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Zara’s Nikah March Teasers 2021

To prove Shahbaz guilty, Kabir agrees to get a DNA test performed on Zara’s corpse. Everyone is left shocked when the judge reads out the result of the test. Read Zara’s Nikah March 2021 Teasers:

Zee World Zara’s Nikah March 2021 Teasers

Monday 1 March 2021

Episode 247

Kabir, Imran and Zara plant fake proofs in Shahbaz’s room to make him fearful. They plan to fuel his paranoia in the future to get a confession out of him. Kabir shares his next plan of action with Zara.

Tuesday 2 March 2021

Episode 248

Initially, the Ahmeds suspect Kabir, but circumstances convince them of the attacks being paranormal in nature.  Shahbaz is left shocked on seeing the CCTV footage and becomes convinced that Zara’s spirit is haunting them. Zeenat remains suspicious of Zara and Kabir and searches the former’s closet for evidence against them.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Episode 249

Later, Shahbaz finds himself trapped aloft in a net with fire below him. A string of circumstances leads Shabaaz to Zara’s grave, and he apologises for killing her. Kabir and others record his confession.

Thursday 4 March 2021

Episode 250

Shahbaz is arrested by the police and the case is taken to court. Zeenat tries to prove that Kabir had threatened Shahbaz into making a false confession. To prove Shahbaz guilty, Kabir agrees to get a DNA test performed on Zara’s corpse. Everyone is left shocked when the judge reads out the result of the test. Shahbaz confesses to Zeenat and Rukhsar about swapping Zara’s corpse in the graveyard before the DNA test.

Friday 5 March 2021

Episode 251

Kabir loses faith in god when Shahbaz gets appointed as the Momin board’s chairman and decides to take matters into his own hands. Kabir tells Shahbaz that he will make him suffer the same fate his Zara did. Zara makes a plan to restore Kabir’s faith in god.

Saturday 6 March 2021

Episode 252

Kabir manipulates Rukhsar to gain information about Shahbaz.  He corners Shahbaz in a chemical factory and threatens to kill him unless he reveals where Zara’s corpse went. Qazi urges Kabir to take up the job of Sheher Qazi when he steps down. Zara tries to change Kabir’s decision.  On the day of Zara’s death anniversary, Kabir lets go of his anger towards god.

Sunday 7 March 2021 

Episode 253

Zara and Kabir conspire to harm Shahbaz’s businesses.  Rukhsar and Zeenat pull an evil stunt when Zara sits in the car with the kids to drop them to school.  Kabir learns that Rukhsar had hired the rabid dog from a certain Mr D’Mello and exposes her before everyone, and further announces that he will divorce Rukhsar.

Monday 8 March 2021

Episode 254

Later, a huge crowd barges in the Siddiqui house, chanting anti-Qazi slogans.  Kabir goes to stay with Rukhsar at the Ahmed house until their divorce gets finalised. Later, Rukhsar accuses Zara of being a homewrecker.

Tuesday 9 March 2021

Episode 255

While Kabir decides to nominate Imran for the post of Sheher Qazi, Shahbaz has a formidable opponent in mind. . A new man’s entry in the Ahmed house shocks Zara. Kabir is left shocked by Zara’s revelation. Kabir promises to protect Zara from Jalali and gets her back to the Ahmed house.

Wednesday 10 March 2021

Episode 256

He appoints Yadav, an ex-army Major, and his team for Zara, the kids and the Siddiquis’ security.  Kabir approaches Jalali and challenges his chances of winning with Imran as a competitor. However, Imran’s statement before the board members leaves him shocked.

Thursday 11 March 2021

Episode 257

Later, Kabir stops Zara from killing Jalali and reveals that he is ready to become the Sheher Qazi.  Jalali threatens the Sharia board members to stop them from supporting Kabir. Later, a shocking news puts Kabir’s plans in jeopardy. Jalali and Shahbaz take all the members of the Sharia board to the magical and dangerous town of Jalalpur.

