Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 18 July 2020


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 18 July 2020

18th July 2020 Saturday Update on Zara’s Nikah update:Ruksaar comes to Hamdan. Kabir and Zara sit with them. Zara sits closely with them. Ruksaar says you both look good together. Kabir asks Hamdan about himself, he says I am an engineer and works in Dubai. He asks Ruksaar what you think about women who go out of house and work? Ruksaar says I think wife’s life should be around her husband, wives shouldnt go out but sit at home to handle things. Zara says but Ruksaar is very modern, she brings new ideas and she can work out of house too. Ruksaar says no, trust is I dont want to work outside house, my husband and house is my life, I have learned that making husband proud is what wives should focus on. Kabir nods and is impressed. Zara glares at her and thinks Ruksaar I wont let you come inbetween me and Kabir.

Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 17 July 2020

Shahbaz says to family that they are taking too much time. Ayesha says Hamdan is not Kabir that will get married for our happines. Hamdan, Ruksaar, Kabir and Zara comes there. Hamdan greets them and leaves.

Ayesha says to family that thank God Hamdan likes Ruksaar. Shahbaz says all want to join relation with us, he asks Kabir how he found Hamdan? Kabir says he is like Ruksaar, very good for her. Zeenat fumes in anger and turns to leave but Ruksaar stops her. Ayesha asks Zara to give sweets to Ruksaar. Zara says I am happy for you Ruksaar, she makes her eat sweets and says we should hug today, she hugs Ruksaar and whispers that groom likes you, you just have to wait for wedding day then you will be on your own way. Ruksaar says dont have misunderstanding, I dont have to take divorce

to break engagement. Zara says my priest Kabir, wont you congratulate Ruksaar? Kabir congratulates Ruksaar and says I hope you remain happy, she thanks him.
Kabir sits in his room and recalls how Zara got him insulted in board meeting, how Ruksaar said that she doesnt want to go out to work, how Zara said that Ruksar have modern thinking. Zara comes there. Kabir stops her and glares at her, he says you got me insulted infront of board and then said so much infront of Hamdan, what you wanted to prove? Zara says I said what I learned, women dont get born just to give births, cook and die, every person have right to work for their nation. Kabir says yes you are right, every person have duty to work for their nation but remember that thoughts and poin of view should be right otherwise its not good for nation, he moves towards her, zara moves away and says I know we both have different thoughts so we shouldnt talk about it. Kabir says you know I dont want you to go out to work with me then why? Zara says my heart wants to work and help you. Kabir says you, your peace, your lifestyle is my duty and your duty is to be nice daughter in law, serve my parents.. I am telling you last time to stop interfering in my work, you are just my wife and wife only so act like wives, he angrily leaves from there. Zara is in tears.

Zara is sadly sitting in her bed and still weeping. She recalls Kabir’s harsh words, he comes to his room. zara sees him and acts like she is sleeping. Kabir asks her to close lights, Zara doesnt move. Kabir switches off lights and sits on bed, he asks if she is asleep? Zara thinks I wont wake up, he can fight as much as he wants. Kabir looks at her and lies down. He sees her side’s lamp on and tries to switch it off while climbing on her side but he falls over her.. Zara jerks and looks away him, Kabir looks down at her and touches his forehead with hers, he leans down and says forgive me Zara, he holds her hand.. Zara looks away but smiles, Kabir switches off light, hasi ban gay plays, he caresses her face and leans down.. this all turns out be Zara’s dream. She sees Kabir coming in room, she smiles and acts like sleeping. Kabir sees her sleeping, he takes pillow and goes to sleep on couch. Zara looks at him lying on couch and completely ignoring her, she thinks till when he will remain miffed with me?

In morning, Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Zara asks if he will have coffee or tea? Kabir says I have already asked for it, someone will bring it. Zara opens door to see Ruksaar with tea standing there, she greets her but Zara ignores her. Kabir takes tea from her and thanks her. Ruksaar offers tea to Zara but she ignores her and goes to washroom. Ruksaar says if it gets cold then I will warm it again. Zara sees Kabir smiling at Ruksaar and gets angry.

Kabir gets message from Imran that today is 16th birthday, come to cafe with Zara. Kabir says what new drama is this. Zara comes out of washroom, Kabir keeps glancing at her while she gets ready.

