Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 3 July 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 3 July 2020

3rd July 2020 Friday on Zara’s Nikah Update: Salma says you should talk to Irfan, I am leaving. Shahbaz says if you take back red letter before finalizing engagement date then it can never be returned to house, if red letter leaves out house then we will be insulted. Salma is stunned.

Shahbaz says to Salma that if you take red letter back without confirming engagement date then engagement cant ever happen as this will be our insult. Salma is tensed. Shahbaz extends hand for letter. Salma shakily gives it to him. Shahbaz thanks her and says congrats for Kabir and Zara’s relation. Salma nods.
Kabir calls Zara and says news is happy, your mom left after knowing Ruksar’s name. Zara recalls how she met Ruksar. Kabir asks her to meet him.
Shahbaz says to Zeenat that we respect you, this is your house and you insulted us today? Zeenat says you give permission to Kabir and Ruksar’s wedding but I didnt know you would go back on your tongue and make relation with some outsiders. Shahbaz says dont play games with me, just listen that Kabir and

Zara’s relation is made, they will get engaged, this relation is final and it wont be changed.

He turns to leave but Zeenat says no I wont let this engagement or wedding happen, all are stunned. Shahbaz glares at her and says not you, nor anyone can stop this marriage now, fate is written by angels and Kabir and Zara’s name already joined, Zeenat says you promised me.

Shahbaz says no I told you that if Kabir agreed then Ruksar can marry him but I didnt promise it, I promise you that I will get Ruksar married like my daughter but Kabir will marry Zara only. Zeenat says I dont accept that, if my Ruksar doesnt get married to Kabir then your elder brother’s house might break too. She holds Ruksar’s hand and takes her from there. All look on. Zeenat’s husband goes behind her.
Zara meets Kabir. Zara says Ruksar? the girl who lives in your house and wants to marry you? Kabir says she lives with her sister, you can pity her. Zara smiles recalling how she said she pities his would be wife. Zara says you still remember it? Kabir says did you say anything like that? we fight over thoughts. Zara says I didnt fight you over property, what we have to do now? Kabir says I did my work, your mom knows about Ruksar now. Zara says she will not make me part of house where is already one girl claiming her rights.

Zeenat is leaving house, her husband asks her to think about family and Ayan. Zeenat says I have to compromise everytime, come with me, if you dont have guts to be with your wife then you dont have any right to live with me. She is starting to leave house. Shahbaz says you are leaving house? good, you have right to go anywhere but I am clearing that if she leaves this house today then this house’s doors will be closed for her forever. Zeenat is stunned and steps back. Shahbaz says you are our respect. Kabir comes there. Shahbaz says to Zeeenat that if you leave today then Kabir will get married but your husband Kashan will get married again, there will be two marriage then, Zeenat is stunned. Shahbaz takes Kashan and leaves from there. Zeenat breakdowns. Kabir looks on. Ayesha tries to hold her but Zeenat pushes her away. Zeenat takes her back but Ruksar stops her and says dont break your house because of me, you will do what Shahbaz says. Kabir is hurt seeing that. Ruksar says atleast one sister will be happy in this house. Zeenat cries.

Scene 2
Zara says to Salma that I didnt know that before, I cant marry someone when there is already another woman there. Salma says I didnt want to give that red letter but they emotionally forced me, I wont let you marry in house where there is other woman there. Salma asks Irfan to talk to head priest of country about this matter. Servant comes there and says Shahbaz has come. Irfan goes to meet him. Zara looks on.

Irfan meets Shahbaz. Shahbaz says I am sorry for what happened today at our house. Irfan says there is already a girl in your house and you didnt tell us. Shahbaz says its not like that, every elder sister wants her younger sister to marry in some nice family so our elder daughter in law wants that for her sister too, she wanted Ruksar to marry Kabir thats why created that scene. Irfan says I will talk to head priest about it. Shahbaz says its not needed, we have already exchanged red letter, you know head priest wants this relation. Irfan says I didnt forget that but what happened today at your house was not nice.

Zara and Salma hears it too. Kashan says sorry on his wife’s behalf. Shahbaz says if Kabir didnt want this marriage then he would have said no, we should prepare for wedding. Salma says wedding is not possible right now, Shahbaz says it was small problem.

Salma says its about other woman in Kabir’s life. Shahbaz says its just a plot against us, we cant break this relation and get insulted. Salma says then end this plot, throw that girl out of your house and family then we will think about wedding. Kashan says but.. Shahbaz says Salma I agree with your condition, Ruksar will not be seen in our house from now on. Kashan angrily leaves. Zara is tensed.

Zara calls Kabir and says my parents wanted to break wedding but your brother and father came and promised that Ruksar will leave your house and this wedding will happen, your father failed our plan, do something to stop this wedding, he says okay and ends call. Zara turns to see Salma glaring at her.

