Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 27 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 27 November 2020

Shahbaz calls and says Kabir and Zara left from here, do anything but dont hurt Kabir. Kabir and Zara are in car. They recall Kabir’s promise. Shahbaz’s goon is following them in another car and aims at Zara. Car stops at signal is about to shoot but Kabir drives away.

Kabir and Zara goes to sharia board. Goon comes there but is late.
Zara opens door for Kabir. Kabir recalls how he begged her to save their relation. Zara hugs Kabir and kisses his hand. She turns to leave but Kabir holds her hand.. he leaves it after a while. Zara sits down and ties his shoe lace and straightens his collar. she leaves. Kabir looks on. Zara comes to Irfan. He hugs her. Zara sits down and says you always understood me, I am not here because I doubt your decision, I couldnt leave Kausar alone. Irfan says I am proud that you are my daughter.

Case starts, Kabir says we have come to conclusion that Bilal’s kids will study where Kausar wants and he will pay their fees and Kausar will leave her job and stay at home. Zara says its not about fees of kids, its their right to work and earn for their kids. Kabir says I have told you many times, husband have to earn and wife have to handle house. Zara says husband has to fulfill his duties when his wife is working so they have right to work. Kabir says they have to take permission from husbands. Zara says but husband have to deny them every single time? Kabir says no. Zara says women were working 1400 years back, our Prophet never stopped his wife from working and trading. Kabir says today women’s safety is stake. Zara says but it doesnt mean you take away their rights. She tells facts about women who worked with Prophet in wars. Zara says were they not part of our history/ Kabir says they do.

Zara says Allah have told us that anyone’s hardwork pays off, we are all one and all are equal in Allah’s eyes. Zara makes Kabir tell some verses of Quran and says God says that he wants people to pay Zakat, he doesnt say only men have to work and pay zakat, women can work and pay zakat to poor too, Islam allows women to work, it allows them to be successful, Kausar wants rights which Allah have given her, she has senses to handle work and house both, Islam doesnt stop women from working then who is Bilal? I think Kausar should get right to work. All look on. Irfan says Islam allows women to work, Kabir is right that husbands have to protect their wives but they cant take away their rights so.. Kausar has right to work and can continue her job, this will be announced. All clap for him. Kabir looks at Zara and claps for her. Zara is in tears. Man says to Kabir that dont be sad, you even sacrificed your relation for this case.

Rizwan is angry and says I can do anything but Kabir’s popularity keep increasing.
Zara comes out of sharia board. Snipper is waiting for her. Women gather around Zara. Kabir turns around and sees snipper in another building about to shoot Zara. Kabir runs towards Zara and screams. He runs but gets hit by a car. Zara screams Kabir.. Kabir falls down. Its Rizwan who have hit Kabir with his car. Zara runs to Kabir but shooter shoots in her arm. She faints. Kabir sees her getting shot and runs to her. Zara smiles at him. Rizwan sees them and turns to hit again but Kabir pushes Zara away and gets hit by car again. Shooter sees Zara running towards Kabir and shoots her in chest again. They both look at each other and fall down. Mera jahan.. aye khuda plays. Zara falls on Kabir. They recall their moments together.

Kabir and Zara imagine praying together and blowing air towards each other.
Ayesha comes to Kabir and sees him hiding Zara’s photos. He wipes her tears.

Zara’s cousin comes to her and says dont hide your tears, you were thinking about your angry husband? Zara glares at her. Girl says smile and dont stress. Zara says I am alright after such a big incident. She says I am elder than you but you boss me around. Younger sister comes there and asks her sister (Zara’s cousin) to come for a walk.

Sisters are running in kitchen. Zara saves younger sister. Mom asks them to not fight. Mom looks at Zara and asks if she took medicine? Zara says maternal aunt I am fine, you are best maami. Mami says my husband never leaves newspaper. She gets call from Salma. Salma says Abida Zara and Kabir’s divorce date is finalized. Abida is tensed and ends call. She sends kids away and asks Zara to take care of them. They leave.

Ayesha cries silently. Shahbaz asks why are you crying? Its just story ending, that Zara was a chaos in our Kabir’s life. Kabir is going to attend seminar in Mumbai, ask him to comeback and end this matter.

Ayaan is doing push-ups with Kabir and says I want to become priest like you. Kabir says you are coming to Mumbai with me? Ayaan says yes and I will find a girl like Zara, you love her and I will love that girl too. Kabir gets sad thinking about Zara.

Zara goes on jogging with cousins. She sits down and recalls her moments with Kabir, bheji thi dua plays as they both miss each other. Cousin asks where are you lost? Zara says nothing. Cousin says so much happened and you still love Kabir? Zara says you didnt love anyone so you wont understand.

Ayesha says to Kashan that dont know what happened, I feel pain for Kabir, he shows that he is happy but he is not, he wants to live a simple life but how will he live without her? they will separate forever tomorrow, why is this happening? Zeenat comes there and sees divorce notice, she says their relationship ended when Zara left this house for sharia board and broke Kabir’s promise. Its good she left, I am happy to get this notice. Kabir comes there and asks which notice? He looks at notice.

Mami says to Zara why she is sad? you have to go to Lucknow tomorrow, khula (divorce) date is done.

Zeenat says to Kabir that you should be happy you will be free tomorrow, its good she sent this notice, you agreed to all this, ask Ayesha to not be sad, you wanted this. Zeenat asks Ayesha to celebrate your son’s freedom, dont cry.

Mami says to Zara that you asked your father to send notice and date was decided with Kabir’s agreement then why are you sad? what are you thinking?

Ayesha asks Kabir what do you want? you can tell me anything. Kabir says I agreed to this notice. Kashan asks him to think again. Kabir says I will go and end this relation, she will be free then. Ayesha cries.

Zara says to mami that Kabir can enjoy this freedom, when this relation cant survive then its better to end it, he gave me this decision so I took it. Lets go home.

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