Ruksaar is chatting on laptop. zeenat comes there and sees her chatting with Siraj. Zeenat is shocked and says what are you doing? if Shahbaz or Zara saw it.. Ruksaar says dont worry, ,, Zeenat recalls how Zara gave her ultimatum that if Rukssar did any mistake then she wont spare her. Zeenat tries to close laptop seeing Zara there but Ruksaar stops her. Zara asks what you want? Ruksaar says Kabir.. Zara says Kabir is like one that everyone wants but whom Kabir loves is already decided, Kabir is mine physically and emotionally, you should prepare to go to Hamdan’s house, I have come to tell you.. she comes near Ruksaar’s laptop but Zeenat stands in her path so she cant see laptop. Zara says if you dont know then learn from your sister how to live in inlaws house as you will be going to your inlaws soon. ,, Zara leaves. Ruksaar laughs looking at Siraj’s profile.

Kabir is sitting with Ayesha. Zara comes there and says to Ayesha you called me? Ayesha says yes, I thought to have tea with you both, Zeenat is bringing tea, sit here. There is a chair next to Kabir, Zara doesnt sit there and sits on opposite side, Ayesha notices them glaring at each other, she thinks I will see till when they will remain miffed with each other. Zeenat brings tea, Ruksaar offers tea to Kabir., he thanks her and takes it. Zara glares at them. Zeenat offers her tea, she takes it. Ruksaar sits beside Kabir. Imran messages Zara to come to cafe with Kabir for his birthday. Ruksaar messages Siraj that I want to talk to you about Zara, send me your phone number.
Zara is leaving house. Ruksaar says are you looking for Kabir? he left. Zara says you know where my husband went? he went to bring happiness for his wife, you should think that way for Hamdan, he might bring happiness for you too. She leaves. Ruksaar sees Siraj’s message with his phone number and thanks him.

Zara comes to cafe and sees Kabir there too, Kabir thinks who told her? Zara thinks oh he is here too. They both enter cafe. Imran and Reema are waiting for them. Zara bumps into Kabir, they both share eyelock and move away. Imran greets them. Kabir asks Imran what rubbish is this? you lied to bring us all here, he turns to leave but Imran says wait.. atleast meet the person who called us here. Zara turns to look.

Kabir asks Imran what joke is this? you called us here by lying. Imran says wait, meet the person whose plan it was. Kabir and Zara looks on. Kabir glares at Zara, Zara says it was not my plan, dont stare at me, Reema called me. Reema plays audio message of Ayesha which says that Imran and Reema you are nice friends of Kabir and Zara, I have seen that this couple have some gap like there was in start of their marriage and mom’s heart hurts at that, I want you people to help them to clear that gap between them. Imran says to Kabir that you know mother’s position, she has heaven under feet and you are hurting her? Reema says to Zara that you said Ayesha is like mother for you, you people should not hurt her, forget your problems and move on. Imran says yes forget whatever

happened, Reema says become one again, she asks Kabir he can smile if he wants. Zara and Kabir smiles, they look at each other smiling.
Kabir and Zara are in car, Zara asks what he is thinking? Kabir says Ayesha cares for us so much. Zara says mothers are like that. Kabir says yes but you became like Ayesha mom then there wouldnt have been a problem. Zara says you men can never understand women, the day Ayesha mom tells me to become like her, I would do that.

Zara and Kabir comes home hand in hand, Zara puts her hand in his arm. Ruksaar comes there and sees it. Kabir pulls her closer, Zara whispers Kabir, he says no one is here. Ruksaar comes there with sweets, Zara asks what for? Ruksaar says Kabir’s project date is finalized, they look on. Kabir says my project? Ruksaar says I found a very good investor for your project and he is ready to invest money without any condition. Zara looks on. Kabir moves away from Zara and is elated. Ruksaar smirks and says this investor is my friend Nilofar’s cousin. Zara says but you didnt know anything about Kabir’s project then how? Kabir says yes you didnt know anything about it? Ruksaar says as far as I knew, it was enough, she says to Kabir that you have meeting with him at 6PM, go talk to him. Kabir thanks her profusely and leaves. Zara asks Ruksaar what new drama is this? Ruksaar says I am working on your husband’s project and you think its drama? Zara says I know very well on which project you are working on. Ruksaar says if you know then stop it. Zara glares at her. Ruksaar leaves.

Zara is tensed and says I have to stop Kabir anyhow, she recalls Ruksaar’s words about investor. Zara calls Reema and says take Imran on conference call, Reema does. Zara says to them that listen to me carefully, I am in trouble, I need your support, Reema says sure, Zara says Ruksaar is trapping Kabir with some investor, Kabir is going to meet him at 6PM, I want you both to stop him. Reema and Imran says dont worry, we will stop him, Zara ends call and recalls how Kabir asked her to stay from his project, he wont bear it anymore. She says I am not doing anything wrong? I am not stopping Kabir’s project but saving it from Ruksaar, dont know what she is upto.

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