Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 26 September 2020


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 26 September 2020

Kabir glares at her. Zara says I will do as you say after that. Kabir says okay, I will do this drama too but this is the last time, if there is no reaction from Ruksaar, you have to promise to come back to my life, we will live like normal husband and wife. He leaves from there. Zara offers namaz and says to God that I am doing all this for my love, please do some miracle and bring Ruksaar back.

Zara says to Kabir that you will not do this? They are in Ruksaar’s room. Zara says to Kabir that if you spend night with her then you will lose me, what about our love? what about our relation? Kabir says tonight is the justice night for Ruksaar. Zara says she tried to kill you, plot to kill you. Kabir says enough, its your defeat saying that, Ruksaar’s love has taken me away from you, Ruksaar has loved me for years and its her victory tonight, I will celebrate with her tonight, leave from here. He winks at Zara. Zara says to Ruksaar that you won, congrats, I am defeated, she says to Kabir that I didnt expect that from you, I am going. She goes to door, Kabir sadly looks at her, she gives him thumbs up. Kabir closes door. Zara and Reema hides and watches from window. Kabirs sits on bed with Ruksaar. He says you will not greet your husband? you waited for this long so smile, I think your dreams have fulfilled, we married and I have started loving you but one dream is still remaining that is to spend night with me. He brings poison bottle and says remember this poison? you wanted me and you to drink it, you wanted to die with me, I have thought a lot and if I remain alive then I will be divided between you and Zara, you wanted that if I die then I will be completely yours, so lets do this, I will fulfill your dream, I dont like to share my love, you will make me drink this poison. He mixes poison in water and pushes glass to Ruksaar, he says take it, make me drink it so you can make me yours in this life and afterwards, fulfill your dreams and kill me, take it.

Ruksaar recalls how she wanted to kill Kabir. She moves her hand slightly. Kabir says make me drink poison, do it. Ruksaar recalls how she dreamt to die with him.. Suddenly Ruksaar’s hand collides with glass and pushes it away.. she throws it down. Zara is stunned and comes inside. Kabir says to Ruksaar that you listened to us. Zara asks her to come back, you are listening to us. Ruksaar doesnt move. Zara says I was sure. Kabir asks her to listen, he asks her to move, Zara says lets take her to hospital. Kabir lifts her and goes.

In hospital, doctor checks Ruksaar. Doctor asks what happened with her? her progress shows that process of her coming out of coma has started, keep doing what you are doing, keep doing things that will make her happy or angry, Zara thanks him and says we will try to bring her back. Kabir hugs Zara.

In hospital, doctor asks them to go home, Zeenat asks if they can take Ruksaar? Doctor says its better if she stays here, Kabir says you are sure she is coming out of coma? Doctor says we dont know the timeline but she is showing progress. Reema says can she try to do something dangerous after coming out of coma? Zeenat glares at her. Zara says patients can be jittery after coming out of coma, doctor says we will handle her, dont worry.

Zara is in Ruksaar’s room and recalls how Ruksaar threw glass, then Reema’s words that she will create hovac.

In wardroom, Ruksaar close her eyes and moves her hands. She gets up and sees Zara sleeping on couch. She recalls Zara saying that Kabir will divorce her when she becomes conscious. She evilly looks at Zara and tries to get down but falls from her bed, she crawls to Zara and strangles her. Ruksaar says you wanted me to come out of coma so Kabir can divorce me.. call Kabir now.. she strangles her.. Zara screams but realizes its only her dream and Ruksaar is still in coma. She calms down and looks at her. Zara says I am sorry Ruksaar, my God knows I am not taking revenge from you, I really want you to become fine so you remain happy in your life, I want to be happy with Kabir and you be happy in your life. She turns and sees Kabir standing there, he claps for her. Kabir says to Zara that you were saying sorry to Ruksaar? I am sorry too for throwing you out of room to do drama with Ruksaar. Zara comes closer to him and says is this right? I am doing all this for my love, we are doing this for our love so dont say sorry, he is tensed as she is closer. She laughs and moves back. Kabir pins her to door and says you are nice,Zara get tensed. Zara says I am like this because of your love, I pray that she becomes fine soon so we will start our lives. Kabir says we have to do something big, something that will trigger her emotions. Zara says I have a plan that will make Ruksaar get up, she tells him plan which is muted. Kabir claps.

Reema is in car with Imran and says we are going to jail. Imran says why? Reema says to free Miraj on bail. Imran laughs and says dont joke. Reema says I am not joking, Zara is not understanding, I am worried that if Ruksaar wakes up, she will try to come between Kabir and Zara so I have decided to take Miraj’s help. Imran says whats your plan? Reema says I will tell him that he can be freed if he stops Ruksaar. Imran says you are taking criminal’s help? This is not right.

