Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 5 September 2020 Hashmi is exposed


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 5 September 2020 Hashmi is exposed

Zara looks around in cage and screams is there anyone here? see what happened to my Kabir. Kabir is lying on floor, Zara whispers to him to not open his eyes, he asks her to scream more. Zara screams to save my husband, oh God my husband is not waking up, please save my love. Kabir asks her to not overact, Zara says they will trust me when they come but I think they wont come, this plan wont work. Kabir asks her to keep trying.

Zara screams that see something happened to my Kabir. Wasim comes there. Zara says see something happened to Kabir. Wasim opens cage and goes to lying Kabir. Kabir suddenly grabs him and fights with him. Zara helps him beats Wasim. Wasim injuries Kabir, Zara tries to free Kabir from his clutches, Kabir asks her to runaway but Zara keeps beating Wasim. Wasim runs out of cage and locks them. Wasim says you both think that this is indian movie? you both are not leaving this place anytime soon, he leaves. Kabir asks Zara why you were coming in middle? I was trying. Zara shows him Wasim’s phone and says try never hurts. Kabir looks on and says you did good.

Scene 2
Irfan asks Salma till when she will remain sad for Zara? Salma says yu dont sleep at night too. Irfan says losing my daughter is eating me alive, I cant bear it. Salma says our Zara was so pleasant and charming and now she has made us deadbody. Irfan says all people praise her bravery. Salma says we wont be able to see her ever again, she is gone, she cries.

Ayesha comes there and says I have come to share your pain but truth is that I want to share my pain too. Salma hugs her and cries.. she says our Zara is gone. Ayesha says you cant be weak, you are a mother of a brave girl, Zara was my daughter too, I know pain of losing a child, I am bearing pain of my son too. Irfan is stunned and asks what happened to Kabir? Ayesha says he has been missing since last night, he was searching for Zara, he thinks she is alive. Irfan says how can that be possible? Ayesha says I know, nobody believes it but Kabir trusts that Zara is alive. Irfan says God what kind of test are you taking of us? Ayesha and Salma cries.

Kabir is trying to call family. Zara asks him to tell family that we are near a mosque and railway station. Kabir says I dont remember Imran’s number, Zara says oh God you dont even know his number? Zara tries to dial Reema’s number and says I dont remember it. Kabir says I remember Ayesha’s number. He calls her but her phone is off. Zara says Wasim can comeback at anytime. Zara sees someone coming. Kabir takes photo with Zara and messages that Miraj have abducted us, we are near a railway station and mosque. Wasim comes there and asks where is his phone? Kabir sees message sending. Wasim grabs Zara and puts knife on her neck. Kabir says I am giving phone. Kabir frees Zara and throws his phone out of cage. Wasim says you broke my phone, he leaves from there. Kabir smiles and says I have sent voicenote to Ayesha. Zara says great work. Kabir checks her neck. Zara says did voicenote send or not? Kabir says I dont know if it got sent or not. Zara gets tensed and hugs Kabir.

Ayesha and Salma offer prayers. Salma prays for God to be merciful on them, Ayesha prays for them to be fine, if Zara is alive then make us meet her soon. ,,

Miraj ties Zara’s hands to tall, He hangs Kabir. Miraj is beating Kabir. Zara says please leave him, for God’s sake, please leave him. Kabir says beat me more. Zara says please leave him, I am begging. Kabir says beat more, take out your anger but when I come down, you will have grave made for you. Zara says please leave Kabir, let him down. Miraj says I will respectfully put him down but you have to pay the price for this favor, what can you do? Zara says I am ready to do anything but leave Kabir. Miraj beats Kabir more, Kabir grunts in pain. Miraj says to Zara that you can do anything for me? He smirks at her. Kabir says no..

Miraj beats Kabir and says to Zara that you have to tell me that you love me only then we will stop. Kabir says our love is not weak that it will bow to you. Zara says leave Kabir, put him down. Miraj brings injured Kabir down and says Zara I will show you a magic, he puts Kabir’s face in water and suffocates him. Miraj says say it fast, he doesnt have time. Zara cries and says I love you. Kabir is stunned. Zara says I love you Kabir. Miraj gets angry and puts his head in water again. Zara says day, night, every moment, Zara loves Kabir only, I will die but wont say I love you to anyone else, I love you Kabir. Miraj brings out Kabir from water, Kabir is lifeless and falls down. Zara is stunned.

