Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 14 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Saturday Update 14 November 2020

Zara says to Kabir that I am going to Salma’s house. Kabir says oh you are scared? Zara says you are head priest now. Kabir pulls her closer and says I am your husband too. Zara moves closer to him, he stutters.. Kabir says you are leaving me to go to your mom? Zara says you know I cant leave her alone. Kabir says I was joking. Zara says I will be alone there as well. Kabir says why dont you call her here so you can stay here with me. Zara says I will ask her. Amaan says Amir and Alina are here. Kabir says why Amir is here? Zara says husband comes to stay at wife’s house after valima.

Irfan says to Suraiya that you can say anything but please let me pray for him. She says you are here only for show off. Rizwan says Quran tell us to forgive, its about blessing for my father, we should end grudges and our father will have peace. Suraiya nods. Irfan prays for his brother.

Kabir comes in lounge. Alina asks if he is fine? He nods, she hugs him. Kabir asks if she is happy? She nods. Amir greets him. Zara hugs Alina. Amir prays for her uncle. Zeenat says you are here without telling us? Alina says we just came to meet. Ayesha says you did right. Amir gets a message and is tensed. Shahbaz asks if he is fine? Amir says they killed our soldiers. Kabir says they should kill them, they are terrorists. Amir says we wont forgive, we will kill them.

Zara massages Salma’s shoulder. Salma says I am fine, its good that you are here. Zara asks her to pray for her case. Kabir and Zara study for case.

Case starts, Zara says to Kabir that our Prophet asked us to go and study, he didnt say that for men only. Kabir says she can go with a family member. Zara says her father will drop her and she will live in a women hostel. Kabir says I am talking about what our religion allows. Zara says they said to not send girls out earlier because it was not safe but now we have security, aeroplanes and hostels for women so why Hina cant go? Kabir says our Prophet allowed a woman to be part of war but she had to bring her family member, Hina has to take her family member with her otherwise she cant. Zara says bu.. Kabir says enough. Hina cries. Hina’s father comes there and says my daughter will become doctor, my wife will go with her and stay there. Hina thanks him. Father says thank Zara, she made me change my mind. Flashback shows how Zara told man that people are changing, your daughter’s life can change when she becomes doctor. Flashback ends. Father says your talk made me realize my mistake. All clap for Zara. Kabir looks on.

Alina shows Amir’s friend Aashish’s photo to Ayesha. Kabir and Zara comes there. Kabir angrily leaves. Zara says we had argument but he will be fine. She asks for Amir? Zeenat says he is busy on phone and TV. Alina says e is worried about his friend.

Zara comes to Kabir with chocolates. He glares at her. Kabir gets Irfan’s call and asks how was your head priest’s day? Kabir says your daughter argued with me a lot. Zara takes call and says he took decision against you, you sent me to study somewhere else. Kabir says you were under protection of your relative. Irfan says to Zara that Kabir is head priest too, you have to respect that, you can question him but you have to find solution. Zara says I am with women and truth, she ends call. Suraiya says to Irfan that your father did injustice and now you are doing it.
Kabir says to Zara that you made her father agree and then you were arguing with me? Zara says he didnt agree before, I was not trying anything. Kabir says you just want to argue. Ayesha comes there and asks them to come for dinner.

Suraiya says to Irfan that you did injustice with Rizwan by not giving seat to him. Irfan says Kabir is priest for sometime only. Suraiya says Rizwan is education in both Islam and worldly education then why dont you make him head priest? Rizwan comes there and says I dont want this seat, it made my father go away from his family, I want to serve people thats why I became doctor. He says to Irfan that I will never take that position.

Scene 2
All sit down for food. Zeenat asks Alina to call Amir too. Amaan comes there and says Amir is crying. All come to Amir. They hear news of Aashish dying by enemy. Alina cries for him. Zara hugs her. Amir says we are proud of him, he gave life for this country. His wife Gauri and son Ankush is our responsibility. Kabir says I will go with you.

People chant in favor of Aashish. Zara and family comes to his wife and son. Alina hugs her wife. Amir salutes his friend’s photo His son Ankush comes there running. Amir holds him and cries. Kabir looks on. Kabir holds Ankush. Zara consoles him. Aashish’s deadbody arrives. Gauri cries. They all come out of house. Officer gives a box to Gauri, she opens it to finds his belongings and cry. Ankush takes his glasses, Kabir says we will take care of his education and life, dont worry. Aashish’s body comes there with army. Gauri cries. All are emotional. Gauri says he fought and died for our country, we are proud. Alina consoles her. They start balding Anskush. Amir says I promise to take revenge of all hair falling from this innocent kid. Kabir holds his shoulder in support.

In sharia board, Kabir and others pray for officers. Kabir keeps recalling about Ankush. They all get call from politicians. Kabir tells them that we are standing with our army and government, we will take care of Ankush’s education. Zara says its our best step, they all agree. They all say we are ready to support. One man says there is some issue in this.

Irfan sees news. Kabir calls him and says we need funds to support Ankush. Irfan says there is no rule like that in sharia board. Kabir says thats why I want you back for one day, can you come? He says I will come for an innocent kid, he ends call. Suraiya says you go and make Rizwan sharia board head. You made us away from our house for days. Irfan says I offered brother to come to Lucknow but he didnt listen. Rizwan comes there and says I am relocated to Lucknow for training. Suraiya says your fate is calling you. Rizwan says you come with us, its our house there. Irfan says yes.

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