Friday 12 March 2021

Episode 258

Assuming fake identities, Zara and Kabir set out for Jalalpur. A suspicious Jalali allows Zara and Kabir into Jalalpur. The creepy surroundings and a meeting with a ‘jinn’ leaves the duo scared. On seeing her childhood home, Zara is overcome with grief and breaks down.



Saturday 13 March 2021

Episode 259

Soon, a string of supernatural events put Zara’s life in danger. Zara and Kabir manage to hoodwink Jalali and Shahbaz. A suspicious Jalali decides to separate the couple to nullify their protective measures.

Sunday 14 March 2021 

Episode 260

The next morning, a ‘jinn’ in Kabir’s form whisks Zara away on a false pretence. Kabir arrives and forces Jalali to seize all his powers in a bottle and asks Zara to avenge her parents’ deaths by killing Jalali. Zara and Kabir get Jalali and his men arrested and admit Asim to a hospital to treat his addiction. Meanwhile, Azra gives an ultimatum to Imran.

Monday 15 March 2021

Episode 261

Kashan returns from Dubai with a girl named Saima. Kabir threatens to expose Shahbaz’s true colours. Kabir decides to hold a birthday celebration for Asim. Shahbaz and Rukhsar plot against Zara. Asim’s state when he arrives for the celebration shocks everyone.

Tuesday 16 March 2021

Episode 262

Asim takes the blame for Jalali’s actions. In a shocking turn of events, Kabir becomes the Sheher Qazi. Rukhsar shares her plan against Kabir with Shahbaz and Jalali. Jalali and Shahbaz create a scene during Kabir’s swearing-in ceremony. During the Sharia board’s session, Rukhsar accuses Kabir of not giving her the rights of his wife and having an affair with Zara.

Wednesday 17 March 2021

Episode 263

Imran and Azra confront Kabir. Kabir makes a promise to the kids. Rukhsar tells Kabir to drop the thought of divorcing her if he wants to remain the Sheher Qazi. Zara accepts that she loves Kabir before everyone.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Episode 264

On Rukhsar’s demand, Kabir agrees to get Zara married within a month time. Kabir gets furious when Jalali offers to marry Zara. Azra, Jalali and Shahbaz plot to trap Zara and Kabir. Zara tells Kabir that she is ready to get married.

Friday 19 March 2021

Episode 265

Jalali shares his plan with Azra and tells her to execute it. The kids’ sudden disappearance worries Zara and Kabir. Zara shares her wishes with Kabir, and he offers to fulfil them. Meanwhile, Zeenat threatens Kashan. Kabir comes up with an idea to teach Zara how to ride a bike.

Saturday  20 March 2021 

Episode 266

Rukhsar enlists a person to kill Zara when she is riding alone. Kamraan suggests his nephew as a match for Zara. Zara and Kabir meet the prospective groom, Asif, who puts forth a condition before Zara which she disapproves of.

Sunday 21 March 2021

Episode 267

Further, her decision stuns Kabir, Asif and Salma. A verbal fight ensues between Zara and Kabir when she bluntly refuses to marry Asif and tells Kabir that she doesn’t wish to marry anyone. Salma tells Zara and Kabir to put their differences aside and unite against their enemies.

Monday 22 March 2021

Episode 268

Kabir lures Rukhsar away from the Ahmed house and teaches her a lesson for plotting to kill Zara. Rukhsar reveals the reason behind her actions to Zara and Kabir. Later, she conspires against the couple and shares her plan with Zeenat.

Note: Old Zara is back as Nargis for the rest episodes. Enjoy!

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Episode 269

Salma gets Shahrukh, her distant relative, to pose as Zara’s potential groom before Kabir and Qazi. Zara hopes to expose Jalali and Shahbaz with Shahrukh’s help. Following her guru’s teachings, Nargis narrates the benefits of musical healing at a hospital’s inauguration ceremony. Kabir arrives for the ceremony and is shocked.



Wednesday 24 March 2021

Episode 270

Kabir then gives Rukhsar the news about Zara being alive, but she doesn’t believe him. Zara’s lookalike Nargis learns that Kabir is against music. Later, Kabir leaves in search of Zara. Kabir finds Nargis’s address. Rukhsar accompanies Kabir to the hospital and meets a man wearing a burqa. She tells him to kill Zara’s lookalike.