Police is searching for Kabir in the area. Inspector asks to search he whole area. Shahbaz is with them and asks if they found anything? Inspector says we are searching. One girl is missing, her parents come too. Irfan comes there and says to Shahbaz and inspector that we got Zara and Kabir’s message and picture. Shahbaz is stunned and asks him to send on hus number, inspector asks to locate that number. Imran says I have sent it. Inspector leaves from there.

Zara says to Miraj that please do one favor on me, please leave me and let me go to my husband. Miraj asks Wasim to free Zara but you have to say I love you before coming here otherwise I will make your husband die in his unconscious state, he points gun at Kabir. Zara shouts Kabir I love you. Kabir wakes up and grabs Miraj. He takes gun and points at Miraj, he asks him to tell Wasim to free Zara. Wasim frees Zara. Kabir hits Miraj with gun and runs from there with Zara. Miraj and Wasim runs behind them. Kabir and Zara comes out of godown and they take bike and leave.

Shahbaz calls Hashami and says we got to know about Kabir and Zara, they are kidnapped at some place, Kabir sent us a photo of him and Zara and a voicenote. Hashami asks him to send those to him, he will ask his men to look around, Shahbaz says okay. Hashami smirks.

Kabir is driving fast, Zara hugs from behind and enjoys their ride, tere sang yara plays. Zara raise her dupatta and kisses Kabir’s face, she looks around and enjoys. They see a car coming towards them, Kabir tries to apply brakes but car hits them. Zara and Kabir falls down. Zara sees Kabir has fainted. She tries to wake him up, she looks around for help and asks him to open the eyes, she pleads for help. Hashami comes there. Zara is stunned to see him.

Inspector hears Kabir’s voice that Miraj has kidnapped them and there is a mosque and railway station near it. Officer hears prayers voice in background and says I remember this person who gives daily prayers in mosque, there is a godown near it. Inspector says lets go there

Kabir and Zara are back in Miraj’s den. Miraj pours water on Kabir and wakes him up. Wasim has grabbed Zara. Zara asks if he is fine. Kabir murmurs Zara.. Miraj says see your Kabir is useless. Miraj takes out his gun and says I wont kill him so easily, he beats Kabir. Zara screams for him. Miraj says he has to see a lot. Kabir says how did we come back here? Hashami comes there and says I brought you here. Kabir is stunned to see him.

Inspector, Irfan and others come to godown. They dont find anyone there, Inspector says its right location, Irfan says where is Zara and Kabir then?

In another godown, Kabir and Zara are tied on chairs. Miraj says to Hashami that people like you can make me meet my lover. He hugs Hashami. Some guards come there and point gun at Miraj and Hashami. Hashami is stunned to see Shahbaz coming there and it was his guards. Kabir and Zara are elated to see him but they are hidden behind boxes. Shahbaz says to Hashami that I have to thank you and Miraj, you both have done favors on me, you are shocked to see me here? I am Shahbaz Ahmed, runs business of crores, you think I sent you photo so you can help me to find my son? I have guts to find my son in death trap too but I knew of Hashami’s intentions and knew he would take me to my son so I sent my men behind you. Shahbaz asks Hashami where is his son? part of his heart, tell me where he is. Kabir tries to scream but his mouth has cloth in it. Shahbaz shouts at Hashami to tell him, he slaps him hard. Hashami says you didnt do right, you dont know who I am, I will burn whole city, this slap will be expansive for you. Miraj charges at him but Shahbaz glares at him and he stops, Shahbaz slaps Hashami non-stop and asks where is my son? Kabir is trying to free himself. Shahbaz says Kabir? He looks around. Hashami is tensed. Shahbaz hears some noise and goes behind boxes. He is stunned to see him tied there. He frees Kabir and hugs him. Kabir cries. Zafar comes there and points gun at Shahbaz, Hashami’s men surround Shahbaz’s men.

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