Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 21 August 2020 Kabir big party for Zara


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 21 August 2020 Kabir big party for Zara

At night, Zara and Kabir are sleeping in each others arms on bed. Miraj comes to their room silently and points gun at them, he says I want to finish this game now but no, whenever I will kill you Kabir, I will do it after telling you. He looks at his flowers and puts them on side table, he leaves from there.

In morning, Kabir says to Shahbaz that Miraj wont leave so easily. Shahbaz says I have talked to commissioner, he will help us. Kabir says I want an investor who can buy Miraj’s shares, will you buy them? Shahbaz says you are asking me this again? you said that if you ever ask me for money then you will have to ask me so now should I think you are like me? Kabir looks on. Shahbaz says there is another way, stop thinking about divorcing Zara and Irfan will be happy and might you the head position, then you will have so much money that you can built many educational institute, sharia board have a lot of money. Kabir is stunned. Shahbaz says dont leave Zara as its good for everyone. Kabir says no, I dont want to take this decision under any pressure, we got married without our consent but I would want to take this divorce back because we both want to live together, not because of a position. He turns to leave but says that you told me about sharia board having money, so you wanted Miraj to become part of it to get hands on that money? Shahbaz glares at him, Kabir says sorry and leaves.

Zara comes to kitchen. Alina shows her that she had made a dish for her. Zara tastes it and says its so good, what do you want in return? Alina says can you spend one hour daily with me? I want to become like you, Zara says may you be blessed, why you want to spend one hour with me? Alina says because you inspire me, you never lie, always stand with truth, always brave enough to stand with right, never back down under any pressure, you have guts to face the world and stand for what you think is right, can you make me like you? Zara is surprised and hugs her. Zara comes to Ayesha, Ayesha blesses her and asks where is Kabir? Zara says he went out. Ayesha says did he forget your birthday? Zara shows her the ring and says I thought he forgot it but he surprised me in night with this, he is not only a nice human but a great husband. Ayesha says God bless you both, she gifts her a gold necklace. Zara thanks her. Ayesha asks her to put things in her safe. Zara does it and asks if she gave cheque of 50lacs to Nilofar? Ayesha says no, it was in safe. Zara says its missing, Ayesha says what? Zara says I will find it later, dont worry.

Miraj is angry and says I couldnt become part of sharia board and couldnt make Zara have the divorce. Miraj says to himself that I will make tonight so special that for some it will be Zara’s birthday celebration and for some it will be a mournful day, he laughs evilly. Kabir and Zara comes to Salma and Irfan’s house. They greet them. Salma asks Kabir how he got wounds on head? Kabir says its nothing, Irfan says I am sorry you had to face that with Miraj. Kabir says I didnt recognize him, its Zara who made me realize how he was. Irfan says that you are a nice daughter, what do you want for gift? Zara says I want you to become healthy. He says I will work on it, I have a surprise for you which will be very beneficial for you, we will give it in your birthday function. Zara gets excited.

Kabir and Zara are on road and enjoying milk drinks. Kabir wipes her lips. She says what we will do about Miraj? Kabir says not talk about him, Zara says its good you threw away flowers he brought, Kabir says nice joke but you threw them. Zara says what no? I didnt, if you and me didnt do it then who could? she thinks and says Miraj came in our room from backdoor last night and did it, he is not nice, he can do anything, please dont celebrate my birthday, Miraj can do anything, I am scared. Kabir says you shouldnt be scared of anyone except God, I am with you and I will punish Miraj. Zara and Kabir comes to their room, Zara shows him back door and says Miraj must have come in our room from here, Kabir locks the door. Zara comes to Nilofar’s room. Nilofar says till when I will be stuck here? Zara says you will leave when I want it, now tell me why did Ruksaar give money to you only? why did she bring you to keep an eye on Miraj? what did he want? Nilofar says he never wanted money, he had eyes on something else, trust me, I am useful, if you make me come to your birthday party then I can tell you about Miraj, if he comes to party, I will catch him instantly and tell you. Zara says I will think about it, she leaves from there and locks her door.

Zara’s birthday function starts, one guest says that they had one divorce, Kabir might give her more divorce today. Reema says to Imran that did Kabir tell you anything about his plan for today? Imran says no he didnt tell me, I hope they remain happy, I am sure he must have planned a great surprise for her. Reema says Zara eyes him with so much love. Imran says Kabir looks at him like she is a fairy too. He lovingly looks at Reema, Reema glares at him and leaves. Kabir comes to party, Shahbaz says to Kabir that you have arranged such a big party for Zara, it will spoil our wives too, I have told Irfan that you will announce to take your divorce back today, it will be the biggest gift for Zara. Kabir says you are right but its my choice what to gift to Zara, I will do what I can for her happiness and dont say divorce on such a happy occasion. Zara comes there dressed in a nice dress. Ayesha says bless you and happy birthday, Zara hugs her. Kabir says I want to say some words for my wife, he says poetry that you have made my life colorful.. Kabir was happy but then he got married. All laugh. Imran says it was lame. Kabir says jokes apart, he holds Zara’s hands and says from the time you have come in my life, you have made it joyous. Irfan and Salma are happy to see them. Kabir says I want to ask everyone what change Zara have brought in their lives? He starts with Shahbaz and says did Zara bring any change in your life when she came in this house? Shahbaz says I cant talk about change but when I look at Zara, I feel that Zara is a kind of wife that can make her husband so successful which other normal wives might not be able to do. All clap. Ayesha says Shahbaz is right, we have got a daughter as Zara who will never disappoint us. She kisses her forehead. Miraj is entering party silently.

