Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 7 September 2020


Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 7 September 2020

Imran and Reema brings Kabir and Zara to resort. Kabir and Zara sits in in their room. Its all decorated for their night. Imran says to Kabir that you might need almond milk. Kabir says you think so? Zara blushes.

Imran asks how is our decorations? Kabir says its very cheap, useless and less thoughtful. Zara says he is joking, its all very nice, thank you all, we will pray that you both get married. Imran says together? Zara says my friend is cute, Kabir says my friend is nice too. Manager comes there, he says we have a special room for Reema and Imran too. They blush, Kabir teases to give them almond milk too, Reema asks for another room but manager says all rooms are booked. Kabir and Zara send them away. Kabir hugs Zara.

Imran and Reema comes to their room, he lies on bed. Reema asks him to sleep on couch, he says come on bed, I will sleep like a nice kid.

Kabir says to Zara that I am going for a bath, Zara says I want to go first. Kabir says I have been waiting, I will go first Zara takes his shirt from him and says no go. Kabir runs behind her, Zara locks herself in bathroom. Kabir laughs.

Imran says to Reema that you dont trust me? why hero have to sleep on couch? Reema says no, Kabir slept on couch since their wedding, we are a witness.. what if it happens tonight too? Imran says it wont happen. Imran goes to sleep on couch.

Kabir is shirtless, Zara is wearing his shirt. Kabir pulls Zara closer and kisses her head. Hum tum plays, Kabir pins her to wall and is about to kiss her but Zara runs away. Kabir grabs her and hugs her from behind, Zara turns and looks in his eyes, they both romances each other. Kabir runs behind her and leans into her, they are wrapped in sheets and enjoying their time together. Zara lovingly looks at him and says duty or love? Kabir says I never forgot my duty but I want to confess that I love you Zara. Zara says what? Kabir says I love you unconditionally, I love you very much, he kisses her eyes then her cheeks, Zara close her eyes savoring the moment, Kabir leans in to kiss her lips but Zara puts balloon between them, Kabir blows it away and is about to kiss her but she stops him. Kabir asks what happened? Zara thinks and moves away from him. Zara is in thoughts.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara are in bed, Kabir is hugging Zara and says do you trust me that I was showing my love there not duty. Zara says I know but people know about divorce but they dont know how much we love each other and are happy together so we should get remarried so they know about our relationship. Zara says I remember about our fights and bad memories when we got married, Kabir says you are right, we got married but our hearts were not in it. Zara says you are right, we should tell people, whole society how much we love each other, how much Zara and KAbir are happy together. Zara holds his hand. Kabir says will you like to wear a new bride suit or old one? Zara gets excited. Kabir says we will do all rituals again so our memories of our wedding will be happy memories. Zara jumps on him and hugs him, Kabir says I want to recreate all memories.

Kabir and Zara comes home, they tell about their decision of getting remarried. Ayesha is happy and says its their first decision together, we will fulfill all our dreams. Zeenat asks Shahbaz what he thinks? Shahbaz says if they are getting married again so will Irfan give dowry again? all are stunned. Ayesha says how can you talk about dowry? Shahbaz smiles and says I was joking. Kabir says now this joke will be expensive for you, you will have to give mahar of 1 crore if you want dowry. Shahbaz laughs and says dowry canceled. Ayesha says they have taken a decision together so Shahbaz have to take all expense of wedding. Shahbaz says Zara wont your father take half responsibility? Ayesha says dont say yes, Ayesha says I will take half expense, Alina says how you got money? Ayesha says all women keep some money of husbands hidden. All laugh. Zeenat thinks that this marriage will not happen without drama, I will do such a drama in their wedding that whole city will remember.

Ayesha comes to Salma and Irfan, she tells about remarriage. Irfan prays for their happiness. Ayesha shows invitation card to Salma. Salma gets tensed. Ayesha says its all okay now, Salma says if we want happiness then we have to handle Zeenat, the girl who can use Quran then she can do anything. Ayesha recalls how Zeenat had changed Quran last time for Zara to not get blessed. Salma says if Zeenat didnt do it then our kids wouldnt have gotten divorce, for our kids’ happiness, we have to keep an eye on Zeenat. Ayesha holds her hand and says I am with you, dont worry.