Zara says to Kabir that we planned nicely, we tried to provoke your sister in law and my parents but your father destroyed it all, we have to stop this marriage, she ends call and turns to see Salma there. She is stunned and says actually.. Kabir.. Salma snatches phone from her and throws it away. She angrily leaves. Zara goes behind her.
Salma comes to Irfan. She takes phone from him. Zara is there too. Salma calls Shahbaz and says we kept a condition to send Ruksar away but we are taking it back, we are ready for this engagement and marriage, whatever happened today was because of my daughter and our son’s plan, they were trying to provoke us, we dont have any condition, prepare for his marriage, she ends call.

Shahbaz says to Kabir that you are talk about honor and respect but you cheated your parents, its not against religion? Kabir says you didnt leave me choice, either I get married without my choice or try to stop it. Shahbaz says no power of world can stop this wedding.

Zara says to her parents that you cant force me to marry, its my choice, Irfan do something. Salma says he took your side always because you were right but you cheated us, you already said yes to this wedding but now what? Zara asks Irfan to do something. Ifran says you have broken our trust, I didnt expect this from you so I will not be on your side in this.
Kabir says to Shahbaz that you can take me wedding but I will say yes to it in end so I will say no marriage infront of all.
Zara says to her parents that God have given me right to say yes or no and you can snatch it, I will say no at time of wedding. Irfan shouts Zara! Salma drags her to her room. Irfan is dejected.
Shahbaz says what? I accept your challenge, if you trust your stubbornness then I trust my upbringing, I want to see how you insult our upbringing infront of all, he leaves.
Salma says to Zara that you have plotted enough, I will not let you take advantage of us, listen to me, tomorrow your engagement with Kabir, you will wear engagement dress and then come out of this room. She locks Zara in her room. Zara sees her broken phone on floor, she tries to switch it on but its broken. Zara says how to send my message to Kabir, she cries.
Kabir is trying to call Zara but her phone is switched off, he is miffed.

Ayesha comes to Zeenat and says I know what you are going through but accept the truth. zeenat recalls Shahbaz saying that he will get Kashan remarried too. Zeenat says you repay my love for this family like this? you people didnt tell me about this wedding and when I tried to protest it then not even my husband took my side, you took me as daughter but you treat me like this? what if it was Alina and not Ruksar in this? Ayesha says I tried to tell you about Zara and Kabir’s wedding but I saw your happiness and kept their engagement card in your room but you didnt see it, I never differentiated between Alina and Ruksar, Shahbaz’s only dream is to get Kabir married to Zara so he wont listen to anyone. Zeenat moves away from her and lies in bed.

Ruksar sees Ayesha and says dont worry, I will make Zeenat understand, you prepare for engagement. Ayesha hugs her and cries.

Scene 2
Zara’s engagement dress is ready. Salma prays for Zara’s fate and says may we have blessing of happy marriage. Salma takes engagement dress to Zara’s room. Zara is sitting in tears. Salma is heartbroken to see it. Salma says see daughter your inlaws house sent such a nice dress for you. Zara looks away. Salma turns to leave but Zara hugs her and cries. Zara says I am miffed with you but I can see your head down, tears dont suit you. Salma says I am miffed too but you are my daughter, you are light of this house, we will be alone after you leave. Zara says then break this marriage, I will live with you. Salma says no girls have to go to her inlaws house someday, keep our respect, wear this dress and get ready, please. Zara thinks that we have to get engaged so I can meet Kabir, maybe he thought to break wedding someway. Reema comes there. Salma says its good you are here. Zara takes engagement dress from Salma and hugs her. Salma asks Zara to get ready, she asks Reema to give her phone, we dont want any tension, she takes her phone and she leaves. Reema says Kabir called. Zara looks on.

Kabir is running on tread mill to calm himself down, he recalls Shahbaz’s words that he cheated his parents and its against religion too, how this marriage can be stopped. Kabir does pushups and recalls how Shahbaz asked me to insult him infront of the world. Ruksar sees him from curtain and says I have brought sherwani for you. Kabir comes out. Ruksar says get ready, Zara’s family is coming, I thought to help you to groom up.. not for me but for someone else, I can get you ready as a friend. Kabir says stop it, I know you are hurt but I am worried, dont talk like this and make me stress more. Ruksar gets dejected. Kabir calms himself down and says I have to get ready, you get ready too. Ruksar sadly turns to leave and thinks I have to prepare for many things, I will become bride today, get mehndi in my hands. Ruksar is in tears and recalls how Zeenat was happy to make her daughter in law of this house, she recalls Shahbaz’s words that Kabir and Zara’s relation is final. Ruksar says sees guests dancing in wedding. She thinks that fate might not have written my name with Kabir but Kabir will marry me only.

Ayesha is serving people in engagement ceremony but Zeenat stops her and says this work is for me, just check that everything is fine, I will serve. Ayesha says you are really a very good daughter, I am proud of you. Alina brings engagement ring and asks if I should give it to Ruksar? Ayesha takes ring from her and says no, Ayesha asks Zeenat to take care of ring, she takes it and nods. Ruksar is hiding and sees all that, she cries. Ruksar recalls how she gave sherwani to Kabir and he went to get ready, she cries. Kabir enters engagement ceremony,

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