Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 3 April 2021


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 3 April 2021

Ruksaar tells Kabir that Shahbaz doesn’t want Zara here, he doesn’t like her treatment. Zara says no, he was afraid at the start but then he became fine yesterday. Ruksaar says because you didn’t play music yesterday. She asks Kabir to look at Shahbaz and hear his message, save him from this evil music. Kabir asks her to shut up, we have to calm Shahbaz down first. Zara tells Kabir that this didn’t happen because of me, trust me. Kabir says let’s call the doctor first.

Salma comes to Zahida and says you have to come downstairs for food, we don’t have servants to invite here. Zahida says I am sorry, this won’t happen again. She shows her Ayesha’s photos and says this is Zara’s mother in law? Salma says she was like her mother, she came to this house when Zara left Kabir’s house. I used to feel peace when Zara used to call her mother but when she calls you that I feel a storm in my heart. Zara calls Zahida and tells her about Shahbaz’s condition. Zahida says I am sure no one can fall ill with our treatment, she gives her some instructions.

The doctor checks Shahbaz and says hi BP was very high, he was in shock. Zara says I was playing music to bring peace to him but he wanted water.. The doctor says why you are interrupting our treatment? This music healing doesn’t work. He tells Kabir that I never thought you would trust a therapy like this. Kabir looks away and thinks I did a mistake, did I put him in danger? The doctor says if he doesn’t become fine then we will have to shift to the hospital. He leaves. Imran asks Zara to not feel bad. Ruksaar comes to her room and laughs. Zeenat says what are you doing? Ruksaar says Kabir thinks he did a mistake by calling Zara here, Zara thinks she did some mistake. Shahbaz can’t say a word. Do you know what I did? The flashback shows Shahbaz listening to Zara’s music and looking at the water.

Zara says I will bring water for you, she leaves. Ruksaar comes there and puts a pillow on Shahbaz’s head. She says you are befriending your friend? She shows him Ayesha’s photo and says I killed her like this, I suffocated her with a pillow. Shahbaz is shocked to hear the confession. Ruksaar says yes, I killed your loving wife. Can you do something? Shahbaz starts crying and panicking. Ruksaar laughs and leaves. Zara comes there and sees Shahbaz shaking and jittery. Ruksaar comes there and says oh God what did you do with him Zara? The flashback ends. Zeenat hugs Ruksaar and says I don’t think Zara will be saved now. Ruksaar says let’s complete our trick now. Kabir tells Zara that I can’t send Shahbaz to the hospital because of COVID. Zara says I am sorry but believe me this didn’t happen because of my music. Kabir says I don’t put blames without seeing something, I don’t believe in your music, I didn’t see anyone becoming fine or worst due to your music.. I am responsible for all this, I did this with him. I sacrificed him. Zara says no, I think Ruksaar is responsible for this. He becomes very jittery when Ruksaar is near him, I am sure Ruksaar did something. Kabir says what? Zara recalls Shahbaz trying to point at Ruksaar. Kabir says I will soon find out who did what with Shahbaz. He tells Zara that I am sure you will never hurt my father intentionally, you forgave your killer but I can’t trust your music. Zara says I am sure this didn’t happen because of my music. Kabir says if Ruksaar is responsible for this then she won’t be spared but if your music is behind this then I will stop this illegal activity in all areas that come under sharia board. Imran comes there and asks him to sign some papers. Kabir leaves. Zara prays to God and says I have to bring Ruksaar’s truth out. Ruksaar and Zeenat come there and say we will throw you out. They drag her. Zara says leave me. They drag her but Zara pulls away and says I am not going anywhere. Ruksaar says I will throw you out. Kabir comes there and asks what is going on? Ruksaar says if Shahbaz sees her again then we will have to send him to the hospital. Zeenat says we care for Shahbaz so she can’t stay here. Zara says they are blaming me so I will stay here tonight and find out the truth, I won’t let someone harm Shahbaz. Ruksaar tells Kabir that Zara will go from here. Zara says I will stay with Shahbaz at all costs. Kabir looks on.

Zara says do you care about abbu or not? Kick her out. Kabir says I will decide. Kabir comes to Zara. He holds her hand and says come. Zara recalls Rukhsar said Kabir was with her not Zara. Zara walks out. Kabir holds her hand. Kabir brings her inside. Rukhsar says what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Zeenat stops her. KAbir says I don’t need to answer you. I should have kicked you out of this house. But I didn’t. Zara was brought here by me. I decide if she will live here or not. No one can force her to leave. Zeenat says you are blinded by this girl. You don’t care about abbu? He says yes I trust her more than anyone in this house. You thought I won’t trust here because there’s a conflict between us? I trust her. This is her house. You two can’t even look at her. Kabir holds Zara’s hand and says let’s go.

Zara looks at Kabir. Kabir says what magic did you do on me? Zara says you did. Your intensity of love scares me. I hope there’s no evil eye on us. Zara says you have given me the respect that every girl deserves. You trust me. A girl feels luckiest when she’s trusted. When her love holds her hand and faces the whole world. Kabir says and what if he leaves that hand? Zara says what? He says your love made me believe that you’re mine and I am yours. He holds her hand. Zara says come let’s take evil eye off. He says not from the spoces. She says this is modern world. Zeent says Rukhsar at least take care of your kids. Rukhsar brings petrol and says no it all failed. I thought he would be with me because of our kids at least. I will die. Zeent says don’t do this. Are you crazy. Stop. Rukhsar lights a rod and says Kabir can’t be with that Zara. I can’t see that.

Zara gives juice to Kabir and says only immunity booster can save you from evil eyes now. Nothign can harm you. Kabir says until I am with you no one can do anything.
Rukhasr says I will burn everything. Zeenat says you won’t do any such thing. Where are you going? Rukhasr goes out. Kabir and Zara are in the hall. Rukhasr comes there with the fire. She slips. Zara and Kabir walk away.

Kabir comes to Shahbaz. Zara says I called the doctor. Zara comes out. Rukhsar waits with fire rod. Zeenat stops Rukhsar and says are you crazy? BE in your senses. You can’t go to jail. Zeenat says we will fix this. Rukhsar says she took everything from me. Zeenat says Kabir will be with you tonight. Rukhsar says would he be with me? Zeenat says yes. Rukhsar hugs her.

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