Kabir asks Zeenat. Zeenat says how to praise Zara, I can just say that till Zara is in this house, there cant be any danger on us, Zara is surprised and thanks her. Miraj says someone ask me too how Zara have changed my life. All are shocked to see him. Kabir glares at him. Miraj offers her gift and says happy birthday Zara. Kabir tries to attack him but Imran stops him. Zara asks him to stop for her sake. Kabir says to Miraj to not test his passion and leave. Miraj says you changed so fast, I was your friend and you made me an enemy, I came to fulfill your dreams and be your partner. Kabir says leave before I throw you out. Miraj says dont forget you are living off of my money, atleast respect my debt, you have called everyone to announce about taking your divorce with Zara back so tell your decision. Kabir says to guests that dont eye me, divorce is between me and Zara, we will decide it together. Miraj says dont change the topic, you take divorce back and I will leave right away. Zara says enough, dont point fingers at Zara, you are so cheap, this family loved and respected you so much and you became our enemy? you are still standing here because we are honorable people who cant argue with you, leave from here. Miraj says this house doesnt deserve you. Miraj says to Kabir that this house has set mahar money on you which your husband cant afford, this house doesnt deserve you Zara. He says what did your husband do? first he divorced you then he took money from me to give you mahar and then to pay my debt, he took mahar money back from you to give it to me, this is your husband? these people dont deserve you. Miraj gives him cake and says take it, cut and distribute it in guests. He pushes cake towards him, Imran takes it. Miraj says bye Zara ji. He starts to leave but Kabir asks him to take what he brought. Kabir gets angry and throws hi cake at Miraj, it falls on his chest. All are stunned. Miraj says Kabir! I will take revenge of this insult, he leaves from there. Zara kept a hold on Kabir, Kabir says I am fine, you shouldnt have stopped me, he leaves from there.

Irfan says to Kabir that you are right, divorce is a matter between you and Zara but we want to know whats your decision? Kabir says its not a small matter, its not about if Zara is right for me or not but if I am also right for Zara or not, its a big decision so we want some time to figure it out. Irfan says we will wait for your decision but just remember to not hurt my daughter. Irfan says to Zara that its my wish to make your vice head of sharia board, right now Kabir is vice head and I want to give that position to you too. Guests whisper how a woman can become vice head? Irfan asks Zara if she accepts his suggestion? Zara looks at Kabir.

Kabir is exercising and recalls how Irfan asked what he decided about divorce. Zara comes there and recalls how Kabir said that she has made his life joyous, she asks what he said in party was true? Kabir says everyone asked about divorce but you, I want to know why you didnt ask? Zara says you said that you will decide about divorce and I just have the last chance to change your mind about this divorce, you didnt complain to me, you didnt give me a chance, you just gave the divorce, everyday I keep trying to change your mind, I would have never let this divorce happen if you complained, I respect you that you didnt cheat me or didnt give me mahar or anything but you could have talked to me, I took your property only because you could give money back to Mahar. Kabir hugs her from behind tightly and kisses her head. He turns to leave but Zara stops him and wipes sweat from his face, he thanks her. He says what did you think about accepting vice head’s position in sharia board? Zara says I am thinking its better to become vice head of the board than to become divorced. Kabir looks on.

Miraj meets Khalid and asks what happened after I left the party? Khalid says Shahbaz was insulted. Miraj says I dont care about him, Khalid says Irfa suggested to make Zara as vice head, he has decided to do it. Miraj laughs and says Kabir and Zara as vice priests? He asks to call Nilofar, yesterday was just trailer, movie is remaining.

In morning, Zara says to Kabir that I need your suggestion for a decision, should I continue to think about resigning from sharia board? Kabir says you were thinking about becoming vice head and now this? Zara says I know you are sad that I will become vice head and I am a girl and cant be with me on that position. Kabir says this decision is going to make problems for us, I dont know what we will do. Zara looks on and says you should get dressed. Kabir says what we will do today? Zara says we will give one hour to Alina, she is growing up. Kabir says when Alina was born, she became my life, take care of her. Zara holds Kabir’s hand and says I want to take decision if I should resign from board or not, please help me, he smiles and leaves.

In kitchen, Zeenat says to Ayesha that a family in party liked Alina, their son studies in London, we should talk to them about marriage. Ayesha says no Alina is still a girl. Zeenat says we dont have to do marriage, we can just meet them. Ayesha says we have to take Kabir’s thought on this, he wont agree easily. Zeenat says in the end, girls have to cook in kitchen like this, dont waste her time on studies, talk to Shahbaz. Ayesha says okay.

Alina and Zara comes to Salma’s house on Zara’s scooty. Zara takes Alina to her room.

Khalid comes to Shahbaz house with a woman in veil. He asks zeenat to call Shahbaz, Zeenat says he is out of house. Khalid thinks this is the chance to take Nilofar from here. He says we will wait for him, woman with Khalid goes to washroom. Nilofar comes out in veil and starts leaving with Khalid. Zeenat brings tea and says you have to drink it. Khalid drinks it and leaves with Nilofar without Zeenat knowing.

Nilofar is on bike with Khalid, she says I have to return in one hour only.

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