Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 5 October 2020


Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 5 October 2020

Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 5 October 2020: I just want Amaan to become a successful person, today you made me realize that I am nothing for Amaan. Kashan says you are right, I was always your strength but did you ever stand for me? did you ask your family why they dont ask for my suggestion in this house?

why its always Kabir and not Kashan? even my wife wants my son to become like you and not me, I kept bearing all injustice but not with my son, I will decide for him, I can do anything for his future. If you people think that I will agree to send him to madrasa then you ar wrong, even if I have to leave this house, I will leave but will not make my son become like Kabir,

I will make him more than me but not become Kabir. All are shocked. Kashan leaves with Amaan. Zeenat glares at Zara and says I gave you respect, I thought you are an angel, I stood by you but what you did? Zara says what? Zeenat says thats why I was standing with you, you took my world from me, I saw you telling Kashan to take Amaan to school, didnt you do it? everyone knows that Kashan never went against anyone but today you provoked him so much that he is against abbu today? Zara says why would I do it? Zeenat says because you want Kashan to leave this house, today your face is shown truly, you want to break this house. Tell me if I am wrong, answer me. Salma comes there and says answer her Zara. Ayesha greets her but Salma ignores her and hugs Zara. Salma says to Ayesha that why you break our hopes? you took our Zara as your daughter and today she is being alleged and you people are silent? Zara says you dont kno whole thing, come with me. Salma says no, I heard everything, if they need answers then give them that. Salma says to Zeenat that I dont know how much education you but we gave very good education to our daughter, her father gave her islamic education.

 Zara asks her to calm down. Salma says answer them, tell this Zeenat that if you have so much problem and wants to destroy this house then you wouldnt be helping Ruksaar, you wouldnt sacrifice and work on making this a happy family, if you didnt care about this family and Kabir then you wouldnt give your 1 crore to save Kabir’s office, all are shocked. Zeenat says wow, you have brought money in all this, you called your mother to say all this? Zara asks Salma to stop it. Salma says you sacrificed so much and they allege you for breaking this house? let me speak then. Zara says its not about money, Kabir is hurt. Zara takes Salma from there. Ayesha says what is going on.

Zara says to Salma that you shouldnt have come here, she did wrong, I dont want people to be burdened by money in this house. Salma says they are alleging you for breaking this house when you do so much for this house? and Kabir was silently listening to you getting insulted? Zara recalls Salma taunting him about money and says Kabir.. She runs to lounge and sees Kabir gone, Shahbaz eyes and leaves. Zara asks where is Kabir? Alina says I didnt see him.

Zara searches for Kabir in house.
Ruksaar and Amaan are watching cartoon, Zara asks if they saw Kabir? Ruksaar says yes, she grabs Zara and says I was lying, watch TV with us. Zara says I dont have time, she pushes her away. Ruksar falls down and cries. Zara says sorry and leaves. Ruksaar cries.

Scene 2
Zara is searching for Kabir in house. Zara says where is Kabir? He must have taken Amma’s words at heart, she calls him but his phone is off. She says where is he? Zara comes in porch and sees Kabir sitting in car. She sits on passenger seat and says I am sorry on my mother’s behalf, she was angry, she tries to hold his hand but he moves it back. Zara says please say something. Kabir says you said one silence is thousand silence. Zara says no, say what you want to. Kabir says to Zara that you called your mother to put me down? Zara says I didnt call her, she came on her own. Kabir checks her phone and says what is this? he shows her that she called her mother few hours back, he says she didnt just come, she was called here. Zara says I just called her but she didnt pick up, we didnt have a talk. Kabir angrily leaves. Zara breakdowns and cries. Salma comes to her and asks what did Kabir say? Zara says sorry but please leave. Salma says I cant leave you like this. Zara says it will strain things more, I will manage to pacify Kabir. Salma says I did a mistake by coming here, I love you a lot and couldnt see you in that situation, I am sorry for saying all this in anger. Zara cries. Salma leaves. Zeenat shouts for Zara to come inside. Zara looks on.

