Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 14 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 14 March 2021

In the morning, Zara is getting ready but hears some cat noise. She is scared but Kabir comes there and asks her to not open the door anyone. He leaves the house for food. Zara tries to ignore the cat sound. A doorbell rings. Kabir comes there and says ghosts are attacking us, we have to leave.
Kabir and Zara meet Babu Janab and says we have to find the sharia board members. Babu says don’t worry, I will find them. Kabir starts leaving and smirks. Another Kabir is going with Zara. Babu sees him and tells real Kabir about it. Real Kabir sees fake Kabir taking Zara in a car.

Fake Kabir is in the car with Zara. Zara talks to him and says we played like husband and wife to fool Jalali, he doesn’t know that we were fooling him. The fake Kabir thinks that she doesn’t know what will happen to her. Babu comes there and tries to stop them but Zara says he might be a ghost. The fake Kabir says let’s run from here. He runs from there. The real Kabir runs behind them, he tries to call out to Zara but she can’t listen to him. She sees fake Kabir moving fast and says can you hold my hand and walk. The fake Kabir laughs and jumps around.

Zara says who are you? She screams for Kabir but the fake Kabir pulls her inside the ghost’s den. He locks the door. Kabir comes outside but Jalali and Shahbaz come there and see that it’s Kabir. Kabir tells Jalali that nothing should happen to Zara otherwise I will bury you alive. Jalali says I am a lion here, you can’t do anything here. Shahbaz tells Kabir that this Zara is a servant, she took you away from me so I will not spare her. Jalali says stop, this Kabir tried to take my reign so I will start with him. He asks Asim to shoot him. Asim is about to shoot but Zara cries and says I am your sister Zara. Jalali recalls her as a child when he used torture her. Zara tells Asim that I want to hug you once before dying, please listen to me. Jalali says this Zara is back here, he asks Kabir to kill Zara and he will make him the head priest. Zara asks Kabir to shoot her and become the head priest, he needs that position, kill me. Kabir takes the gun and is tensed. But suddenly Kabir starts laughing and bows down to him. He points the gun at Jalali and says I can kill you easily. He points the gun at him but his hand shivers. Kabir is about to cut his hair but Jalali says don’t do it. Kabir says you will cage your powers and magic otherwise I will cut your hair and it will end you. He opens the jar and asks him to put all his ghosts inside the jar. Jalali shakes his head and puts all his ghosts inside the jar. Jalali says let me go now. Kabir asks Zara to come out. She does.

Kabir tells Shahbaz that you have crossed all the limits, he asks Jalali to get all innocent people in the buses and send from here. Asim goes to do it. Kabir tells Jalali that you are nothing in front of a God. Jalali says let me go now. Zara takes the dagger and glares at him. She says I see my parents’ deadbodies, I want to behead you like you did to my parents. Jalali laughs and says you have the guts to do it? Zara says you will die, she is about to cut him but Asim says Zara.. He shows the bomb around him and says he is my God and father, if you do anything to him then I will kill myself. Zara is shocked and stops. Asim is about to explode his bomb but Zara cries for him. Kabir runs to him and diffuses his bomb. The police arrive there. Zara runs and hugs Asim. He doesn’t hug her back.

Zeenat is in the house and thinks about Jalali’s words that they will throw her out of the house. Ruksaar says he was right. She takes off her dupatta. Zeenat says what are you doing? Ruksaar says you taught me this. She shows her a new dress and says I will do a make-over for you so Kashan will fall for you and nobody will throw you out of the house. Zeenat says he likes me already. Ruksaar says he can find another girl.

The inspector arrests Jalali and his men. Zara says Asim was brain-washed by Asim, give him a chance and don’t arrest him, give him a chance. The inspector says you can take him home for now. Asim says Jalali is my Prophet, I will be with him only. Zara says Jalali has made you an addict, you are not in your senses, you don’t even know that he killed our parents. Kabir asks him to stop following Jalali. Jalali smirks at Asim. Kabir tells Shahbaz that I always gave you benefit of doubt but you have crossed all the lines, soon you will be behind bars too. The inspector takes Shahbaz and Jalali from there. Kabir buries Jalali’s ghost jar in the mud. Asim sees it. They leave from there.

Scene 2
Irfan tells Imran that you betrayed Kabir by going away. Imran says I tried to give my position to Kabir but he didn’t listen to me. Irfan says I am sure that Kabir will find a solution but how will he fight with Jalali? Azra comes there and asks Imran if he was not in Delhi? Salma says he went to Delhi?

Asim is in the car and tells Zara that he is their enemy. He turns up the music and dances. Zara says Kabir doesn’t like music. Asim says you are taking your husband’s side? Zara says he is not my husband. Asim says then why are you with him? He asks Kabir why you are with my sister? Zara says talk with respect. Asim says I will spit on you, I like to talk like this only. My head is spinning. He screams. Zara thinks that he is a drug addict because of Jalali.

Imran tells Azra that I had to come back because my mother is ill. Azra says then you could have asked me to take care of her, you want to sacrifice for your friend and finish your career? Imran says he is my friend, I will not leave him alone. Azra says I am your would-be wife so you have to show me my worth. She leaves.

Zara and Kabir bring Asim to the hospital but he is making a scene. Zara says cockroach.. Asim gets scared and a doctor gives him an injection. The doctor says he will stay here for a week.

Zara and Kabir are in the car. Zara says sorry to Kabir for Asim misbehaving to him. Kabir says it doesn’t matter what he says, we know that we are friends. Zara says really? You take me as a friend? Kabir says why are you surprised? Zara says thank you. Kabir says you fought with Jalali for me so it’s a friendship. I trusted you and ate opium. Zara says we have moved from acquaintances. Kabir stops the car. Zara buys some flowers but her wallet is missing. Kabir says you can borrow from me. Zara says yes you are a friend. He buys for himself also. Kabir asks for whom you have bought it? Zara says I have bought it for our friendship. She gives it to him and expects that Kabir will give his bouquet to her.

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