Thursday 25 March 2021

Episode 271

Rukhsar’s recruit Sartaj’s attack on Nargis is foiled by Kabir.  Zara presents a proof to Kabir to establish that she is Nargis, but Kabir doesn’t believe her. Kabir suspects that Rukhsar was involved in the attack on Nargis. Later, with an ulterior motive, Kabir asks Nargis to meet Salma.

Friday 26 March 2021

Episode 272

On being advised by her teacher, Nargis agrees to accompany Kabir. Further, Qazi hugs Nargis and is assured that she is Zara. Salma listens to Nargis’s music and reaches her room. Zara saves Salma from falling, embraces her and bursts into tears.

Saturday 27 March 2021

Episode 273

Rukhsar tells Zeenat her plan to expose the secret of Zara’s lookalike. Meanwhile, Salma tells Nargis to prove her identity by showing her a scar, which Zara had developed in her childhood after sustaining an injury. To learn Nargis’s truth, Rukhsar asks her to swear on the Quran, but Kabir stops her. Kabir wonders about Rukhsar and Zeenat’s motive and gets worried.

Sunday 28 March 2021

Episode 274

Nargis admits that she is Zara when she sees her parents in trouble. Kabir asks Zara the reason behind hiding her identity. Kabir realises that Zara has been angry with him for a long time. . Further, Kabir goes to Zara’s room to talk to her. Zara states that Kabir is ‘na mahram’ to her. Kabir learns why Zara went away from his life

 Monday 29 March 2021

Episode 275

Kabir shows Babli’s letter to Zara to clear her misunderstanding. Salma curses Zara’s mentor for ruining Zara’s life. Kabir forcefully takes Zara to a room to speak with her. He tries to stop her from leaving. Zara tells Qazi why she doesn’t want to remarry Kabir. Qazi reasons with Zara and advises her to marry Kabir.

Tuesday 30 March 2021

Episode 276

Kabir and Zara’s wedding rituals begin. As ‘mehr’, Zara asks for Kabir’s permission to open a music healing clinic. Kabir refuses to allow Zara to open the clinic and tears the ‘nikah nama’. Rukhsar vows to create hatred for Zara in Kabir’s heart. Further, Kabir objects to a decision made by Qazi.

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Episode 277

Zara arrives at the Sharia board with Qazi and challenges Kabir by saying that the Quran doesn’t forbid music. Kabir presents his evidence against the use of music during the Sharia board meeting. Zara reveals that she uses musical healing to help people in distress. Later, Zara’s question renders Kabir speechless.

Zara’s Nikah April Teasers 2021

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This is an epic love tale of two Muslim couple  Kabeer and Zara, both devout followers of Islam, who happen to interpret the holy Quran very differently. While Kabeer is a maulvi’ (priest) who abides by the widely followed, traditional moral-ethical code of conduct, Zara is a well-educated young woman who applies the teachings of Allah to a logical, liberal way of life based on modern fundamentals of practicality, rationality, gender equality, justice and fairness.

The series begins with Zara Siddiqui and Kabir Ahmad returning to Lucknow after 5 years and completing higher studies in Islam. When an argument about Triple Talaq between Zara and Kabir becomes viral on the internet, they are forced to marry each other.

Gradually after marriage, Zara realizes her love for the still hesitant Kabir. Rukhsaar has been in love with him from a young age and tries to split them up, who brings Miraj to create differences between Zara and Kabir though he goes rogue out to harm everyone in the family.

Rukhsaar calls Nilofer to pose as Miraj’s sister and instructs her to protect the family from Miraj except for Zara, but is then married off to Hamdaan Alghazi and leaves for Dubai. Miraj buys out and kills Nilofer. A misunderstanding leads to Kabir divorcing Zara using the Triple Talaq practice.

