Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 18 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 18 December 2020

Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 18 December 2020: Kabir is driving the car as driver. Zara says Ruksaar is calling. Kabir is tensed. Zara puts call on speaker. Ruksaar says Zara trust me, I have changed, I want you and Kabir to become one. Zara says its good if you have changed and following right path, understand that my and Kabir’s relation have ended and our paths are different now, she ends call and is sad. Kabir looks at her from mirror.

Zara says stop the car. She comes out of car and says you were looking at me from mirror. Kabir talks as sardar and says why are you scolding me? Azra tells Kabir to not look at her sister again.

Shahbaz asks Rizwan why he called Zara here? Rizwan says she is coming here on her own, I am her brother after all. Shahbaz says dont act innocent, you know what I can do. Flashback shows Shahbaz showing video of Rizwan’s mother on gun point and pleading for life. Shahbaz tells him to not tell anything to Zara otherwise he will kill his mother then Rizwan took all blame on himself. Rizwan gets jittery and says no.. Shahbaz tells him that he killed his mother because he attacked Kabir and then Rizwan got jailed. Flashback ends. Shahbaz says you remember everything right? Zara asks driver to drive fast. Kabir says we dont want to get into an accident, he keeps roaming around and thinks I will waste her time. Zara says he is taking wrong route. Azra asks him to drive fast. Kabir says this girl is arguing with me a lot. Zara says how dare you.. Azra asks her to calm down, they have to reach jail fast.

Shahbaz tells Rizwan that you tried to kill my son and I killed your mother so we are even. Rizwan says we did wrong things to get head priest position and that fire is still in me. Shahbaz throws him on ground and puts shoes on his neck, he says dont you dare eye my son and me, nobody could harm us, how dare you try to kill my son? you tries to run him over with a car? He beats him with a stick and tells him to not meet Zara again. Rizwan says are you done? You took everything from me so I have nothing to lose, our enemy is same, Irfan Siddiqui, he took my position and he is your path’s prick too so lets join hands and I promise that I will never meet Zara. Shahbaz says you think that I will make a deal with you who tried to kill my son? I will never and you think you can meet Zara when you want? I decide whom you will and wont meet. He thanks officer for letting him know about Zara’s coming visit and gives him more money, he leaves. Rizwan calls officer and says you got your money? officer smirks. Rizwan says keep taking money from Shahbaz and keep working for me. Rizwan smirks.

Scene 2
Zara tells Azra that only 10 minutes remaining in 4PM. Kabir stops car and says my car broke down, they all come out of car. Kabir says car broke down because of this girl scolding too much, she has to say sorry to his baby. Zara says I will see how you drive this car now. She tries to sit in driving seat but Kabir puts hand there, Zara mistakenly touches his hand and feels something. She takes off his turban and glasses and sees that its Kabir. She is shocked. Zara says what is all this? Kabir says helplessness, why you want to meet Rizwan? He is dangerous. Azra says you insult her, hurt her and now show concern? What do you want? Zara says we should celebrate, thank God that I got a man who love me so much, he left me when I was in coma, I needed him most but he left me then he insulted my family and me in valima, this is how relation works? Kabir thinks how to tell her how much I love her. Zara says even after all that you came here to protect me? What do you want?

Zara shouts at Kabir that what do you want you ended our relation so stop interfering in my life, I will go to meet Rizwan as many times as I want, our paths are different and you have no right to question me. Stay away from me. Kabir thinks what did I do, I have to stop her. Kabir says you should practice what you preach, why do you care for me? You worried about my wound, worried about my relation with Ayesha, you did because you have humanity, I have same emotions, we can be separate but we can care for each other, that person is dangerous.. Zara glares at him and says Azra time passed for jail, lets goback home.

A man in jail ask Rizwan why he is fooling Shahbaz? Rizwan says Kabir took away my seat but Shahbaz took my mother away, I will take revenge from him, once my sister is here then I will use her to get what I want. Officer tells that Zara is here.

Zara is in jail. Azra asks why she came here? Zara says I lied to Kabir so he could leave me alone. Rizwan comes there and says I should have died because of what I did, how are you? Zara says I am not here to reconcile with you, I got to know that you didnt shoot me, someone with gold gloves. Do you know anyone who wears that? Rizwan recalls how Shahbaz wore it and says no. Zara says if you are lying then it wont be good. Rizwan says if you catch him then you will know that I am innocent. Azra says you tried to kill Kabir, why are you denying that? Rizwan thinks this is my last chance. He falls down and cries, he says what happened with Maqbool happened with me, that boss forced me to kill Kabir because he had my mother on gun point, I hit Kabir in a way that didnt make him die but he killed my mother.


Zara says do you have proof of all this? Rizwan says yes. He shows photo of his mother on gun point with gun man wearing gold gloves. Zara says this person tried to kill Maqbool’s mother too. Rizwan says I will die here, please save me. Zara says do you know this boss is? Rizwan says no, I am stuck here in jail, I dont have any left in life, I will die here. Zara says no, if you are saying truth then I will request lawyer to reopen these cases. She leaves. Rizwan smirks. Kabir is on road and recalls Zara’s words that their relation ended. Kabir says its difficult to leave your life, I am fighting with myself to not comeback in your life but.. Zara tells Azra that Rizwan is innocent, I will free him and then find that man with golden gloves. She sees rain starting and says we should go back home fast.

Kabir comes home and says Zara was outside, did she reach home? Zara tells Azra that its raining heavily, dont know if Kabir reached home or not. She calls Ayesha and says its raining heavily so stay at home, she says yes. Zara says all are home? Ayesha says ask if you want to know about Kabir? She hears Kabir coming inside and says he is here. Zara thanks her and ends call. Zeenat tells Kashan that I am worried about Ruksaar, her house must be leaking. I should go and meet her. Kashan says you are right, we could bring her here but she doesnt listen. Zeent says you try and convince her. Kabir tells Ayesha that its storm outside, tell your favorite Zara to not go out. ayesha says I was just calling her, she is home. Kabir nods and leaves. Ayesha says I know they love each other but dont know what Kabir wants. I just want happiness for my kids. Zara recalls Kabir’s words that they can care for each other. She says forgetting him is very difficult. Chale ana plays as they both miss each other.

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