Zara is working on preparation and asks will while lilly work or roses? Kabir says I should put our bed in garden, you will get all flowers. Zara says to Kabir that I want to do some decorations that will be remembered for 50 years. Kabir says our love has more aroma than decortions and heart have happiness more than decorations. Zara says what about husband showing love? Kabir says they say to use some fragrance and have some lights. Zara says so Islam wants to us celebrate but exagerate it. Kabir looks at wedding catalogs and says I like red color of this designs. Zara gets elated and hugs him. Zeenat is going out, Ayesha stops her and says roam around as much as you want but remember that this marriage is happening again because you destroyed Zara and Kabir’s wedding last time but if you do it this time then.. Zeenat says enough Ammi, I did those things because I couldnt see my sister’s pain but now Ruksaar is married, you sent her away, she is far away from us, what happened to happen has happened so why will I try to destroy Zara’s happiness? I dont have any reason. Ayesha says okay but just be careful, she leaves. Zeenat wipes her fake tears and says if I can give my life for my sister so I can take someone’s life too, I just want on chance, just one.

In function, Alina divides a line on floor and asks Zara if she wants right side or other side? Zeenat says yes now Zara have to choose if her family is right or her inlaws? Zara says my family and inlaws both are right, Kabir is standing on right side and he is a family so both are right. Ayesha says so its decided that Zara will stay with her parents till wedding and Kabir with us, she takes Zara from there. Salma prays for them.

Miraj is in jail, someone comes to meet him. He comes to inspector and says you like to see me a lot? Inspector says someone has sent wedding invitation for you. Miraj sees its Zara and Kabir’s wedding card. He gets angry and cuts his hand, he smears card with his blood and says I promise that this will wedding will auction Kabir and Zara’s love.

In house, all are dancing and enjoying mehndi function. Kabir and Zara smiles. Salma asks where is Zeenat? Ayesha says she went to bring mehndi. Salma says she went for it? God forbid. Zeenat comes there wit mehndi. Amaan says I want to apply mehndi too, Zeenat says boys dont apply it. Zeenat smirks at Salma. Ayesha and Salma are tensed. Zeenat says to Zara that you look beautiful, I brought special mehndi for you, I ordered it for you only. Alina says lets start applying mehndi. Zeenat says its a big day so Salma should apply mehndi to Zara. Kabir says I want to ask if I can see my bride while she is getting mehndi on her hands? Alina says why now. Salma says to Ayesha that you have always took Zara as daughter so you apply it. Ayesha takes mehndi cone and says I have always took Zeenat as my daughter too so I will start this ceremony by applying mehndi to her first. Zeenat is stunned. Zara says thats great, I am sure she will get good color. Ayesha tries to apply mehndi to Zeenat but Zeenat says I have a lot of work, I will apply it later. Ayesha says do work later. Ayesha holds her hand and sees its moisturized. She thinks that Zeenat have applied something on her hands that wont get her affected by any mehndi, how to find out if she mixed anything in it? Amaan comes there and says I want to get mehndi too. Zeenat says no. Kabir says let him enjoy. I will apply mehndi to him. Kabir is about to apply mehndi to him but Zeenat takes cone and starts applying on Amaan’s hand. Ayesha is worried for Amaan but sees nothing happened to his hand. Zeenat writes ‘A’ on his hand and asks Amaan to take blessing from Ayesha. Ayesha blesses him and says may God keep you happy always. Zeenat thinks that they think I am an amatuer player.

Zara is getting mehndi on her hands, Kabir smiles. Zara thinks my first wedding dream is to get Kabir’s name on my hands. Girls tease Zara for staring at Kabir, mehndi hai rachne wali plays. Reema and Alina applies mehndi on her hands and says its done. Zara says its not done, Alina says we dont have place to write any name in it, they leave. Zara says what is this? they didnt even write his name?
Alina brings Kabir to Zara. Reema says now Kabir will write ‘K’ on her hand. Kabir takes mehndi and writes ‘K’ with hearts shape, all clap. Zara writes ‘Z’ on his hands. All clap.

In balcony, Kabir is looking at is mehndi. Zara blows balloon on him and offers him rose by putting it her mouth, he takes that rose from his mouth. Zara says you got scared. Kabir says yes, my beautiful wife, my lover, Zara.. what if her name gets messed on my hand? Zara hugs him and says what they say in Islam on husband and wife dancing? Kabir says wives can dance but not infront of everyone, only infront of their husbands. Zara says I dont see anyone here so I can fulfill my dreams? Kabir sits down, Zara starts dancing around him,she enjoys and dances on London thumakda. Kabir hugs her and says enough. Zara says can you swing your back for me a litle? He says no, he says poetry that you are my love, my honor, you are like my God.. I love you.. I love you. Zara looks in his eyes and hugs him tightly, she says I love you. Kabir’s phone rings, they both have mehndi in hands. Zara tries to help, she grabs his phone from her mouth. She starts video chat, Kabir sees Ruksaar’s call, Ruksaar says please save me Kabir, they see Ruksaar in jail. Kabir says what happened? An officer says on call that she was jailed and will be hanged till death, you can save her in 3 days if you want, she ends call. Kabir is stunned and says whats her crime? Zara is tensed.

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