Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 25 July 2020 (Zara becomes boss of the project)


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 25 July 2020 (Zara becomes boss of the project)

25th July 2020 Saturday update on Zara’s Nikah Update: Miraj says to Kabir that we have to file our deal papers tomorrow in court. Miraj sees his servant bringing his bags inside. Miraj asks him to take it back. KAbir asks what is this? Miraj says I am staying at a hotel. Kabir asks his servant to keep his bags in guest room. Miraj says its not needed. Kabir says we keep our friends close, they dont need hotels, you are staying here. Miraj thanks him and smirks. Ruksaar comes to her room and bangs her head on window. Zeenat stops her and asks her if she has gone mad? Ruksaar doesnt stop so Zeenat slaps her and says nothing will come out of hurting yourself. Zeenat cries and says forget Kabir, you dont have a choice but to get married, we are lost, we lost this war.

Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 24 July 2020

Ruksaar weeps. Zeenat says I am sorry I couldnt do anything for you. Ruksaar says no, dont worry, we didnt lose this war nor we lost my Kabir. Ruksaar says to Zeenat that Kabir is mine only, if he cant be mine then he cant of Zara too, Zeenat says you are too angry right now, listen to me. Ruksaar says I promised myself that my palanquin will leave this house but before that Zara’s deadbody will leave this house. Zeenat is shocked. Ruksaar evilly laughs and then cries. Zeenat hugs her and looks on.

Kabir asks Miraj can I ask why you are investing money in a bad deal? what do you want from me? Miraj says what if I ask you this? you are vice head priest, you could live lavish life with your wife but you are getting attached to this project putting your life in trouble. Kabir says I dont want to stop by just becoming head, I want to lead my nation, I want to show them the right path, I want to benefit my nation and that is only why I am doing it. Miraj says that is the reason why I am investing in this project, when you go to heaven after this project then I will get partnership there too. Kabir smiles. Miraj says we decided that Ruksaar will be part of project from my side but she is getting married now so we have to give someone else that duty, Kabir says that is your decision. Miraj says after thinking, I have made Zara to take this this responsibility, I have given her 50% share of this project. Kabir thinks if Zara has half partnership then she becomes the owner of this project and everything will happen as per her thinking then what about my dream? Miraj asks how he found his business proposal? Kabir says we have to talk to Zara, Miraj says I will wait.

Ruksaar calls Siraj.. He sees Ruksaar calling and ignores it. Ruksaar messages Siraj if she can talk about Miraj to him? He replies that he cant talk, he has took out tooth, he says I have talked to Miraj and he is doing as we want, he is your guest now, go to Miraj’s room after everyone is asleep, he will make you understand everything.. all these messages were sent by Miraj and not Siraj. Miraj says Ruksaar will listen to Siraj for sure.

Kabir thinks about how Miraj made Zara hafl partner. Zara comes there and sits with him. He asks what? Zara says did Miraj say anything about Ruksaar share in project? Kabir says what he said to you? she says that he wants to give Ruksaar’s share to me, her 25% and my 25% will make me have 50% share, I couldnt deny such good offer, he stares at her. Zara says we have 3 shares out of 4 in this project, if we take out Miraj from this project then it will ours. Kabir says no, my dream is only one and Miraj can fulfill it, if we do it then who will invest money? Zara says my father can invest money. Kabir says when my Father thinks its a bad deal then how can I ask your father? what if my father hears it? he will feel bad. Zara says you are like my father, very passionate and honest but people dont deserve you, Kabir asks whom are you like? Zara says I am like your father, I get what I want, if my father invest money in your project then your father will have to invest in this project too because of his ego then I will give my share to you and I will win you, he smiles at her. She says then you can fulfill your dream as you want, she asks him to look away, he does, she kisses his cheek, he is surprised, Zara blushes and looks away. Kabir hugs her from behind. Zara asks duty or love? She turns to him and puts her hands around his waist, Kabir smiles and hugs her tightly, maine haara plays.

Scene 2
At night, Ruksaar comes to Miraj’s room. Miraj says I was waiting for you. Ruksaar says I want to know what Siraj wants? he says Siraj wants someone to get married, Ruksaar says why me? Miraj says Kabir, Zara, Ayesha are married and Alina is not of age so you have to get married, we have to fulfill our plan and for that we have to distract this family in some wedding, Ruksaar says what is the plan? Miraj says just wait for it, trust me its going to be fun game. Ruksaar says what if I want to know first?

Miraj says then ask Siraj, Ruksaar says what I have to do? Miraj says Siraj wants to have pictures of this house, every nook and corner and especially take pictures of Zara and Kabir’s bedroom, she says okay I will do it. Miraj says sometimes to make someone friend you have to make their enemy as your enemy, she says what? Miraj says to make Zara my friend, I had to make you my enemy, he leans in closer and says forgive me. Ruksaar smirks and says if I was not in love with Kabir then I would have fallen in love with you, they smirk at each other. Ruksaar leaves.

