Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 8 August 2020 Zara ignored in Kabir’s house


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 8 August 2020 Zara ignored in Kabir’s house

Kabir says if you want to be on Zara’s side like mom then do it. Imran says what are you saying? Kabir says I cant do anything else. Miraj comes there and says you might have separated Zara from yourself but she is still a part of our project, what we will do about that? Kabir gets angry and goes to washroom. Miraj smirks.

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Shahbaz comes to Irfan’s doctor and says I feel ill, I have my doctor but he is on leave so can you check me? Doctor checks his blood pressure and says Irfan had to come here today, he got heart attack, his blood pressure fluctuates a lot. Shahbaz says oh, please take care of him. Doctor checks him and says you are fine.

Irfan is sleeping, Salma takes his calls and says he is sleeping. Salma opens TV. Shahbaz gets a call and turns on TV.

Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 7 August 2020

Reporter says that Zara stood up for instant divorce and now her husband gave her divorce and Kabir proved that religion is above every relation. Salma is watching it on TV, Irfan wakes up so she turns off. Reporter Zara raised voice against women not given right to pray in mosque and now we have to see if Zara will stand up for her rights or not. Shahbaz and family sees report, Ayesha says see filth thrown from us is now a national news. Nilofar recalls how she had sold out the news and gave money to reporter to exploit it.
Zara says to Reema that how do media get to know about our family issues? Zara thinks about it. Kabir sees report too. Reporter says that when instant divorce is banned in islam then why is it still practiced? Zara thinks and looks on.

Zara says to Salma and Irfan that Kabir and I didnt have divorce because instant divorce cant happen as per rules now, she shows them memorandum and their nikah. Zara says Kabir is still my husband and smiles.

Zara says to Salma that Kabir and I didnt have divorce, we cant have instant divorce, he is still my husband. Irfan reads ikha papers and says its written that if Kabir and Zara ever have a divorce then it cant be instant divorce, they will have proper divorce means that Kabir cant give her divorce in one go but he will have to say divorce three times but have to wait 30 days before saying divorce one time and then wait for another 30 days.. he has given first divorce, two other are remaining. Salma says to Zara that this is your chance, we will talk to them. Zara says no, this is my fight, my marriage so I will do what I have to. Reema says what are you going to do? Zara smiles and looks on.

Kabir opens his cupboard and says where have Zara put my jackets? who asked her to put my jackets so safely that even I cant find them, I am sure she must have done it deliberately. Zeenat comes there and asks for breakfast. She sees his clothes thrown on bed and asks what is all this? Kabir looks on. Zeenat says seems like we have to find a second wife for you soon but dont worry this time I will find a girl for you who will not care about her country but her husband only. Kabir says thanks but I will manage. Alina brings his jackets and says Zara gave it for washing when she came here. Kabir looks on.

Kabir comes to table and says I will eat in my room from now on. He asks where is Ayesha? Alina says she is not eating since last night.

Kabir brings food to Ayesha and asks if he can come in her room? she says its your house, do what you want. Kabir says I have heard that you didnt eat anything since last night? why dont you understand that what I did was not wrong, I did it after thinking. Ayesha says you did a sin and that too deliberately, I shouldnt have gone to Zara’s house. Kabir says I thought about the divorce even before you went there, Zara and I are not compatible, we are always competing. Alina calls them.

All come in lounge, they are shocked to see Zara entering house. Zeenat says what are you doing here? you should at your home for 3 months as per islam’s rule. Shahbaz says she is right, woman shouldnt leave the place where she got divorce for 3 months. Zara says you are right but we didnt get divorce, Kabir didnt give me divorce. Kabir says I gave you divorce, Ayesha and your parents were there. Zeenat says enough of your drama, Ayesha please tell her. Ayesha says yes unfortunately I was there too. Zara says as per our nikah, he cant give me instant divorce, she shows nikah to Kabir and says I am still your wife and you are still my husband, Kabir gets angry and leaves. Zara says to Shahbaz that I didnt go to any court, media or press so can I stay here? Shahbaz says okay. Zeenat stops her and asks where she is going? Zara says to my bedroom, she leaves. Ayesha prays and smiles.

Scene 3
Zara comes to her room. Zara opens cupboard and says he hated me so much that he tried to remove my identity from here but I wont let you do that, your love is my right and I will win my right, Kabir is mine only and I will win him.

