Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 27 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 27 March 2021

Zara hugs Salma and cries. Irfan says we are your family. Don’t worry she is sleeping peacefully. Kabir sits with her and says I don’t know where you were but you still cry like old Zara. Irfan and Kabir mimic her crying. Zara wipes her tears and says I fulfilled my promise, your mother is out of the room and I am Nargis. Kabir says then why did you cry? Why didn’t you tell her that you are Nargis? Zara says I am not a cruel person, I cried to give her peace. She was happy to see me thinking that I am her daughter, I got emotional to see her state. But it doesn’t mean I am that Zara. You both wrongly mimicked my crying. Starts to leave from there and tries to control her tears.

Zahida prays to God and says let Nargis lose today so she can reunite with her family.

Ruksaar watches the bad news. Zeenat says what is going on in this world? Ruksaar says this locust attack might be dangerous for others but for us they will be helpful. Ruksaar shows are fake locust and laughs when Zeenat gets scared. Ruksaar says I will use real locust against Zara. The doctor checks Salma and says she has high BP, she will be conscious soon, he leaves. Irfan says she has high BP when she saw Zara but what will happen when she talks to her? I think Zara is trying to stay away from us but I don’t know why. Kabir says Zara’s mindset has changed and it was done by someone. This is not our Zara who couldn’t see tears in her parents’ eyes, this Zara has an Ammi instead of her Maa. Irfan says who? Kabir says it’s her teacher, Zara is staying away from us because of her. Irfan weeps.

Zara calls Zahida and says I don’t know what I will do. Kabir comes there and starts taking her things. Zara says what are you doing? Kabir says I was mistaken, she is a fraud, get lost from here. Irfan says she is our Zara. Kabir says no, she is a fraud, she has to go. Zara says I will not leave my patient. Kabir says I will not let you treat her with this evil method. He grabs her hand and gives her money, he asks her to leave. Zara says I don’t treat people for money.

Kabir says we don’t believe your evil treatment. He is about to close the door on her but Salma comes there and says why are you throwing my daughter out of the house? Kabir says she is not your daughter, she is madam Nargis. Salma says bring her to me and I will tell you if she is my Zara or not. Irfan brings Zara to Salma. Zara says you should rest. Salma says this is my Zara. She asks her to show her arm and says you have a mark on your arm when you got hurt because of a nail in your childhood. Zara is tensed. Kabir recalls how once he had tried to romance with Zara and kissed her arm. He saw a nail mark there and says what is this? She says a childhood mark. Kabir asks her to show it. Zara says I don’t want men to see it. Irfan and Kabir leave. Zara pulls her sleeve above and Salma is shocked to see her mark gone.

Salna is shocked to see that Zara doesn’t have the mark. Salma screams that no this can’t happen. Irfan and Kabir come there. Salma says she is not our Zara but why can’t I accept it? Zara says now you know I am Nargis. Irfan says no our hearts know that you are Zara. Zara says then what should I do to make you believe that I am not? Zeenat and Ruksaar come there. Zeenat says I have a way to find out if you are Zara or not. Ruksaar says she is exactly like Zara. Zeenat asks her to put her hand on the Quran and promise that you are not Zara. Salma says this is the same Quran that I gifted Zara on her wedding. Ruksaar says yes, this Quran blessed her married life, she should promise on this Quran that she is not lying. Zara takes the Quran from Zeenat and sighs. she looks at all of them and puts her hand on it. She says I promise on this Quran that I am not Zara and Nargis. All are shocked. Kabir says you are still lying, how can you lie on this Quran? you are promising a lie on it? He glares at her angrily but Zahida comes there and says she promised on the Quran. She is not your Zara and my Nargis. Kabir says you have made her a liar, you have destroyed her. Zahida says you are a sinner to force someone to lie on the Quran, I have made her Nargis from Zara. Kabir says you have destroyed her mind but our love will bring her back.. it all turns out to be Kabir’s dream and Zara is still holding the Quran. Kabir thinks that I know Zara wouldn’t lie in the Quran but I don’t trust that evil woman who has wiped Zara’s teaching and made her learn music. Zara puts her hand on the Quran and says I promise on this Quran that I am.. Kabir says no.. you don’t have to promise on it. Ruksaar says let her tell the truth. Kabir says I know if she is Zara or Nargis.

Zara thinks I was about to promise in the Quran that I am Zara but I got another chance from Kabir. Salma says we know for sure that she is Zara. Kabir tells Ruksaar that we know the truth so there is no need to promise in the Quran. Kabir asks Ruksaar and Zeenat why are they there? Zeenat shows some men with some items. Ruksaar says we can’t come here but we brought some mangoes that Ayesha used to send. We can put these mangoes in your room as that’s the ritual. You know that I fulfill that ritual every year, we will leave after talking to you. Kabir says let me check these. Kabir checks some of the boxes and leaves the last box as he gets a call.

Imran calls Kabir and asks if Zara accepted that she is Zara? Kabir says not now, I can’t come for the meetings. Ruksaar is here so I can’t leave Zara alone. Imran says okay, I will take care of it.

Ruksaar tells Zeenat that I will make Zara accept that she is Zara or not. Kabir comes there and says why did you both come here without telling? Ruksaar says I brought some sweets as we will have a baby in 6 months. Kabir says to Zeenat that you are involved in this too? We tell people after 3 months and 3 days. He leaves from there. Ruksaar says now I want to know who this girl is.

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