Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 16 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 16 November 2020

Zara comes to Irfan and says Suraiya is not feeling well, we have to go to her. Rizwan and others come there. Suraiya is shouting at Salma. Salma tries to cool her with ice. Rizwan says she gets very angry sometimes. All see her hysteric and shaking, she tries to attack Salma. Rizwan asks her to calm down,

he goes to bring her medicines. Zara says we can take her to hospital. Rizwan says we have to give her sleeping pills, she will be fine then. He writes medicines on paper and gives it to Kashan, he goes to bring it. Rizwan hugs his mother and says her anger can kill her. Suraiya keeps cursing Irfan, she beats Rizwan and says bring that jerk here, you are useless, you people deserved to sit on sharia board but they gave it to someone else. All are hurt seeing her condition. Suraiya beats her son and says I will never forgive your father for not taking his right. Kabir tries to stop Suraiya who keeps beating Rizwan, she asks him to go. Kashan brings medicine. Zara helps Rizwan in giving her pills. Rizwan says sorry to everyone. Rizwan says to his mother that I never wanted priest seat but dont know what God wants from me. Zeenat takes his letter from there.

Zeenat reads letter which says that Rizwan keeps trying to transfer to Lucknow but its temporary only. Zeenat calls Samir and says we have found priest, he is a liar and wants to be a priest so he will work with us. She sees Zara coming there and says I have to go. Samir says dont contact me on this number, I will send money to you.

Kabir says to Zara that why didnt Irfan tell me about this before? Kabir brings tea for everyone and gives it to Rizwan as well. Zara says I cant stay here. Salma says no Kabir take Zara with you.

All are in car, Shahbaz says why didnt Irfan tell us about Rizwan and Suraiya wanting him to become head priest? Kabir says Zara didnt know it. Shahbaz says only Kabir will become head priest. Kabir says I was temporary only and Rizwan is not a sharia board member. Zeenat thinks he will become member for sure. Alina says to Amir that you can sell my jewelry, we will get them later. Amir says I am from army and I cant take it, I dont know about my life. Alina says dont say that. Amir says I will do something. Zeenat sees Kashan signing cheque for Amir. She says what are you doing? think about us? Shahbaz and Kabir doesnt have anything left, they are using you, we dont have this house so we have to built things for us. Kashan says I wont come in your talks now, I am walking on right path now. Zeenat says if you try to help Alina and Amir then I will leave this house wit Amaan and you wont be able to find us. She tears cheque book and leaves. Zara is talking to Alina on call and says we will find solution. She ends call. Zara tells Kabir that Amir’s money was gone because of his sister’s studies, can we help him through sharia board. Kabir says no then people will think I am using my seat. Zara says we cant help him in this time. Zara jerks her wet dupatta at Kabir and laughs. He wipes his face and does exercising. Zara smiles at him and teases him. He glares at her. zara asks if everything is fine? Kabir says there are two priests for head seat. Zara says I dont understand what my father’s fault it. Kabir says Rizwan didnt call Irfan after his father’s death, I think he is not what he seems like. We never agree on anything, we never had a talk before for religion or anything.

Zeenat comes to Rizwan’s clinic. He thinks she is a patient but looks at her face and is shocked.

Khalid says to Kabir that I cant empty that house. Kabir says those houses were given for sometime only, you can go on rent. Khalid says okay I will leave that house.

Zeenat says to Rizwan that I know you fine, dont pretend infront of me, we have same enemy, Zara and Kabir. She shows application to transfer in Lucknow, she says I know you want head priest seat and I want revenge for my sister. Rizwan laughs and says I was alone but now I have you in game. He says I have something planned.

Zeenat sees Khalid calling Shahbaz. He asks her to take call. Khalid says Kabir asked me to empty house, where will I go? Zeenat says its me, dont worry, God will make a way for you.

Zara and Kabir are in car. Zara says I am happy that you got money for poor. Zara says I can talk to Amir. Kabir says I know its difficult but God will make a way.

Kabir and Zara gets down from car to meet Nadeem for a project. Zeenat is there too. Kabir and Zara goes to get Nadeem’s card from car. One woman is recording everything from her phone. Zeenat calls Salamat and asks him to give money to buy Khalid’s seat.

Nadeem looks at Kabir and tells Kabir to get money from bank. Zeenat is in ATM. Kabir goes and stands outside to wait. Kabir thinks who is this woman that keep taking out money? A woman is making video of Zeenat. Kabir leaves ATM.

Khalid meets Zeenat. She gives him 2 lacs and says once you resign then you will get more money. He gives her resignation and asks whom to assign my seat to? Zeenat says Rizwan. She asks him to not spare Kabir. He says dont take his name, he took my house, he is my enemy now. He leaves. Zeenat calls Rizwan and says you are lucky, storm is coming. Rizwan says they wont be able to handle this, I will this seat from them easily. Woman is still recording Zeenat.

Zara and Kabir comes to Ayesha and Shahbaz, they both try to make them taste their dishes. Shahbaz says its very good chutni. Zara thanks him. Shahbaz says to Kabir that who are you? you make such good food. Kabir is surprised. They all sit to eat. Rizwan comes there with sweets. He says I am becoming sharia board member. All are surprised.

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