Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 2 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 2 November 2020

Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 2 November 2020: Zara comes to Kabir and says Amir saved Alina, if he likes Alina then what is wrong? Kabir says I dont like that, my sister was drinking coffee with him. I didnt like it when you touched me before marriage. Zara looks on. Kabir says I am sorry but I will follow my religion.

Alina sees Amir calling. she takes it. He asks if everything is fine? Alina says Kabir didnt like me having coffee with you. Amir says we are not doing anything wrong. Alina says I am sorry but brother doesnt like it. Amir says can we come on video chat? She video calls him. He smiles at her. Kabir comes there so Alina Alina phones in sheet. Kabir comes inside and says sorry. He gives her gift, he makes her eat sweets. Kabir says to Alina that you are young now, you are smart, be careful. He turns to leave but hears her phone. He looks at it but it has turned off, he leaves. Alina says I got saved.

Kashan says to Zeenat that family is excluding us. Zeenat says we have Amaan, he is heir of this house, they can separate us from them but they will never let Amaan go away from them, we will use Amaan for our benefit. Kashan smirks. Amaan comes there and says lets have breakfast with everyone. Kashan says parents have punished us so we will have breakfast here, Amaan says no and runs from there.

Ayesha cries and says to Kabir that wish I didnt have son like Kashan. Amaan comes there and says why cant we have breakfast with you? I am miffed. Kabir makes him eat food and says dont be miffed with us, he hugs him. Shahbaz says he is our life. Kabir says lets have breakfast, amaan nods and leaves. Shahbaz says Kashan is evil but amaan is innocent and sweet. Kashan says we have to take care of him. Kabir says to Ayesha that we should find a nice guy for Alina, we dont have to marry her now but its better to find a proposal. Amaan comes to Zeenat and says Kabir is making have breakfast, he leaves. Kashan says soon they will involve us in house again and we will know their secrets. Zeenat says what we will answer to Salamat? She sees Salamat calling and ends it. She says Salamat gave house papers for Shahbaz to accept it but he didnt, we have to find an answer. Kabir and Zara comes to printing press. Kabir shows him work. Irfan says great. Kabir says do tell if you have a nice guy for Alina. Irfan says we just showed Alina’s nikah so we have to wait for sometime, soon this topic will die down, he leaves. Zara says to Kabir that let Alina study first, we should find a guy that she likes too. Kabir says we will find a nice guy for her and then she can study.Amir is outside college. Alina meets him. Alina says you here? Alina says I came for papers from college. alina says lets go. Salamat and Samir sits in Kashan and Zeenat’s car. Salamat says you didnt pick my call, what about house? Zeenat says shahbaz was accepting house but Kabir stopped him. Kabir, Irfan and Shahbaz fooled you.

Kabir is dropping Irfan and says you lied for us so they can hurt you so I will drop you off everyday to be on safe side, I have also installed CCTV at your house. Zara says its right to be careful.

Zeenat says to Salamat that Irfan lied and made fake nikah papers. Samir says if he lied then we will kill him. Amaan plays with Shahbaz. He says I want to eat khidchi but mom doesnt know how to make it. Zara says I will make it, Amaan gets happy. Ayesha shows guy’s photo and says this is for Alina’s marriage. Kabir says we cant marry her right now, Irfan said that we have to wait as he made nikah nama. Ayesha says Amir is a nice guy but this nikah is fake and we cant choose him for Alina.

Amaan tells Zeenat that Zara is making food for me. Zeenat says they dont call us anymore to eat with them, you can go and eat. He leaves. Zeenat says we have to get nikah nama to make Salamat believe that it was fake. Kashan says how we will get it? Zeenat says using Amaan, I will make him hate them so he will work for us.

Amaan is not eating. Kabir says Zara made it for you. Amaan says my parents like it too, if they are not eating then I am not eating as well, call them. Zeenat and Kashan hides and smirk. Amaan says call them otherwise I am leaving. Ayesha stops him. Kabir is angry. He sadly looks at Amaan and calls Zeenat and Kashan. They come there. Kabir makes a plate. Kabir says to Amaan that they are humans, they did a mistake so they say sorry to God so they cant eat here, they will eat on floor in their room and ask for forgiveness. He gives plate to Zeenat. Amaan says to Zeenat that you like it so take it. Zeenat glares at Kabir and leaves with Kashan. Kabir says to Amaan that I will eat with you. He sits on floor with him and eat. Alina is smiling and texting. Kabir asks how are her exams? She says good. Kabir says she wont go alone from tomorrow, Samir can hurt her. Kabir asks Zara to go with her. Alina nods but is tensed. Zara looks on.

Ayesha comes to Kabir and says we can look for proposal online. Kabir says wait for sometime. Ayesha says friend told me that we can use internet. Kabir says that is not a good way, people can fool you there, we can get cheated there, we will do her marriage as per our culture, dont worry. Ayesha smiles.

Zeenat says to Kashan that Kabir insulted me. Kashan says we have to do something. Zeenat says they lie and then call us bad. Zeenat says we have to prove that Irfan lied otherwise Salamat will ask for money, call him now. Kashan looks on. Zeenat calls Salamat and says we have made a plan to play with Irfan.

Scene 2
Alina messages Amir that I cant meet you as Zara will go with me. He messages that tell Zara about me, tell that I am a nice person, tell her that I am not dangerous. Alina says you are praising yourself too much. Zara comes there and asks what is going on? Alina says Amir is nice and wants to be my friend. Zara sits with her and says its not bad, you can talk to Kabir about it, dont hide it. Alina says I cant, he wont allow to talk to Amir, I will block him. Zara says I will come, she leaves. Alina unblocks Amir.

Irfan is tensed. Salma says you lied for someone’s safety. Irfan says I dont know if I did right or wrong. Salamat and Samir comes there. Salamat says you were not scared to lie? You did wrong. Samir says to Irfan that you want me to kill using gun or strangle you? or stab you? Irfan is tensed. Salamat points gun at Salma. Irfan says I am Qazi of this city so you cant hurt me. Salamat says people will know that you lied about a marriage and then you did suicide. Samir starts strangling him.. It all turns out to be Irfan’s dream.

Samir comes to Amir’s house. His goons beat him. Amir tries to fight but they faint him. Kashan, Zeenat and Salamat comes there too. Zeenat thinks that I will bring out truth.

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