Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 25 September 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 25 September 2020

Zara says I told you that I cant share you and nobody can come between us, I will throw her out of life and we will be fine. She starts taking Ruksaar from there. Kabir says what are you doing? Zara says she tried to kill us both, why are thinking good for her? we have had enough of her, I wont let her stay here anymore, she had destroyed our lives, why did we show her humanity.

Zara says to Ruksaar that you dont deserve to be here, I will throw you out, if you have guts then speak, I know you are doing drama of coma. All family members come there and try to stop Zara. Zara says its enough, I will throw her out of this house. Zeenat is running behind her. Zara is taking Ruksaar out of house. Zara tries to put Ruksaar in car. Zeenat stops her and says what are you doing? she is my sister, not some orphan, you cant do that with her, she is in coma. Zra says she should have thought all that when she was planning to kill us, she is a pain for us and its better if we throw her out, she is about to push her but Kabir stops her and says Ruksaar is my wife and I wont let you do anything to her, like you are my wife, she is my wife too, who are you to take this decision and throw her out like this? she is my wife and you cant decide for her, you came in my life somedays back but Ruksaar has been with me and in this house since childhood, she is in coma because she loves me, this coma is because of her struggle to be with me, she did everything to make a relation with me, how dare you throw her out? I.. I love her. All are stunned. Kabir says I didnt want to say it but I have started loving her, yes I have a place for Ruksaar in my heart. Zara says you destroyed my life saying you loved me and now you are saying this. Kabir says you destroyed Ruksaar’s life. Alina screams that I saw Ruksaar moving her lashes, all rush to her.

Zeenat asks her to blink one more time. Alina says I am sure she blinked. Shahbaz says Ruksaar we are all here for you. Ayesha says younger daughter in law, lets go home with us. Zeenat cries. Alina says I really saw it. Kabir asks Alina to take her to her room. Alina goes with Ruksaar. Kabir smiles at Zara. Zara laughs. Ayesha says Alina must have imagined it. Kabir says camera must have captured it. Zara says we were doing drama and its recorded. Kabir says we will know soon All family members watch CCTV footage and they find Ruksaar blinking in camera, all are happy. Ayesha says it shows that she will be fine soon. Reema says to Zara that you are digging a grave for yourself? why are you making Ruksaar come to consciousness? what will you do then? Zara says if she comes to conscious, we will make her explain that she was wrong to force Kabir to make relation with her, she will remarry and leave us. Reema says how can you trust her? you saved her earlier too but she didnt change, I know she will create a havoc again, she killed Hamdan, tried to kill Kabir, cut her wrist and also drank poison.. after all this you think she will leave Kabir? let her be in coma only, I know she will create chaos after becoming conscious. Zara says I will make Kabir divorce her as soon as she becomes conscious. Reema says this is not right. Alina calls them.

In lounge, Ayesha says to family that our plan is working, Zeenat says we didnt decide to put camera there. Kabir says Zara suggested to put camera there. Shahbaz says you have given us a hope now. Zara says me and Kabir are trying, only God can help. Shahbaz asks whats the next step? Kabir says nikah, it was her biggest dream to marry me. Reema says how can you remarry her? Kabir says its kutba, since this is a drama so there will be no khutba, when I will say qubool hai then she will have to answer back qubool hai, we are already married so I can say qubool hai. Reema says you remarried Zara because of love but this is not right, its about Zara’s emotions. Kabir says this is just a drama, its Ruksaar’s biggest dream and when I say qubool hai, Ruksaar will answer me back. Zara is tensed.  All are dressed for marriage. Reema says to Zara that this doesnt feel right. Zara stops her. Reema says to Salma that Ruksaar will create hovac when she wakes up, she is good in coma only. Salma says dont know when this Ruksaar will leave Zara’s life.
Ruksaar is dressed as bride. Irfan asks Ruksaar if she accepts her nikah with Kabir? Ruksaar doesnt answer, he asks her again, Ruksaar doesnt budge. Irfan asks again. Zeenat says Ruksaar please say you do, all are waiting, Kabir is waiting for you. Alina says please. Ayesha asks Ruksaar to say it. Shahbaz says please say it. Zeenat says all are waiting for your yes, listen to us, say yes once. Zeenat gets emotional. Ayesha asks her to calm down. Kabir says to Ruksaar that I like you from heart, I will happily accept you, just say that you accept this marriage. Suddenly Kabir’s phone start ringing just like it happened he and Ruksaar were getting married. Ruksaar moves her neck and stares at Zara. Zara is stunned and says to Kabir that she moved her neck.. all are stunned but sees Ruksaar unmoving. Kabir says you sure? Zara says I saw her glaring at me, I am pretty sure. Kabir asks others but nobody saw it. Kabir nods at Alina.

They see CCTV footage of wedding, all wait for it but Ruksaar didnt move her neck. Reema says are you sure? it might be your doubt. Zara says I saw myself that she moved her neck, I think we should do another drama. Zara says we can do her valima(wedding reception), all look on. Zara says think it will make her believe that we have accepted her as our daughter in law, Ayesha says what about guests? Zara says we can invite our close ones. Kabir says okay but we have to increase cameras so its not only Zara who sees Ruksaar moving.

