Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 17 October 2020


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 17 October 2020

Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 17 October 2020:In morning, Zara says its difficult to make Kabir get affected and start seeing reality. Kabir comes there angrily. Zara asks what happened? Kabir drags her to main house. All family members are there. Kabir pushes Zara in middle and glares at her. Shahbaz says why you brought her here? Kabir says to make you all witnesses, I promise to not see Zara’s anymore. He turns Zara away. Shahbaz says what? you will meet in sharia board. Kabir says after her betrayal, I will stay away from her shadow even. Ayesha says I know her behavior is wrong but she is your wife. Kabir says I am helpless to not break relation with her because of our respect but you did a mistake by making her your daughter, you cried for her and what she did? I will not see her face anymore, he turns to leave but Zara stops him and says I challenge you that you will see my face till night.  Kabir says you have stooped so low. Zara says I will do anything to make Kabir look at me, I will break his promise by tonight. All look on. Shahbaz thinks if she knows about goons?

Shahbaz calls his goon and says that Chando who kidnapped Zara left city? His goon says yes. Shahbaz thinks then what Zara is upto?

Zara is in her room and says I have do it, its dangerous but I have to. Zara sees Ruksaar coming here. Ruksaar says you called me here? Zara makes her eat halwa and puts diary near her. Ruksaar sees her photos in diary and sees her marriage photos. Flashback shows how Zara got it from home. Ruksaar says I became bride? who was my groom? Zara asks her to see. Ruksaar sees her marriage photos with Kabir. Ruksaar says I was Kabir’s bride too? you are his bride too? So we are elder and younger daughter in laws? Zara says yes but we are different, I live here alone, play and nobody scolds me here. Ruksaar says I will live with you here. Zara smiles and says I will keep you here but they wont let you stay here. Ruksaar says I want to stay here. Zara tells her a plan.

Scene 2
Ruksaar is packing. Zeenat asks why she is angry? Ruksaar says why didnt you tell me that I got married to Kabir? Zeenat says who told you that? Ruksaar says Zara. Zeenat is stunned.
Ruksaar tells family that I am Kabir’s wife so I will live with Zara. Ayesha says I didnt know Zara would do this. Zara comes there and says why? Ruksaar can live with me. Zeenat says dont provoke my sister and take her with you? Zara says I am cheap daughter in law so I will do anything. Kabir stops Ruksaar and says you are my duty so you have to listen to me, dont go there. Zara eyes her. Ruksaar says Kabir you married me right? Kabir says yes you are right. Ruksaar says so Zara is your wife too, I will live with her. Kabir says you have to listen to me, dont go. Ruksaar says I will go.. I will go. Kabir says you are my wife, you will not go. Zara looks on.

Ruksaar says to Zara that I am going with you. Kabir says you are my wife, you wont go. Ruksaar says I will go, Kabir says then get lost. Ruksaar gets scared. Zara sends her away. Zara says I used this ploy so Kabir breaks his promise, she leaves.

Ayesha is tensed and calls Zara. Zara thinks that I wont get emotional today. Ayesha shows her Quran, Zara recalls that its her marriage Quran. Ayesha says what you are doing is making your relation burn, dont bring Ruksaar in all this, she might be a kid today but you told her that she is Kabir’s wife, what if something happens between Kabir and Ruksaar? when you were fighting with him then I knew you both love each other and will sort it but what if Ruksaar gets her memory back? what if Ruksaar wins him because of her passion? Zara says if Ruksaar is the gift for getting my Kabir back then its fine, I want Kabir who is stable, not dependent on his father, can pay zakat for his wife, I want Kabir with self-esteem, she leaves.

Ruksaar is in Zara’s room. Ruksaar asks her to sleep on bed. She says Kabir make me listen story only then I sleep. Zara calls Kabir, Kabir says I dont want to hear you out. Zara says Ruksaar is your duty so you have to come here and make her eat, sleep, I can keep her here but you have to take of care and will have to see my face, one side is your promise and otherside is your duty, what will you do now? she ends call. Kabir recalls taking Ruksaar’s duty and says she wont sleep without me telling a story, I will have to go to outhouse then.

