Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 23 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 23 November 2020

Shahbaz takes his phone from Amaan and sees messages. Kashan shows him riots in city and people going against Kabir and Zara. Ayesha says what is happening? Shahbaz calls Irfan. Irfan is watching news too. The reporter says Zara and Kabir are missing. Salma says to Irfan that Zara is responsible for all this. Irfan says we have to stand with Zara, we have to find out who is behind this riot.

Rizwan says my plan is working, now national sharia board will pressurize Irfan to take seat back from Kabir, I will make Irfan weak with this poison, he will give me seat and then I will make him leave this world. I will have head priest seat.

Scene 2
Kabir and Zara hide in an alley. Zara asks him to be careful. Kabir tries to move things.

Salma says to Irfan that Zara tries to become a scholar, other girls dont fight like this. Rizwan comes there and says I hope they are safe. He sees Rizvi calling. Irfan says he is from national sharia board. He leaves. Irfan says to Rizvi that I will take position and handle this issue. Rizwan thinks that I will make Irfan ill so I get the chair.

Kabir sees whole area on fire. Kabir says to Zara that whole city is burning because of me. I cant protect you, I am not a good husband, son and head priest. Zara says dont say that, we will make everything fine. Kabir says you never listened to me, this wouldnt have happened if I had stopped. He grabs her arms.

Kabir and Zara comes home. Shabaz says to Kabir that I told you to control your wife. Zara says we dont know why this is happening. Zeenat shows Kausar’s video that she is thankful for Zara’s support, he says her statement started fire in city. Kashan says I told you Kabir to control her. Shahbaz says this Zara is responsible for destroying our respect, burning this city, she didnt become a good wife to you. Kabir looks at Zara with hurt in his eyes.

Salma prays for Zara. Irfan calls Shahbaz and says I am trying to contact Kabir. He tells him something, he asks Shahbaz to tell Kabir to meet him ins sharia board. He ends call. Shahbaz says Zara destroyed you Kabir. Zara says what happened? Shahbaz says Irfan took seat from Kabir, he will handle it. Kabir says its good, he is fine now. Shahbaz says no, national sharia board head asked him to take seat back, it means you were not a good head, this will be a tainted mark in your future, its all because of your wife, if you had kept your wife in control then this wouldnt have happened, her habit of not listening to her elders and her husband brought this on my son, he will blamed that he is not eligible for becoming a head. Ayesha says Zara you should have listened. Zara says I didnt do anything wrong, it was a minor issue between husband and wife. Kabir says its not a minor issue, he wants her to not work in office, keep him happy, hold his house together. Zara says islam allows women to live, they have rights, I was just trying to make Bilal learn his duties, I never went against Islam. Zeenat says you are always against Kabir, you both are different, you have different thoughts, it took our peace, dont know what will happen in life. Shahbaz says it was a mistake to get them married. Zara says dont say that, its a storm that will go away. Shahbaz says you destroyed my dream of making him head priest, I wont forgive you ever

Irfan is walking down from stairs but Rizwan pushes him from there and smirks. Irfan faints. Rizwan acts and calls everyone there. Salma runs there and sys nothing will happen.

Salma calls Zara. Zara is shocked and says Kabir.. she drops phone in shock. Kabir asks what happened? Zara says Abba..

Kabir and zara comes to Irfan’s house and sees blood near stairs. They go in his room to see him lying on bed injured. Zara is shocked. Shahbaz comes there too. Irfan says Rizwan.. Rizwan gets scared. Zara runs to him. Kabir asks what? Irfan says Rizwan saved me, I would have died. Rizwan says nothing can happen to you, he tells Kabir that he was going to sharia board but he slipped and fell down. Kabir says we will take him to hospital. Irfan says dont worry about me, Rizwan is with me. Rizwan holds his hand. Rizwan says Rizvi made this happen, he keeps forcing Irfan to take seat back, who will handle this city now? who will take seat of sharia board? Servant gives phone to Kabir, he gives to Zara and leaves.

Kabir calls inspector and says we will find solution to this riot.

Rizwan says I did so much for Irfan but he didnt say that I can become head priest, I have to do something. Irfan doesnt listen but I will give him wound that will make him give seat to me. Zara prays for Irfan. Kabir coems to her and says he will become fine, dont worry, he hugs her. Zara cries in his arms. Kabir says I did everything, dont worry. Zara says you are not miffed with me? you think I am responsible for all that? that you lost your position. Kabir says you think I am worried about that position? No. I have a problem that I cant solve. Zara says tell me. Kabir says no, you cant help, what should husband do when wife doesnt listen to him? when she doesnt accept his wishes, when she goes out to work, he keeps asking her to not go but she doesnt listen. Zara says why do you keep bringing it up? what happened? Kabir says I told you many time, I dont want you to work with other men, I realized that I am helpless, we are close but far away, you want what I dont want. Ayesha calls them. Kabir leaves.

All come in lounge. Reporter says that national sharia board asked Irfan to take position but Irfan is ill and decided to give his position to Rizwan. All are stunned. Shahbaz says he didnt even tell us. Salma says no, Irfan didnt say anything like that. Rizwan comes there and gives medicine to Irfan. All look on. Rizwan says I am your son, its my duty to take care of you, take rest. He takes medicine with him. Zeenat goes from there.

Rizwan hides medicine. Zeenat comes there and says when Irfan wanted to his position, he fell from stairs? Media gave Rizwan’s name as sharia board head, he didnt fall, did you push him? Rizwan is stunned. Zeenat says we are alike so I know you are responsible behind Irfan’s condition, nobody will be belive but once I have proofs against you then I wont spare you. Rizwan thinks I will handle her later.

Ayesha says to Shahbaz that dont worry, our son will fight and win. Shahbaz says his goodness is making him go back, he should think about himself too. I feel Rizwan is taking my son’s right. Ayesha says dont worry.

Irfan coughs. Kabir comes there and asks Zara to bring water. Rizwan thinks that I cant let them to take him to hospital. Kabir says lets take him. Rizwan says choas is going around, we cant take him. Shahbaz says we came here with difficulty. Kabir calls someone and says I am coming.

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