Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 22 August 2020


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 22 August 2020

Miraj says you have to befriend Zara, when Kabir is about to give divorce to Zara then you have to kill her. Nilofar is stunned. He gives her diamonds and says these will be yours in return. She smirks, takes them and says goodbye, she leaves.

Alina says to Zara that I want to become Zara, I know what is happening with you in house, you are my idol and all my friends follow you on social media, I want to be inspiring like you, whats my lesson today? Zara says changing thought is important, we girls are taught that we are worthless and we shouldnt do this or that and they have to hide but we have to show world our worth while remain hidden, we have power to change the world, it starts from your street and goes to whole world. Alina says I will post your thoughts on social media. Zara says will your brother allow all this?

Alina and Zara sits with Irfan and Salma. Alina says my parents dont allow me to drink tea, can I drink? Salma gives her the tea. Alina asks Zara when she will become vice head? Zara says I havent thought about it. Alina says me and my friends will be so happy. Irfan says there are many people looking upto you Zara, the one who can listen to their hearts. Zara asks Salma what should we do? Salma says if Kabir is on your side then I dont have a problem. Zara thinks that Kabir is not happy. Alina says what if you do something that will make Kabir be on your side. Zara smiles and gets an idea. Shahbaz says to Kabir that Irfan announced that Zara will become vice head infront of all and I couldnt do anything, a woman will become vice head and all this happened because of you, you have 15 days to arrange mahar money. Kabir says I am trying to arrange it. Shahbaz says how will you do it? how will you get that money? listen to me and talk to Irfan, work to pacify him and make him give you prayers on Eid, I will ask Ayesha to talk to Zara to not become head, I have to save this house’s respect which you have sold. Kabir says why would you talk to someone else? this is my problem and I will solve it, I would be ashamed to not solve it, he leaves.

Kabir comes to Zara. He asks how was your day? Zara says it was great, I made Alina learn. Kabir says you are helping with her studies well. Zara says but I am not helping her studies.. Kabir goes to washroom without listening her. He comes out and says my day was very bad, sometimes I feel to go back to university. Zara says people who want to runaway from problems ask to go back to university. Zara massages his shoulder. Kabir says because of this Miraj, my day was bad. Zara says enough about Miraj. Kabir pulls her closer and says one Miraj’s problem is solved then everything will be fine but there is another problem, I have to arrange your mahar money. Zara says what if you couldnt arrange it? Kabir says I will ask for sometime from you and if I cant get it then I will have to decide to not divorce you. Zara smiles and says I would pray to God that you never arrange this money. Kabir laughs. Zara hugs him. He pulls her closer.

In morning, Kabir and Zara offer namaz. Nilofar comes to their room. Zara asks what are you doing here and how you left your room? Nilofar says I was tired in room and asked Zeenat to let me help her in kitchen so she agreed. Kabir says if you want to help someone then do in your room. He takes breakfast from her. Zara sees file in her hand and asks what is this? Nilofar says this is Kabir’s project study file, I dont think he would want me to work on it but Zara you are very talented and smarter than me so I am giving you this file, she gives file to her. Nilofar says to Kabir that I am party of study project too, you and Miraj will go separate but what about my share in the project? should I give it to some other NGO? Zara pinches her and says you are Nilofar right? did you become an agent overnight? go to your room. Nilofar leaves. Kabir is about to eat breakfast but Zara stops him and says Nilofar brought it, she could have mixed anything. Kabir tries to eat it but Zara stops him, he fights her and is about to eat pakora but Zara takes it from his hand and eats it, she acts like fainting, Kabir gets tensed and holds her in his arms, he says I will bring water. Zara wakes up and says its tasty. Kabir says I am hungry, Zara says you cant eat, if anything happens to me then thats not an issue but if anything happens to you then I wont be in good shape. Kabir smiles at her and caresses her face. Zara takes food plate and runs away from him. He runs behind her but she goes away. Kabir laughs.

In kitchen, Zeenat asks Ayesha to not worry, we are not making Alina marry tomorrow, I just want groom and bride to meet. Zara comes there and says whose marriage talk is going on? zeenat says Alina’s marriage. Zara says whose idea was this? she is still studying. Zeenat says I am just asking to meet the guy and get them engaged and they can marry in 2-3 years. Zara says a lot can change in 2 years, Alina’s life will change too, did you even ask her? what she wants to do? what are her dreams? Zeenat says you shouldnt talk about future, you dont even know if you will be here after some days. Zara says even if I leave, my relation with Alina wont break and I just want you to ask Alina. Zeenat says nobody listens to me here, she leaves.