Kabir comes to Zeenat and asks her to bring Ruksaar back. Zeenat says she calls me cry baby and doesnt listen to me. Ayesha asks Kabir to go and bring her back. Kabir sees Zara calling, he shouts that I dont want to hear you. Ruksaar says its me, come here, I want to hear story, if you dont come then I will sit in garden. Kabir says its cold outside, dont do that. Ruksaar says then come here. Kabir is tensed.
Ruksaar says to Zara that I will ask Kabir to tell me our nikah story. Zara gets tensed and goes to corner. Kabir comes there and recalls Zara’s challenge. He goes in room and locks Zara out. Zara is getting cold. Kabir opens lock but doesnt open door. Kabir says to Ruksaar that go and open the door. Ruksaar says I wont. Kabir says bring her and dont tell that I said it. Zara hears it and thinks he cares for me. Ruksaar brings Zara in, Zara sees Kabir standing on otehrside of veil and thinks my mission is to not win this challenge but I have some other aim.

Scene 2
Shahbaz gets Asim’s call and says okay you are going out of country? okay call me later, he ends call. Shahbaz thinks that I have to do something to pay back debt and control Zara. He asks Ayesha where is Kabir? Ayesha says he went to Zara’s house to make Ruksaar sleep. Shahbaz says she is using Ruksaar but I will make Ruksaar do something which cant even think.

Ruksaar asks Kabir why he doesnt live with them? Zara is lying on otherside of curtain on floor. Kabir checks floor and says Ruksaar tell your friend to sleep on bed with you. Ruksaar says say yourself. Zara looks on. Kabir says its cold there. Zara says husbands who put wrong allegations on their wives without even thinking then why does it matter? what will happen? I will just die, atleast then you will see my face. Someone cuts curtain thread tied on water pipe from outside using window. Curtain falls, Kabir sees pipe leaking and asks Zara to get up. Kabir tries to stop water, Zara asks him to not turn otherwise his promise will break. Kabir looks on and asks her to bring clothes. Zara does, they both tie it together. Zara turns away from him when leak stops.

Kabir offers her shawl. She takes it and smiles, narazgi teri plays. Zara gives shawl back to him, he looks away but gives shawl back to her. Zara ties curtain between them and asks him to cool himself down first. Kabir wipes floor first. Zara offers him tea, he says I dont want it. Zara says then I wont drink too. Kabir takes tea. They both drink it. Later Kabir says its time for morning prayers, I should leave, close the door. Zara says I wont thank. Kabir says you challenged to make me lose and break my promise then why didnt you show your face to me? Zara says my mission is not to win but to make you win, I wanted to spend time with you, you got wet but still helped me, made sure floor is clean, you showed so much care, the wife who has husband like you can never lose, I will make you win for sure. Kabir looks on. Zara says to Kabir that I will make you win for sure. She asks him to take shawl but he leaves without it. Zara says Kabir made me realize how nice he is when he is away from Shahbaz.

Shahbaz stops Kabir and says you promised to not look at Zara’s face, you broke it? Kabir says no, I could have looked at her face but she didnt allow me, she lost to me all by herself. Kabir says her pipe broke so I had to take out water. Shahbaz recalls how he broke it in hope that Kabir would come out. Shahbaz says so now you are helping her out? Kabir says she is my wife, I married her and I would do that for some other person too.

Kabir offers prayers and says I dont understand why she didnt me show her face, she could have done that but maybe.. she is my wife, we have togetherness for life, maybe I was wrong to promise to not see her face, I will rectify it and apologize to God too.

Zara sees envelope with money inside on her side table.

Kabir gifts valuables to people. Ayesha asks him to have breakfast. Kabir says I have fast today. Ayesha says you have fever. Ruksaar hears it. Shahbaz says he was wet in water whole night, Kabir says I am fine, he leaves. Ayesha says Kabir is trying to rectify his mistake, he is fasting and also helped poor. Shahbaz recalls how Kabir took Zara’s side last night.

Ruksaar comes to Zara and says Kabir was giving food and clothes to poor people, why? Zara says people do it to rectify their mistakes, they fast too. Ruksaar says Kabir is fasting too, what mistake did he do? Zara thinks that he was awake whole night, didnt eat anything and now is fasting? Ruksaar asks her to have something to eat. Zara says no I am fasting too. Ruksaar goes to eat. Zara thinks that I am fasting to solve all my trouble with Kabir.

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