Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 5 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 5 February 2021

Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 5 February 2021: Zara cries and says I will take the kids away from here. That Abid will destroy everyone’s life. My parents left me like this, my life was destroyed but I don’t want that to happen with these kids. Kabir says stop it, if God took your parents away but you have Irfan now, they love you like their daughter. Zara hugs Irfan and cries.

Inspector comes to meet Ruksaar. Ruksaar says that if we prove that Zara is dangerous for the kids then? Inspector says then we will be able to take the kids away from her. Zeenat hears it. A kid Firdous comes to the lounge. Zara rushes to her thinking that she might have heard her parents but Firdous didn’t. Zara hugs her.

Irfan tells the family that I have to adopt the kids so Zara can stay here too. Imran says you can’t take the adoption as you are older than 50. Azra says you don’t want the kids to stay here? Imran says I didn’t make these laws, you always think that I am responsible behind everything. Azra tells Salma that let’s postpone this wedding, she leaves. Kabir laughs and tells Imran that this will keep happening.

Zeenat comes to Ruksaar and says don’t hurt those kids. Ruksaar says that I don’t care, those kids are my target now as Zara have crossed my path. Zara and Salma try to pacify Azra. Salma tells Azra that these things happen, we are preparing for the wedding. Azra thanks Zara and hugs her.

In the morning, Zara’s family enters Shahbaz house for a function. Zeenat greets the kids and Zara. She praises the kids. Kids say that this woman is nice. Kabir tells Zara that she is Ruksaar’s sister. Zara thinks if her sister is like her? Ruksaar smirks at Zara and says I greeted her but you might be angry with me. Kabir says Zara can greet you or not. He leaves. Zara tells Ruksaar that she is your sister really? Ruksaar says people don’t doubt that but what if I take these kids away? She asks Zara to get her mehndi done.

Shahbaz talks to Kabir. Kabir thanks him for saving the kids.

Zara is applying her mehndi and sees Ruksaar taking a girl away. She goes behind her. She asks a woman. Woman says she must have taken her to the lounge, can you help me with these jewelry boxes? It will go in the car. Zara brings it to the car but the inspector stops her and says you were stealing it. Ruksaar creates a scene and says Zara was stealing the jewelry. Ruksaar asks Zara who gave you the jewelry plate? Zara says some servant but it’s not here. Kabir comes there and says she must have misunderstood. It’s not a big deal, we are here for a function so stop making a scene, guests are here. Let’s start the function. Ruksaar looks at jewelry and says there is money here. She asks Zara how did money gets it here? Zara says I don’t know. Ruksaar says you wanted to run away with this money? You want to make these kids thieves well. Zara says enough, don’t say a word against the kids. Ruksaar says get lost from this house, she tries to throw her out but the kids stand up for Zara. Kabir stands with them and says we are all saying that Zara is not a thief. Inspector says we can arrest her and then she will tell us the truth. Kabir asks Zara what happened. Zara says I went to find the kids, a servant asked me to put the plate in the car. Ruksaar says there is no servant here that gave you the plate, you were seen in Shahbaz’s room, you were there stealing the money. Shahbaz says if that girl has stolen then she should go to jail. Zara says I didn’t steal. Ruksaar says then prove that you didn’t. Amaan says I was making a video. Kabir sees the video and it shows a servant giving the plate to Zara. Kabir says this woman gave her that plate, we have to find her. Ruksaar sees that woman trying to leave the house, she gets tensed.

Ruksaar says it means there was another thief here, she was using Zara. Inspector says I should leave. Zara says no, we will find that woman and get her arrested. Ruksaar says forgive me Zara. Zara whispers to Ruksaar that I have learned to fight for myself, I will find out if you brought that woman in this house.

Zara gets her mehndi applied. Kids ask her to show it. She shows it. Kabir gives a thumbs up.

Zara and others come back to Irfan’s house. Irfan gets a call and tells Zara that a family is coming to meet the kids.

In the morning, all come to the sharia board. A Khan family is there. Irfan says we didn’t bring the kids. Woman says we lost our son and we want to adopt Zaid. We will give him the education he wants. Kabir says girls should get the education too. The man says we need Zaid only, we need a son so give him.

Zara and Kabir are on the road. Zara recalls how she told the sharia board that Zaid can’t be separated from his siblings but the head priest said that he is getting a chance at a good life so we shouldn’t stop that. Zara tells Kabir that how can I separate them? They should stay together.