Kabir says to Zara that I have to meet investors, they dont have faith after Miraj’s cheating, they want to know how we are working on it then I have to meet some other people. Zara asks if Imran is going with him? Kabir pulls her closer and says he will be with me all time, I am an officer now so I have security, I will give you good news soon. Alina comes there. Kabir asks how are your studies? Kabir says I know I am your favorite teacher.. Alina says no Zara is my favorite teacher, I have started to become like her too. Kabir asks her to show her hand, he holds her hand and says you still dont have current like Zara, Zara shoves him away, Kabir says to Alina that you have to work very hard to become like her, he leaves. Alina says to Zara that Kabir loves you a lot, will I get a person who will love me like that? zara says you are growing up. Alina says I.. Zara says this is a beautiful path of life, all girls should go through it but when we are in young age, girls tend to get distracted so if anything happens then share with me, you know family is talking about your marriage. Alina says what? I want to study, I dont want to marry right now, Zara says dont worry, I will handle. She says to her that Alina I can check your phone anytime and you wont stop me. Alina nods and leaves.

Zara sees Nilofar’s file and is shocked to read it. She says oh God what is all this? She leaves.

Zara comes to Nilofar and shows her documents, she asks what is all this? Nilofar smirks and tells her that I keep telling you to trust me but you dont listen to me, as far as I know Miraj, you people dont know, Ruksaar trusted me, gave me 50 lacs to save Kabir from Miraj, she gave such big duty to me so I must have some guts. Zara says just tell me what this is about? Nilofar says fine then I will tell you truth today, she tells her some secret(which is muted). Zara is stunned to hear all that and gets tensed. Zara runs from there with document in her hand. Nilofar smirks.

Kabir is with Irfan. Irfan says we have a case of nikah halala and I wanted your suggestion on that. Zara comes there in hurry and says to Kabir that I have to talk to you about something, she asks Irfan if she can take Kabir with her? he nods.
Zara brings Kabir to her room. Zara says to Kabir that if this is true then Miraj can create a big problem for you. Kabir reads the file and is shocked. He looks at Zara. Zara says Nilofar told me.. Flashback shows Nilofar telling Zara that Miraj is diamonds smuggler, he has millions of black money but unfornately all papers of project have Kabir’s sign on them, if people get to know about smuggling then they will think Kabir was part of smuggling too, court have sealed project papers so they cant be changed, tell Kabir that he is sitting on a time bomb now. Flashback ends. Kabir and Zara are worried. Kabir says thank God you told me this. Go and talk to your father. I will handle this. She hugs him. He says don’t worry. He rushes out.
Zara comes to Irfan and says Kabir went to lawyer. He says I don’t wanna involve you in this. There is a problem in Shariya court. I have to decide if halala is legal or not. She says there is no such thing in the Quran. Also look at the intentions. He says we never know intentions of the second husband.

Kashan is gyming. Miraj says you stole money from your father. He says what are you saying. Miraj says does your father know? What will happen when your father finds out. I will give you money. Deposit it in your dad’s account. No one will know what happened. But one wrong step and game over

Zara asks Kabur what happened. He says lawyer said don’t worry. SHe says God is always with Good people. Nelofar helped us.
Kabir is angry. Shahbaz says you need to calm down. Zahra says to Nelofar thanks for that file. She says I wanted to give you file and be nice luike you. Zara says I don’t consider you nice. Nelofar says I am trying to chnage your opinion about me. Miraj is mad. I am tired of living in this room. I will help you because that will help me.
Zara comes to Kabir. He says Kashan said there is nothing wrong in the work. SHe says then we don’t have to worry about files. I will hanld nelofar. He says read the file. She says I took one case in hand and you divorced me. Not this time. He says you know things have changed. I know you wont ever disappoint me. Please always be like you are. I know you always helped me. Help your father and find a solution for him this time. She says okay. Zara says yes we know each other better now. She hugs him.

Zara comes to her room. Nelofar says I got you tea. She says take this file. I don’t need it. Kashan told me they are fake. Nelofar says okay keep your eyes open anything can happen. Zara leaves.

Zara comes to Abida’s house. SHe says you filed Nikkash case. I came to help you. Can I record your statement? She says I married waseem khan. He went to SAudia. He divorced me and I don’t even know why. Zara recalls her divorce. He never contacted me. We were alone. He came back but his family didn’t let us meet. I didn’t have another way. How can I keep my daughter alone. He said he wanted to marry again. I don’t have an option because I want my daughter to have a good life. He asked me to do halal. Zara says any woman wont do that. She says people want money from me to do halal and I will have to sleep with him. Zara hugs her and says I wont let this happen.

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