Ruksaar comes to Zara and calls her friend. Zeenat says this is your friend? she is planning to throw you out of house. Zara says enough, I said sorry on my mother’s behalf but you cant keep alleging me for breaking this house, Ami tell didnt I do everything to keep this house together, I stayed here even when Kabir married Ruksaar, I did so much but I dont want to brag and show my favors, thats not me and even after all that I have to show my loyalty to this house? Ayesha says you said sorry and that is your greatness. Kabir comes there and says we dont need Zara’s sorry. He brings cheque and says here is your money, take it, I didnt write date because I dont know how much money I have in account but remember that I will pay this debt so my and my family never have to bow down to you. Zara says you have given me property papers against this money and I dont need it, I need your togetherness, I give this money to you. Kabir says no I will pay this debt so neither me nor my family’s eyes bow down to you. Shahbaz says nobody will talk about bowing to anyone, he tears cheque and says I am still alive so I will decide, he asks Kabir to come with him.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you dont have to show emotions like this, you got angry on Salma’s words and want to give money back but from where will you bring 1 crore? its not a small amount, from where will you get money? thanks to me that I tore your cheque. Kabir thinks that I will do anything but give that money back to Zara and not have to live with her favor.

Kashan comes to Zara and says I am sorry for what Zeenat did, she will have to bear punishment. Zara says I just want happiness in this house. Kashan says what can I do? Zara says when we all sit for dinner, we can solve this issue, we dont have anything against family, we didnt divide this house, you say that you will not leave this house and I will say that I dont need money at all. Kashan nods.

All come to dining table, Shahbaz ignores Zara and asks Kashan to sit with him. Shahbaz gives latest laptop to Kashan and says I couldnt give it before, Kashan thanks her. Zara hints to talk to him. Kashan says I am sorry for any mistake I did, I am not going to leave this house but just dont stop my Amaan from going to school. Shahbaz sees Kabir coming and asks him to sit. Kabir glares at Zara and sits with Shahbaz. Zara thinks that God end this matter. Ayesha, Alina and Zeenat brings jewelry. Kabir says some people want to brag about their money and how they favored me so my mother, my sister and my sister in law brought their jewelry on my one word, take it Zara, your money have become a burden on me, I want to pay it off, you are angry? feeling that I am crazy? you know my mother in law started a game so I will end it so take this jewelry, its 1 crore and my debt is paid, till I dont get this money, our relation cant be same. Zara is in tears.

In morning, Zara offers namaz. She asks Kabir to pray, time is going out. Kabir says I have already offered namaz in mosque. Zara says suddenly I am so bad for you that we cant even pray together? Kabir says its more pious in mosque. Zara says so everything is about gain and loss between us now? Kabir says I didnt but your mom started this money talk, ask her. Zara says if you are still angry after namaz then its very serious. Ayesha brings tea and says Kabir wont drink tea from your hand Zara, dont make him angry. Kabir takes tea and leave. Zara says to Ayesha that you are like my mother then why did you become involved in Kabir’s plot? why did you give him jewelry? Ayesha says I brought you here like a daughter but my son comes first, he could ask for my life so jewelry is nothing. Zara says I want to go to my parents house, its between inlaws now. Ayesha says you can go anywhere but remember that Salma shouldnt have insulted her son in law.

Irfan says to Salma that your words can be costly. Zara comes there and says Kabir felt bad and thought that you insulted him. Salma says to Zara that I will apologize to Kabir 1000 times but wont let you suffer at any cost. Kabir comes there, all look on. Kabir says I thought you love your daughter but you do trade, I thought you insulted your son in law in love of your daughter, he shows her jewelry and says its real god, if you still doubt then you can show it to gold seller, its around 1 crore. Zara says dont forget in anger that you are talking to my father who is elder in education, knowledge and position. Kabir says we see that in relation but not business, I want to put these as debt. Kabir says this will prove that I wont eat Zara’s money. Irfan says you are in too much anger that you dont know what you are saying. Kabir says I will send monthly amount of money and soon I will pay off my debt. He turns to leave but Zara says I will go with you. Kabir says you can think, if you think I did wrong then you can go against me and stay here, you are fully free from me so you can decide what you want, he leaves. Salma is shocked. She hugs Zara and says I am sorry.

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