Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 7 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 7 December 2020

Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 7 December 2020: Kabir asks servant who are you? Salma says I called her for work. Kabir says you were listening to us? She says no and leaves. Salma gives spices to Kabir. He checks his cooking and makes Zara tastes it. Azra says its best. Zara says when you are happy, you look good.

Kabir is working in kitchn. Zara comes there and gives him thumbs up. Zara takes laddo in her mouth and offers is to Kabir, he blushes. Zara flirts with him. Servant is spying on them. She takes Zara’s dupatta and puts it on stove. It catches fire. Kabir sees it and tries to doze off fire. Shahbaz’s family arrive there and are stunned. Mina checks Kabir. Shahbaz thinks that why Kabir keep coming in way. Zeenat says Zara always bring trouble, when Kabir and Zara are together, they bring destruction. Amaan strikes with Zeenat, she falls down. Zara says maybe its God’s message to you to not give false verdicts. All smile and leave. Kabir is tensed.

All sit down to eat. Mina says Kabir is a good cook. Zara asks servant to bring sweets. She puts poison in one bowl. Zara gives sweets to everyone, she gives poisonous bowl to Shahbaz. He is about to eat it but servant throws it away, she says sorry I slipped. She brings another bowl. Kabir looks on. Shahbaz recalls his goon’s words that he has arranged something. Irfan says Kabir you made good food. Shahbaz says guys should not focus on kitchen work, its useless. Zara says no, its very useful, I pray that every guy should know how to make food, we work together to finish food on time.

Kabir says our Prophet tell us to work with your wife in household. Ayesha says we will take Zara with us. Azra says I will miss her. Ayesha says you can marry someone from our family. Azra says I dont want to marry. Salma gives gifts to Ayesha and her family. Zeenat gets gift too. Salma says its expensive one. Irfan says to Kabir that dont worry, we have guards, you can go home. Kabir says I will not leave till we dont find Maqbool’s boss. Shahbaz looks on.

Ayesha greets everyone. Alina says can I stay with Zara? Zara says please. Ayesha says okay. Ayesha asks Kabir to take care of him, he nods Zara is messaging Kabir but he is not replying. Azra says then dont message, she says what? Azra brings her to stairs and says make him worry and he will come running to you. Zara says I cant lie to him. Azra says then he will not come. Servant hides and puts oil on stairs. Nusse sees her, she says I am cleaning. She leaves. Zara comes on stair. Azra video calls Kabir. Zara steps on oil and falls from stairs. Kabir runs to her. He holds her in his arms and hits his head on staircase as well.

Zara falls from stairs, Kabir runs to her and gets hit by stairs too. Zara gets up and says there is oil on stairs. All rush to her. Salma asks how did you get this wound? Kabir recalls Zeenat’s words that if they remain together then Zara will keep getting hurt, he asks how this happened? Zara says I wanted to call you here and slipped on oil. Salma asks servant how oil spilled here? She says I dont know. Nussu says I saw her throwing oil on stairs. Salma says Ayesha’s servant Sehrun sent her. Kabir calls Sehrun and asks her if she knows any Mehrun? She says no, servant I sent was threatened and sent away. Kabir ends call and asks who sent you? Mehrun says I dont know Sehrun but I found out there was a job here so I came here. Kabir says then why did you throw oil there? Mehrun says I was taking oil for kitchen, it spilled on stairs, I went to bring cleaner but Zara slipped before I could reach her. Kabir says I dont trust her. Ayesha calls Kabir and says you called Sehrun? Kabir says Mehrun threw oil on stairs and Zara slipped, I feel she has been sent from someone. Shahbaz says no no, I know that girl, she is a good girl, dont send her to police. Kabir says if you are saying its okay. He ends call and asks Zara to go and rest. He gets dizzy. Kabir says I am fine, I just have to sleep. Mina says did you get hit anywhere? Kabir recalls how he had hit his head on stairs. Mina says he needs rest. Azra takes him to room. Mina says to Zara that there must be some problem, I am giving him headache’s medicine for now.

Alina is massaging Kabir’s head. Zara comes there and puts hand on his head. Alina says now its fine? Zara says you will take rest. She pushes him on bed and gives him medicine. Kabir goes to sleep. Zara tries to leave but Kabir holds her hand in sleep. Zara whispers to Azra and Alina if they can sleep with Mina aunt? They nod and leave. Zara holds Kabir’s hand and kisses it.

Scene 2
Ayesha says to Shahbaz that I know you are worried for Kabir, dont worry. Shahbaz says I got Kabir married to Zara so she could help him become head priest of city but what he got from this relation? just arguments, hatred and pain. Ayesha says they will remain happy together only. Shahbaz says Kabir was moving on in life and she cameback. Ayesha says dont you see that Kabir loves her so much, maybe he will become interested in becoming head priest again, dont be sad.

Zara calls Shahbaz from Kabir’s phone. Zara says Kabir is sleeping, he is worried about my safety, I think Maqbool and his boss should be caught, did you find anything? Shahbaz says Rizwan was behind all that, I dont think there is any boss behind it. Zara says I need your help, can I get Maqbool’s address? Shahbaz says police is investigating, dont worry, he ends call.

Zara comes to Azra and wakes her up.

Shahbaz comes to store room and opens box. He takes out gun and puts bullets in it.

Zara makes Azra wear burqa and says I found Maqbool’s address from police record, his mother lives there, we have to go there.

Shahbaz calls his goon and says rat is coming out its mole. Maqbool’s mother lives in his house, I want you go there, I am coming there, I want to finish Maqbool’s story. He takes gun and leaves from there.

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