. Kabir says never. Zara says I am so happy, she pulls him closer. Kabir hugs her tightly and says in Dubai.. Zara says dont worry, I trust you, I am sorry for asking for divorce. Kabir says no you asking for divorce was because of our love too. Zara says yes. Ruksaar comes there with a gun. Kabir and Zara are stunned. Ruksaar says I tried a lot to make you mine but you forced me to do this. Ruksaar points gun at them. Kabir says listen, Ruksaar says you forced me to raise a gun, either you be with me otherwise Zara will leave this world today. Kabir says listen to me. Ruksaar says no, now what I want will happen, either you become mine otherwise Zara die. Kabir says what happened to you? you loved me? Kabir caresses Ruksaar’s face and says this is not our Ruksaar, our Ruksaar.. he snatches gun from her and throws it away. Ruksaar runs and takes gun again. Kabir and Zara are about to run. Ruksaar points gun at them,

Zara comes infront of Kabir and gets shot in stomach. Kabir is stunned. Zara says I love you Kabir.. Kabir holds her and cries.. it all turns out to be his dream. He sighs and says today I realized I cant live without Zara, God I pray to die before Zara dies as I cant live without Zara. Kabir recalls his moments with Zara and how he said that they are married.
Zara says to herself that I know Kabir is stuck between love and duty. He comes to Zara and says what are you for me? She says I am your wife. Kabir says say something more appropriate like if I am mobile then you are charger. Zara says if I am mobile network then you are internet park, Kabir says if I am car? she says then I am patrol, he says if I am human then you? she says I am soul. Kabir says if you take soul from human? Zara says then human will die. Kabir closes his eyes and sighs, he says its done. Zara says why are you talking about death? She holds his hand and asks why he is warm? do you have fever? He says yes, fever of your love which never happened to me and will never happen to me. Zara says Kabir? Kabir says goodbye Zara, she is confused, he hugs her and kisses her, tum hi ho plays, Kabir says bye and leaves.

Kabir gives gun to Imran and says I cant kill myself but you can kill me, shoot me. Imran asks if he has gone mad?
Zara says to Reema that I am tensed, Kabir said bye to me, why would he say that? it was like something important, I have to go to him.

Imran throws gun away, Kabir shouts that what did you do? it was my chance to be free. Imran says accept Ruksaar’s condition, its just one night. Kabir says never, I am of Zara only. Imran says you will get Zara for life, you can marry Ruksaar to save her life but you cant accept Ruksaar’s condition to get Zara back? ruksaar is your wife so its not illegal. Kabir hugs him and cries.

Zara and Reema are leaving to find Kabir. Kabir comes back. Zara rushes to him and asks where were you? are you fine? do you have fever.. she controls herself and asks where was he? Kabir sadly looks at her and goes in house.
Kabir comes to lounge, all are there. Kabir says I accept Ruksaar’s condition, all are stunned. Ruksaar gets elated and says do you really accept to be my husband and spend a night with me? Kabir says I accept. Zara is hurt and broken to hear it. She leaves from there. Ruksaar says to Zeenat that did you hear that? Zeenat is not happy.