Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 15 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Monday Update 15 March 2021

Zara gives flowers to Kabir and thinks he will give it to her but he doesn’t. Kabir says the kids will be happy to see the flowers. Zara says can we visit a dargah? He says okay.

Zara comes to the dargah and prays for her brother. The priest blesses her and says I will pray for you. Today’s special for you, your truth will come out, your heart matter will be shared with your own. Zara says I don’t have the guts to share it with my love. She thinks that I won’t ever get Kabir. The priest asks her to try, it’s a good day for her.

Zara comes to Kabir and says I talked about you with the priest? Kabir says why? She says nothing. A man asks for charity but Kabir has forgotten his wallet so Zara gives on his behalf. Kabir sees ‘Z loves K’ written on the note and says you gave it deliberately to me? It means you love me? Zara gets tensed. Kabir laughs and says K can mean anything. You know you don’t have to talk about your love, love can be expressed by expression, smell and even deeds. Ruksaar gets Zeenat ready and says you look so nice. Zeenat says I have a loving husband. Ruksaar says Kabir has left me. Zeenat asks her to not worry. She hears Kashan coming and runs to him.

Zeenat comes to Kashan but sees a modern woman with him. She is shocked and asks who is she? Kashan smiles.

Kabir and Zara come home. The kids hug them and say we miss you both. Kabir says we are not going anywhere again.

The woman Saima gifts dresses to Ruksaar. Kashan says she is a daughter of a big industrialist and a very famous designer. Saima gives a gift to Zeenat also. Kashan pulls her closer.. Zeenat is shocked and says I don’t need your gift.. she sees it was her dream. She asks Kashan where did you meet her? He says I met her in Dubai, she is here for her business.

Kabir tells the kids that we have something for you. He gives them flowers and gifts. Kabir says Zara and I chose them. Zara smiles at him.

Kabir is on the call. Zara feeds him food and tends to him. Kaun tujhe yun pyar plays as she helps him stitch his button. They both laugh together and he romances with her but it all turns out to be Zara’s dream. Kabir calls her out. Zara stops her day dreaming and greets Irfan and Salma. Kabir gives a resignation, he says now I can become a part of the sharia board. Irfan says God is with truth, Kabir will become the head priest. Salma blesses Kabir.

Kabir and Zara come to Shahbaz’s house. Shahbaz says you did a mistake by messing with Jalali. Kabir says you are threatening me? Shahbaz says I can crush you easily. Kabir says soon your truth will come out too. Shahbaz says I am your father. Kabir says I don’t have a connection with you anymore. Saima says are you Kabir? Kashan’s brother? I have heard a lot about you. You’re famous in youth even when you’re not on social media. You have kept our culture alive with worldly things too. He says our culture is out life. You’re from Dubai so you don’t know the culture here. Shahbaz comes. He goes to his room. Saima asks Zara are you Zara? I have heard a lot about you. Zara goes to room as well and asks who is she? He says can be their new drama.

Zeenat says who is this woman and why would she stay here? He says she would stay in the hotel. Zeenat says and you would stay with her? Kashan says shut up. Zeenat says that girl won’t stay in this house. No matter what. She is given importance because she is rich? He says shut up.

Zara says to the doctor can I stay with my brother please? I have found him after so long. He says it’s important for his treatment. Kabir says the doctor is right. Asim needs to give up on this habit. He needs uninterrupted treatment. Zara says it’s his birthday tomorrow and I want to celebrate it. Leave it. I feel so helpless. Kabir says love is never helpless. He says your love for your brother. He says Asim would come here and celebrate his birthday. I will convince the doctor. Zara says thank you and is about to hug him. She stops. Zara says thank you. He says someone said no thank you and sorry. She says I am just worried nothing goes wrong from here. Shahbaz hears all this and says the jinx is already done. Your brother would come here and bring a storm with him.

Qazi is doing a decoration in the house. He says to Azra I was so happy when my dastaarbani was done. Azra says you must be really happy today as well? He says I am. He says Kabir would become the Qazi. Azra says in heart because of Kabir my Imran couldn’t be Qazi. Kabir will never have it.

Kabir collides with Zara. He says can’t you see? Zara says in heart how can I when I only see you. Zeenat says what is happening here? Kabir says we dont’ need to tell you anything. She says this is my house as well. Kabir says we are celebrating Asim’s birthday. Kabir says better keep your poison to yourself. I have seeing your face.

Kabir tells Firdour won the debate competition. Everyone hugs her and congratulates her. Kabir says I was called Firdous’ father today. It’s a great feeling when your kids accomplish so much. Kabir asks Zara what was the good news you had to tell me? She says I know you went to meet Asim. You convinced him. Kabir said to Asim your sister cares about you. He said I don’t care about her. Kabir said you have to do it for her. If you want to get out of this place you will have to come. Zara says I called him and he spoke to me normally. It all happened to me because of you.

Zeenat says to Rukhsar you have a few more days. Save your Nikkah. This Zara is doing her magic on Kabir. She says you see what happens. Everyone waits for Nasir. Zara says I hope he comes. Someone says Zara baji. Zara runs outside. Nasir says happy birthday to me. A police man comes with him as well. Everyone is shocked.


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