Ayesha is making Zara’s favorite biryani. Shahbaz says dont have too much hope, their relation is weak so let them handle it. Ayesha says we cant leave them alone, we are responsible for them. Shahbaz says if Kabir doesnt want to live with her then let him be, dont be against your son, what if Kabir leaves this house one day? we cant lose our son for a daughter in law, so stop with all these food.

Reema and Imran meets Kabir in a restaurant. Imran says you should solve problems with Zara. Reema says divorce is not a solution for everything.. I am sorry. Kabir says tell this to Zara, life gave her a lot of chances but she didnt take even one. Kabir leaves from there. Imran says seems like things are out of control. Reema says yes.

Zeenat is setting table for dinner. Zara tries to help her but Zeenat says let it be, you are not daughter in law of this house. Zara says seems like you didnt listen carefully, I am still Kabir’s wife and daughter in law of this house. Zeenat says things written on papers cant change relationship status, till Kabir doesnt tell me about relation with them till then you are divorced in my eyes, I am daughter in law of this house so let me work, she leaves. Zara looks on.

All sit down to have dinner, Zeenat asks Kabir to have dinner with them, Kabir says I am not hungry and leaves from there. All look on. Zara fills her plate.

Kabir comes out of washroom. Zara says please have dinner, it will be cold. Kabir glares at her. Kabir says to Zara that when I told you I dont want to see you then why are you doing this? you dont have answer now? Zara hold his hands and says because this is my life and I want to see you in my life. Kabir says I am not hungry. Zara smiles and says you should eat, you know instant divorce is banned in India, I can file a case on you. Kabir says you are right, instant divorce is banned and our nikah says against it but you know giving divorce is not wrong? if not instant divorce then divorce which is right as per our religion and your thoughts? Zara is stunned. Kabir says I have already given you one divorce, you will get other two with time too, Zara is hurt to hear that.

Scene 1
Kabir says to Zara that I have given you one divorce, and I will give two more on time, he leaves. Zara says I know you have a true heart and I wont let you give divorce because I cant change it.

Kabir comes to store room and tries to sleep on sofa there but at night he comes to his room and sees Zara sleeping in bed. He lies beside her and covers her with blanket. He sees her sleeping and smiles at her. Zara opens her eyes. Kabir moves away from her. Zara hugs him and touches her face with his. He tries to pull her closer but Zara moves away, he moves to her and tries to kiss her but Zara moves away. He pouts and looks away. Zara hugs him, they both smile, tu nazm namz sa plays.. it all turns out of be Zara’s dream. She wakes up and looks around for him.

Zara comes in lounge and sees Kabir sleeping on couch. She takes files from his hands and covers him with a blanket. She says can you forget our moments together? I cant, I really love you and I cant lose you. She kisses his forehead. Zeenat sees it and thinks she has stooped this low? I will not let her succeed, I will finish her time. Shahbaz comes there and asks her to follow.

Shahbaz talks to Zeenat and asks what do you understand from what you saw? Zeenat says that Zara doesnt want divorce. Shahbaz says but I want it, I want to end their relation, I want this to end. Zeenat is shocked and says what about your dreams? how Kabir will become head priest? Shahbaz says I wanted that but I was wrong, I didnt know this girl would be like this, she made us insulted, can you help me? Zeenat says you are like my father, what to do? Shahbaz says make Zara’s life hell so much that she leaves this house before 30 days, do anything but make her leave from here. Zeenat says I want to have my revenge too, from now everyday will be a challenge for Zara in this house, she leaves.

In morning, Zara is offering prayers. Kabir starts praying too. They both look at each other.

Kabir and Zara comes to lounge. Zara is tensed. Ayesha asks her to sit with her. Zeenat gives tea to Kabir and asks why he was sleeping in hall? she says if Kabir cant stay in room because of Zara then we have to shift her room but where she will stay? Nilofar says she can stay in my room. Ayesha says I will decide where Zara will stay. Kabir says you can decide where your daughter will stay but I will decide if she will stay in my life or nor. Zara says divorce is amazing, I was daughter in law of this house, I was loved but now with this word, this house doesnt have a place for me, she wipes her tears. Ayesha says I am with you. Shahbaz glares at her so she moves away. Zara says I will find where I will stay but as per rules from Quran, Kabir has to give me rights. Kabir says sure I will give you rights written in Quran. Zara holds Ayesha’s hand.

Scene 2
Miraj says to Nilofar that you are going? She says I am going to my relatives for some days but think about your project, Zara is part of it. Miraj says I am thinking about Kabir, I can remove myself from this project but question is if Shahbaz and Kabir will put their assets on stake to remove Zara from this project.

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