Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 7 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 7 November 2020

Zara is getting Alina ready for marriage. They recall how Amir left city and how Zara asked her to speak up soon. Guests come to house. Zeenat asks Zara to bring Alina down. Alina hugs Zara and says stop Amir. Zara says why? your proposal is waiting for you.

Alina hugs her and says I love him, I dont know how I fell in love with Amir, I keep thinking about him, I laugh at his jokes, I want to spend my life with him. Zara says go and tell your brother, people who love dont get scared, just tell him, I am with you. Alina nods and leaves.

Zara calls Kabir and says I want to talk to you, Kabir says I am coming.

Alina is going down but sees Kabir coming up. She looks on. Zara comes there too. Kabir smiles looking at Alina. Kabir says wow you look very nice, Alina cries. Kabir hugs her and says I am very happy to see you all grown up. Alina stops him and says I am not going there. Kabir says I am with you. Alina says I dont accept this wedding, I want to marry Amir. Kabir is stunned and leaves her hand. Kabir glares at her and says say it again? Alina looks at him and says I want to marry Amir. Kabir glares at Zara. Zara tries to talk to him but he looks away and fumes in anger. Kabir says to Zara that you did this at this time, I cant force her as she is my sister, take her to her room, I want to talk to you, you stay there. Zeenat comes there and says they are calling Alina there. Kabir says there will be no ceremony, my sister likes Amir. Zeenat says what? why didnt she tell before? Kabir says lets send them back with respect then we will talk to Alina. She asks Alina to leave, she leaves. Zeenat says what we will tell to guests? I will tell them that she is not feeling well. Kabir says tell them truth, I am against lie, God doesnt allow it. Zeenat thinks that if Alina doesnt marry this guy then my plan will fail. She tries to stop Kabir but he leaves.

Kabir comes in hall and sees family there. He says sorry to Anas and family. He says Alina declined this proposal, I am sorry, I didnt know this before.Alina says to Zara that I am not ready to marry anyone other than Amir, family wont listen to me, you will be with me? Zara says I am with you but give yourself time. Anas’s father says to Kabir that its good you told me truth, its God’s will. Anas says to Kabir that this is normal these days, its good that Alina told truth on time, I didnt feel bad. Kabir thinks that I wish Alina married him. Zara says to Alina that we have to tell parents about your happiness. Alina says they just want me to do as they wish, if they force me then I will runaway. Zara says to Alina that dont do anything drastic, Kabir is against love marriages so you have to make him believe that loving someone is not wrong, dont lose one side, you have to keep your family and Amir both with you. Zeenat comes there and claps. She says to Zara that you are teaching her all this as you want to save your father’s lie, and he doesnt lose his position, shame on you, she takes Alina from there and thinks that I wont let Alina marry Amir as then Irfan’s nikah will proved to be right.

Kabir writes about skills of Amir and Anas. All come there. Kabir asks Amaan to tell whom he will follow? Amaan says I will follow Anas. Zara says this board is incomplete. She writes choice and says Alina’s choice is Amir and love marriages are not out of religion, you know its about opinions. Kabir says I am talking to my sister, you stop it. He says to Alina that you met him when I asked you to not to. Alina says I never met him alone except for doctor. Kabir says you cooked for him, lied to me and started liking him? Alina looks down. Kabir asks who is his family? Alina says I dont know. Kabir says then how can you like him? Alina says I like his personality. Ayesha says have you gone mad? Zeenat says Amir doesnt have an arm. Kabir says its not about that, he has poisoned our sister’s mind. He sits with Alina and says you decided to marry him after few meetings? Alina says I realized when I got to know he is leaving city. Zara says Kabir.. Kabir shouts that this is all happening because of you, Islam gives her lesson to not meet na-mehram, listen to me, she is my sister and she will marry Anas only. Alina says I will not marry Anas, I will marry Amir only. Kabir shouts at her. Zara says you always choose what she decided to choose, if we dont know about Amir’s family then we can give him a chance, you have accepted her choice in things then why cant she choose her husband? Kabir says love marriages are a sin and Islam stops it, she will marry Anas only. Kabir angrily leaves from there. Alina cries.

Ayesha cries and says she never talked back and now doing this? God show me a way. Zeenat comes there and says stop Zara as she is giving courage to Alina, Alina didnt deny Anas’s proposal before, then how she thought about love? I understand that Zara is behind all this, I wont let Amaan near Zara, I cant bear my son following Alina’s path. Ayesha says Alina cant see his shortcomings? I will teach Zara a lesson.

Alina says to Zara that they wont accept Amir. Ayesha comes there and says now we are outsiders for you? She asks Zara to leave so she can talk to her daughter, Zara leaves. Alina says let me explain. Ayesha says when I used to hear about daughters of other families, I used to pray to not show me that day, Alina is our pride but see we are seeing that day, you are doing what others do, whole society will taunt us, that see this is Ayesha and Shahbaz’s daughter. Alina cries. Ayesha says do marry but then you will become an orphan, no one will be part of it. Alina says dont say that. Ayesha says God cant make you happy when you hurt your parents? Alina says I can do anything for my parents, I asked Zara and she told me that marrying with choice is not a sin, I am not doing any sin. Ayesha angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Ayesha is angry and going to Zara. She sees her in lounge and stops her, she says why you are destroying my daughter’s life? why you keep going against Kabir? you should be standing with us but you are against us, I took your side against my son, you should have made Alina listen to us. Zeenat says Zara is doing all this so she can hide her father’s lie. Zara says its not like that. Ayesha says dont forget about your inlaws so much that you might have to go to your father’s house. Zara holds her hand and says you are saying this? Ayesha says yes, if my daughter’s life gets destroyed because of you then I wont forgive and will not allow you to live in this house, she glares at her and leaves. Zara is stunned. Zeenat smirks and thinks that I will do a trick that will trap them all.

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