Nurse comes to Ruksaar’s room. She puts medicine there and leaves. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that Hamdan is alive, he has forgiven you. Kabir and Zara hides and watches her. Zeenat says to Ruksaar that you are not Hamdan’s widow anymore. Zeenat calls Hamdan’s sisters and says they are here to tell the good news. Sister says yes he is alive, he is coming to take you. Zeenat says Hamdan is alive so your marriage with Kabir has been nullified, you are still Hamdan’s wife, you will live happily with him, he will take you to Dubai. Sister asks Hamdan to come in and take Ruksaar with him. Some man enters room. Zeenat says Hamdan is here to take you, you are not Kabir’s second wife but Hamdan’s first wife, he is here to take you. Sister asks Ruksaar to welcome Hamdan. All look on. Ruksaar starts crying. Man holds Ruksaar’s hand but Ruksaar jerks and sits up, she heaves. All are happy to see her awake. Ruksaar wakes up hearing Hamdan’s name, she suddenly panics and starts throwing things. Kabir says I think we should give her time. All try to stop her but Ruksaar gets jittery and faints.

Doctor checks Ruksaar. He comes to family and says Ruksaar is out of coma. All hug each other. Doctor says there is a problem, she has fainted and it will take her time to come back to senses, we have to keep her here till then.

All family members are happy. Zeenat says I will treat everyone when Ruksaar comes home. Zara is tensed. Ayesha thinks that when Ruksaar comes back, I will get divorced from Kabir. Shahbaz says I didnt trust that she will wake up soon but Kabir and Zara worked together, its their fight that she woke up so soon.

Kabir comes to Zara. Kabir says it was like a jail, you know I didnt know if it will take days or years for Ruksaar to wake up so I could be yours. Zara says I was waiting to be yours too, when she comes back then divorce her. Kabir says we can come closer to celebrate, he leans in but Zara pushes him away and says you have to wait a little more. Kabir says you tell me your dreams and I will fulfill it, Zara says I have many dreams. Kabir says just tell me. Zara says walking on beach, jumping in water with you, sitting on a horse ride with you, drenching in rain and singing with you to celebrate, finding our names in stars in sky.. those are my dreams and.. Kabir says no you have to tell me more. Zara says I read in headlines that you are a good chef so I want to eat food from your hands. Kabir says okay pack your bags, we are going to somewhere where its only you and me.. Zara says really? She hugs him tightly. Alina comes there. They both move away and are embarrassed. Kabir says did you talk to mother about your marriage ring? its very bad. Alina says you got an invitation, she gives it to him and leaves. Zara sees her letter from sharia board and says I resigned from it so why I am invited?

Kabir and Zara are in car. Kabir calls doctor and asks if Ruksaar is still sleeping? Doctor says yes. Zara takes phone from him and asks him to not use phone while driving. Kabir murmurs that sitting beside me without loving is not legal too. Zara says did I hear something? he says no. Zara leans and kisses his cheek. He coughs. Zara pulls him again, he thinks she is about to kiss but she wipes her kiss mark and laughs.

Scene 2
Zara and Kabir comes to sharia board. Irfan says to Zara that we need people like you to invest in sharia board, a member of board organizes events and work for many people, there is a diwali event in hindu community and he wants to know if we can send them a gift? Zara says yes why not, its a tradition for India. Kabir says I dont agree, sharia board is for muslim and solving their problems, we celebrate eid so we should be sending gifts on eid not on diwali. Zara says I dont think so, we share sadness so we should share happiness too, coming together will make us united. Kabir says its not about unity but keeping your identity intact and we should only celebrate eid. Zara says its not about identity, its about sharing happiness with community. Board becomes divided between them. Irfan says I think voting is the solution. All write down their votes. Irfan counts votes and says I am surprised, people in favor of sending gift won by 1 vote only.

Kabir and Zara are going home. Zara makes him stop car in road and runs to kids who are celebrating diwali. Kabir smiles at her. Zara plays with kids and lights up firecrackers. Kids say they are enjoying. Zara says to Kabir that there is no identity in these kids, they are just happy, diwali is not a religious festive for them, its a play day for them which becomes memorable for them, diwali is happiness for them, they are looking so happy. Kabir admires Zara and says you are not wrong, can we go home?

Zara and Kabir comes home. They see Reema gifting to Ayesha and wishing her diwali. Ayesha wishes her diwali. Reema says me and Zara enjoy on diwali so much. Reema sees Zara and runs to her, they sing for diwali and say we will enjoy and lit firecrackers. Reema says we sing this jingle on every diwali. She shows her sweets. Zara says bhujiya, Reema says wishing you first diwali in your inlaws house with your husband. Kabir doesnt look too pleased. Reema says to Kabir that Zara makes bhujiya for us on diwali, she asks Zara if she will send this time too? Zara says I will make it for sure. Reema says my parents are not in country so I thought to have a small diwali party with you all, all are tensed.

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