All are eating, Kabir says congratulate Zara, she has become boss of this project, Miraj gave her Ruksaar’s part. Miraj says I didnt do anything big, I did it seeing Zara’s thinking and betterment of this nation. Shahbaz asks Kabir if he has some argument? Kabir says I have nothing against it. Ayesha says zara will work so nicely for women of this nation.

Shahbaz is cleaning a stain from his shirt. Kabir comes and asks his stain? Shahbaz says food fell on it and now stain is there so its not going away. Kabir asks if he wants to say something? Shahbaz says I just want to say that stain leaves clothes but if your life gets stained then it doesnt go away, everyone should do things on right time, congrats on your wife’s partnership. Kabir says you told me that people do mistakes but you should trust your son that your son knows how to make stain leave clothes or lives, Shahbaz nods. Kabir leaves.

Ruksaar is taking pictures of every part of house. She comes to a room. Zeenat comes there and asks why she is taking photos? what are you doing? what if someone saw it? Ruksaar says I dont care, they have made my life hell, I want to take their pictures so when I feel bad, I will burn these photos to make me feel better. Zeenat says I am your sister, I know your lie and truth, if you cooking up some plan then leave it and its better if you get married and make your life. Ruksaar glares at her and says no, you shouldnt have said it, you know everything, if someone asks me to leave my Kabir then I dont feel good even if its my elder sister, she takes phone from her and leaves. Zeenat is stunned.

Ruksaar comes to Kabir and Zara’s room. She acts like she is planting flowers in vase but starts taking pictures of room, Kabir’s gym. she turns to leave but Zara comes there. Zara asks what are you doing here? Ruksaar says I am getting married so I am giving everyone flowers in this house. Zara takes her phone and asks why did she take photos of her room? Ruksaar says before you, this room was kind of mine, I dreamt of living in this room, I wanted to go with some memories. Zara takes a flower and tucks it in her hair, she says I am doing it so you live happily and peacefully in your inlaws house, Ruksaar leaves.

Ruksaar messages Siraj that I have emailed you the pictures, what to do next? He thanks her and says what gift you want on her wedding? Ruksaar writes that I dont want any gift. She gets an email that you shouldnt deny your gift, I will give you a gift, before you say yes for wedding, Zara would have left this world. She sees Zara’s picture with cross on it. Ruksaar smirks.

At home Ruksar is smiling as she looks at Zara she remembers the SMSs assuring before her doli Zara’s arthi would leave this house. Zara looks at ruksar n wonders why she was smiling so much. What was she plotting now. Aisha informs them that humdaaan’s mom wanted to hurry up with nikah so the haldi rasam had to be held today evening. Zeenat protests that ceremonies could not be done during ramzan. Kabir says there was no issue with ramzan , only the functions had to be held after iftaar. All agree. Zeenat is disappointed. Aisha asks every one to hurry up with arrangements.

Friends n ladies arrive along with Humdaan’s family ladies with haldi. Ladies suggest dancing n singing. Aisha asks them to postpone singing n dancing till after Eid.

All come by turn and put haldi on Ruksar. Zara outs haldi and asks ruku why she was smiling ruku replies her by her shayari. Aisha puts haldi n says she will send Ruksar n Humdaan to Kashmir for honeymoon.

Ruksar is shocked and she gets FB of all her plotting n crimes against Zabir in Kashmir. She recollects how Shahbaz had threatened her to put her behind the bar of some Kashmir jail to rot all her life.

Ruksar gets scared of the thoughts of going to Kashmir.

She leaves her haldi n goes off to her room n gets scared. Zara wonders why did Ruksar get so scared n run away at the thoughts of going to Kashmir??

Zara comes running to Kabir and pleads him that she had to break her kashnir promise. Miraj too is there with kabir and he gets alarmed as zara mentions Kashmir. Miraj wonders why was Zara speaking of Kashmir??

Zara takes Kabir to her room and they discuss how they were enemies before marriage. They were reluctant to get married and after marriage when they went to Kashmir what happened was not normal. They had to find out why Shiraj came into their lives. Why was he after them. Zara decides to break her promise to abhu to avoid discussing about Kashmir. All was not right. Something in their lives was not right. Kabir agrees that he too wanted to discuss about Kashnir and asks his abhu but his abbu about it but abbu always changed the topic and never spoke about it. Kabir suspects abbu was hiding something. Zara asks Kabir to speak the truth, if he ever believed that zara would wish to marry shiraj?? Kabir says he could have given her talaq right then but he did not because he knew zara would never do such hings.

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