Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 4 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 4 December 2020

Kair comes back home sadly. Zara comes outside Kabir’s house and is tensed. She calls out for him. Kabir fells her calling to him. He comes on balcony and sees her. Zara says just talk to me once, please for sometime. Kabir is about to open the door but Shahbaz stops him and says I know its difficult for you but you have to make her believe that you dont care for her. Kabir says I cant ignore her. Zara knocks on door and says please talk to me once. Ayesha comes there and opens door. Zara says Kabir please dont go to Dubai. Kabir calls Irfan and says your daughter is here irritating us, take her from here. Zara falls down and cries.

Irfan and Salma comes to Shahbaz’s house. Zara says I have to talk to Kabir. Shahbaz says she came here in middle of night, she doesnt have shame. Irfan says my daughter is crying and he is standing there like a stone? you people wont have any shame, he says lets go. Salma and Azra drags Zara away from there. Zara says please talk to me Kabir, I cant live without please.. Irfan takes her from there. Kabir wipes his eyes and turns to leave but Ayesha stops him and says what is a mother to you? Kabir says you have heaven in your feet. Ayesha says then I order you to not go to Dubai and bring Zara back. Kabir looks on.

Tara is praying. Kabir recalls how Tara was crying. She goes out with his bag. Shahbaz says you packed on good time. Kabir says to Kashan wont you give me blessings? He hugs him. Zeenat says Kabir you are getting late for the flight. Kabir says to Ayesha I know you are mad at me I am going away from you. Have a look at me once. He leaves. Kabir stops.
Zara is crying in prayer. Kabir looks at Ayesha and leaves. Ayesha says he did so wrong. He left. Kashan hugs him. Kabir hugs Aleena.

Zara is crying. Azra comes to Zara and says Kabir has left. Zara says my prayers wont go in vain. My God isn’t so cruel. She says Aleena called. He has left for Dubai.
Zeenat says to Kashan I am so glad. Kabir and Zara both are gone. Shahbaz says I dropped him off to airport. Kabir comes in. Kashan says Kabir you.. Kabir hugs Ayesha and says how could I do this to you.

Kabir calls Zara. He says I want to give this relationship another chance. Will you meet me? She says yes. Zara says Kabir is coming to meet me. Zara hugs Azra.
Zeenat says do somethign. Shahbazz says KAbir i know you can decide between right and wrong. I will go with you.
Qazi says to Ameena i wonder why Shahbaz is allowing all this. He wasn’t ready for it.

Azra says Kabir must be praying for you. Kabir says God please show me the right way. I ask for your forgiveness. Ayesha says to Aleena I am so happy. Zara will come back to this house. Go prepare for her welcome.
shahabz says these days you are loudly going against your husband? She says I hope every girl is like Zara. He says we decided you wont interfere in outside matters and I wont in house matters. She says Zara is still my DIL and Kabir is my son. So this is a family problem. Zeenat says this Zara wont leave ever.

Ayesha comes to Ameena’s house. she says we want to take Zara home with all the rituals. We will take her home. Zeenat says so you are successful in fooling him again? Zara says love doesn’t fool anyone. Qazi says I want to meet Kabir before all this. Kabir comes outside Zara’s house. He collides with Zara. Kabir looks worried.

Zara gets Kabir at the gateway as he comes to meet her father. He asks where. Zara insists to come aside, she isn’t any stranger. Inside, Zara hugs Kabir. Kabir thinks to God, he must be forgiven for what he is going to do, he needs courage. Zara asks Kabir what happened, he is stealing looks once again. Kabir says he was leaving for Dubai because she always teases him through her questions. Zara says she was right though, he was leaving to avoid her questions. She questions where he learned this artistry of stealing looks and staying arrogant. Kabir says he first needs to meet her father. Zara place her questions for Kabir, firstly why he stayed away for a year; secondly why his eyes always lie; thirdly why he agreed for Khula; fourthly; which end was his father talking about and lastly why he decided to go to Dubai and then returned for reconciliation.


 Kabir leaves from behind the curtain and says if she stopped him for these answers only; and he was happy she wanted to be back with him. Azra comes there and teases them, then informs Kabir his father is also inside. Kabir hurries inside now.
Maulvi sahib says he is happy Kabir is ready for this reconciliation. In the earlier meeting, Kabir strictly rejected to continue his marriage with Zara. Kabir’s father says it was extremely important for him to tell Maulvi Sahib that Kabir is under his mother’s pressure. Kabir replies he isn’t under any pressure, he wants to take Zara back; will protect her and will always pray for her as well. Maulvi Sahib says it sounds he is being true today.
Azra runs to Zara and says Kabir has replied to everyone romantically and looted the show. She must now get ready to leave with Kabir. She gives chocolates to Zara to enjoy, share with her husband as well. Kabir passes by. Zara and Azra go inside. Kabir was irritated by her whistles. Zara gets Kabir there. She offers to sweeten his mouth. Kabir was shy and asks if she has gone insane. Zara presents the chocolates and teases what Kabir had thought. She then points what was there over his shirt, he looks down and Zara takes a chance to kiss his forehead. He jumps backward. Zara asks Azra to shut her eyes. Azra abides by. Imran appears from the inner door. Zara greets him. Imran takes Kabir along.
Back home, Imran says Kabir seems not to love Zara and care for her life. Kabir asks if he had seen Zara’s condition. He must do something so that Zara herself moves away from him. He has planned something. Kabir tells Imran he is about to commit a sin, even his own soul trembles but he doesn’t want his father to be a part of this sin. Only he must bear the burden of this sin; and requests Imran to retrain this matter to the two of them. He requests Imran to believe him this time, he has taken a thoughtful decision. He leaves asking Imran not to take any step that gives a chance of doubt to Ayesha.
It was morning, Ayesha and Tara were ready and asks Kabir to drop them to Dargah. Kabir comes to the car. Zara and Azra stood at the other side of the car.
There, Imran calls Rehman and tells him to plan something big; these minor attacks won’t make a difference. He must play some big games and give the results

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