In valima, guests gossip that Zara is giving too much attention to her, she is wife of her husband, who does that? Alina brings Ruksaar. Salma is tensed. Ayesha asks her to not worry, when Ruksaar wakes up then I will make Kabir divorce her. Shahbaz says to guests that welcome our daughter in law Ruksaar. Ayesha brings juice for Salma but she doesnt take it. Alina makes Kabir sit with Ruksaar. Zara stands beside Kabir. Guests bless Kabir and Ruksaar. Zara keeps an eye on Ruksaar. One guest says to Ayesha that congrats, you have a beautiful daughter in law for Kabir. Ayesha says to Ruksaar that all are praising my younger daughter in law, we are so happy to have you, God bless you, she makes her wear a necklace but Ruksaar doesnt give reaction. One guest says that she is Kabir’s second wife, where is first wife? did she allow him to marry again? all are stunned. Zara says yes I have given him permission and also decided that Ruksaar and I will live like sisters, I have accepted Ruksaar as my younger sister, I hope she gets all happiness that she needs. Salma says enough Zara, stop this drama, if Ruksaar is ill then take her to hospital but why are all insulting you to make her fine? Zara asks her to shh.. Kabir says actually.. Salma says I dont want to hear anything, we want Ruksaar to be fine but Zara cant be insulted like this for that, my daughter sent you to Dubai to save Ruksaar, you can renact it but why this drama? Zeenat says enough Salma aunty, you are creating a scene, you are just thinking about your daughter, your husband says that all are like his daughters so Ruksaar is not like your daughter? you are not thinking about her? look at her, you are just thinking about Zara, think about my sister Ruksaar too, if you think then you will feel love for her too because we dont even know if she will be saved or not. Kabir asks Zeenat to calm down. Zeenat says I can say a lot, I respect her otherwise.. Salma says otherwise what? Zara asks her to calm down, we are doing all this to bring Ruksaar to consciousness, I am not insulted, we are doing this so I can reunite with Kabir, this is for me and your son in law. Ayesha says to Zeenat that you cant talk to her like this. Zara says to Zeenat that you are both right but situation is not right, we are waiting for Ruksaar to become conscious, she says to Kabir that we have fought with problems together, dont worry we will find a solution.

Scene 2
Reema brings water for Salma and asks her to calm down. She says I understand you are worried for Zara. Salma says I am not angry, I just dont know how to tell her that Ruksaar can do anything when she wakes up, what is happening is like a game between police and criminal, police follows all rules but there are no rules for criminals, Kabir and Zara will follow all duties and rules but Ruksaar can cross any line. Reema says Zara is not listening. Salma says you and Imran are Kabir and Zara’s friends so do something, think and do something to help them.

Kabir says to Zara that why cant you leave Ruksaar alone, we can live happily but you are doing this for no reason. Zara says we both tried. Kabir says see what happened, family members were fighting today. Zara says I calmed them, you think I like to be alone? you think I am not in pain when I am alone in room? you think only you are bearing this pain? I also dont like when I go alone in my room, you dont think that I dont want to hug my husband and live happily with him? I am feeling same pain, I ask myself too why cant I live with my Kabir but.. my heart stops me saying I cant share my Kabir with anyone, I will never take a decision that will stop you from your duties but till Ruksaar is in coma, our relation is in coma too. Zara says to Kabir that you have to think mentally about me too, Ruksaar is not coma but my soul too, please do one thing for me, maybe she will become conscious, please have a drama of having marriage night with her. Kabir glares at her. Zara says I will do as you say after that. Kabir says okay, I will do this drama too but this is the last time, if there is no reaction from Ruksaar, you have to promise to come back to my life, we will live like normal husband and wife. He leaves from there.

Zara offers namaz and says to God that I am doing all this for my love, please do some miracle and bring Ruksaar back. Zara says to Kabir that you will not do this? They are in Ruksaar’s room. Zara says to Kabir that if you spend night with her then you will lose me, what about our love? what about our relation? Kabir says tonight is the justice night for Ruksaar. Zara says she tried to kill you, plot to kill you. Kabir says enough, its your defeat saying that, Ruksaar’s love has taken me away from you, Ruksaar has loved me for years and its her victory tonight, I will celebrate with her tonight, leave from here. He winks at Zara. Zara says to Ruksaar that you won, congrats, I am defeated, she says to Kabir that I didnt expect that from you, I am going. She goes to door, Kabir sadly looks at her, she gives him thumbs up. Kabir closes door. Zara and Reema hides and watches from window. Kabirs sits on bed with Ruksaar. He says you will not greet your husband? you waited for this long so smile, I think your dreams have fulfilled, we married and I have started loving you but one dream is still remaining that is to spend night with me. He brings poison bottle and says remember this poison? you wanted me and you to drink it, you wanted to die with me, I have thought a lot and if I remain alive then I will be divided between you and Zara, you wanted that if I die then I will be completely yours, so lets do this, I will fulfill your dream, I dont like to share my love, you will make me drink this poison. He mixes poison in water and pushes glass to Ruksaar, he says take it, make me drink it so you can make me yours in this life and afterwards, fulfill your dreams and kill me, take it. Ruksaar recalls how she wanted to kill Kabir.

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