It is revealed this was not a part of their nuptials and Zara refuses to accept. Miraj tells Zara that he wants her and can go to any extent, whereas she tries to have Rukhsaar return to expose Miraj’s true intentions but is unable to reach her. Miraj makes his way into the local Shariah Board and turns out to be a diamond smuggler laundering money.

Miraj is arrested and Kabir’s dream project loses its funding. Miraj’s connection to Rukhsaar is revealed before he swears revenge on Zara and Kabir who confess their love. The family arrange their remarriage. Prior to it, Kabir leaves for Dubai to save Rukhsaar from implication in Hamdaan’s death and ends up marrying her. He weds Zara on his return. When Zara finds out, she is heartbroken but decides to stay.

Rukhsaar meets with an accident and loses her memory. Kabir takes her responsibility upsetting Zara. Wanting Kabir to earn independently, Zara moves to outhouse. Tabassum visits with Azhar who appreciates Zara’s modern thinking. Shahbaz is in debt and decides to sell the house but Kashan swindles him and takes ownership of the house.

Kabir realises Shahbaz’s faults and sees Zara’s well-intended suggestion to him to earn independently. Rukhsaar is sent to a hospital for treatment; Zeenat and Kashan team up to have Alina marry local don Salamat’s son Samir. Zara and Kabir thwart their plan with help of army officer Amir, who and Alina fall in love and get married. Salamat tries to kill Kabir and Zara. Kabir becomes the head priest.

Zeenat is irked; Salamat threatens to kill Rukhsaar, amd Irfan suggests Zara to become the vice priest. Heer’s case is brought before the Sharia Board where she wants to go to Delhi to study but in vain amid her reluctant father. Zara takes the case against Kabir and wins. Suraiya moves to Lucknow with Rizwan and plans to have him replace Kabir as Board Head with Zeenat’s help. Salamat bribes Khalid on Zeenat’s request.

Rizwan exposes Zeenat’s actions as soon as he joins the Board and has her declared mentally unsound. She vows revenge on Rizwan who starts poisoning Irfan slowly. Bilal and Kausar’s case comes to the Board; Rizwan plans to create a rift between Zara and Kabir, who tells her that Kausar was betrothed to Kashan and eloped on wedding before Kashan married Zeenat who was indebted to Kausar’s family.

Everyone in the family request Zara to disagree to the case but she and Kabir decide. Entire city protests against them and Kabir too turns against Zara who is about to drop the case before Kausar’s suicide attempt changes her mind. Zara leaves Ahmads and Shahbaz plans her murder. In the Sharia Board, she wins. Kabir in an accident is orchestrated by Rizwan; Zara is shot by a hitman hired by Shahbaz. The two collapse together.

One year later

Zara and Kabir live separately. While Zara resides with Amina, Azra and Nusu in Mumbai, Kabir lives with his family in Lucknow. Zara and Kabir have applied for a divorce wanting to free each other, but he finds Zara’s hospital reports and is shocked to discover that Zara was in a coma after being shot. Alina tries to bring them together but they see through her plan.

Zara discovers that Kabir became a writer after publishing a book on their relationship and moves to Lucknow with Azra. They finally decide to give their relationship another chance angering Zeenat and Shahbaz. Shahbaz again tries to have her killed but Kabir saves her every time.

The Ahmads rejoice at the couple’s reunion prospect and Kabir insults Irfan, asking the Qazi to beg to him to take Zara back. Upset, Zara breaks up with Kabir, while Irfan has a heart attack. Ayesha is heartbroken and asks him to leave the house. He starts living in the mosque.

One month later

Zara learns about Ayesha’s illness from Kashan and decides to go back only for Ayesha’s sake. She decides to reunite Ayesha and Kabir on Eid. Shahbaz and Zeenat worry that Zara and Kabir might get back together so Shahbaz constantly provokes Kabir against Zara. According to the Sharia Board, all the board members should attend the Eid celebrations with their entire family.

Shahbaz tries to foil the plan but Zara is the event organizer and manages the situation. Rukhsar returns and the family is unaware of it. Zara and Azra succeed in reuniting Kabir and Ayesha with Rukhsaar’s help. Rukhsar vows to reunite Kabir and Zara.