Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 17 July 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 17 July 2020

17th July 2020 Friday Update on Zara’s Nikah Update:In morning, Zara wakes up and sees Kabir missing, she thinks where did miffed priest go in morning? Kabir comes to his site with an investor, he shows him site and stuff. He says to investor that my vision is that every kid in our religion have world books and religious books in their hands. Investor says God be with you.

Zara comes to kitchen, Ruksaar asks if she wants tea? Zara ignores her and asks Ayesha where is Kabir? she says some investor met Kabir so he went to show him the site, they will comeback home, you make servants tell what to make, we are going to guests so make sure you have everything for their welcome, she says priest sent that investor so he is religious. Ruksaar hears it and smirks.

Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 16 July 2020

Kabir and investor comes to house. Ruksaar comes to Kabir asks where was he? she sees investor and covers her face, she leaves. investor says to Kabir that I am religious, I am happy to see that they following covering. Kabir says we follow Islam fully. They go in house. Ruksaar thinks he being islamic will help me.

Zara comes to her room and takes kashmiri tea, she says my priest and investor will like this. Zara comes to kitchen and asks servant if she put nuts in halwa? she nods. Ruksaar says we can put them in tea too. Zara says you have been living in such a big house and doesnt even know that nuts are put in juice not tea, I have brought Kashmir’s tea, use it, Kabir gave it as honeymoon gift. Ruksaar glares at her and makes tea. Zara says this tea made me remind Kashmir’s memories. Ruksaar says come out of memories. Servant starts taking tea but Ruksaar deliberately puts foot in her path, servant falls down. Ruksaar says cant you see what you are doing? Zara says its okay, I have more tea, I will take it, she leaves with tea pot. Ruksaar says plan is working.Investor says to Kabir that without religion I cant fathom my life and you follow it thats why I am ready to invest my money in your project. Zara comes there and greets him. Investor is angry that she is not covering her face. Kabir says she is my wife Zara. Zara pours tea for him and offers him tea, he says I dont take things from namehram(other) women. Kabir takes tea from him and gives it to investor. Investor asks Kabir he doesnt ask his wife to cover her face? women shouldnt roam like this, we cant give them freedom like this. Zara is leaving but hears it. She stops and comes to him. She says to investor that I am sorry but my whole body is covered and that is not covering for you? he says your face is showing, you are priest’s wife, you shouldnt come without covering infront of a some other man. Ruksaar and Zeenat hears it. Zara says I am sorry but you are looking at some other woman’s face too, Quran asks you to keep your eyes lower too. Kabir mutters Zara! Zara says if men dont looks at other women then women wont have to cover themselves. Investor gets angry. Kabir says one minute. He asks Zara to go inside. Zara says to investor that you can try to cage us but you cant take freedom from us which Allah and Prophet gave us.

Kabir shouts Zara, I am asking you to go inside. Zara angrily leaves from there. Kabir says sorry to investor, investor says I cant support this kind of thinking and I cant insult my religion, you have read religion, you are a priest, you should make your home first before making it good for nations, you can do projects later but I am not interested your project rightn now, he leaves. Kabir is angry and tensed, he recalls Zara’s argument with him. Ruksaar and Zeenat sees all this. Kabir angrily throws away his files and screams Zara. Zara comes there. Kabir glares at her and says you want to insult your husband infront of all? do it fully, why need to wear this dupatta? he takes off her dupatta? she puts it back and says I didnt like this thoughts so I told mine. Kabir shouts that only your thoughts are right? whole world and my thoughts are wrong except you? He grabs her shoulder and says if me, my family or this house get insulted because of your thoughts.. he whispers in her ear that would not be bearable by me. He digs his fingers in her shoulder. Zara is stunned.

Kabir shouts at Zara that only your point of view is right? he grabs her and says if me or this house get insulted because of your point of view then it will out of my control, he pulls her closer and glares at her. Zeenat smirks. Ruksaar comes there and tries to pull Kabir off Zara, he doesnt leave her shoulder. Ruksaar asks him to leave Zara, what if parents saw you? Zara and Kabir are looking at each other in daze. Ruksaar frees Zara from Kabir’s grip, Kabir leaves from there. Zara jerks Ruksaar’s hand away and wipes her tears, she runs from there too. Ruksaar smirks. Zeenat says welldone Ruksaar, I have to say that you are a big jerk, you finally put fire between them. Ruksaar says I told you man’s ego is bigger than his love, I just provoked Kabir’s ego. fire has already started, we just have keep putting oil in it and see drama.
Zara comes to her and recalls Kabir shouting her, taking off her dupatta and threatening her if they got insulted because of her then he wont control himself. Zara wipes her tears and says Kabir and investor’s thinking is wrong. She sees Kabir punching boxing bag. Kabir recalls investor leaving and punches bag more angrily. Zara comes there and tries to stop him but cant. Kabir throws punching bag away and turns to leave. Zara says listen to me. Kabir sees project file, he angrily looks it and throws it infront of Zara, he leaves. Zara holds file and looks on. She recalls Kabir telling her that he want to make everyone educate and get work. Zara says Kabir’s thinking might be wrong but his intentions are not wrong, this project is like new light for our nation, this project shouldnt stop because of me, I have destroyed everything so I will set it back, his project will complete for sure.


Zara is leaving house. Ruksaar stops her and says dont you like to stay in house that you keep leaving? Zara says there are some ants in my house but I am going to get pest control soon and all insects are going to run then, she smirks at her and leaves.

Salma hears door bell. She opens it to find Zara there. Zara greets her and hugs her. Salma says you here? Irfan hugs her. Zara says I was missing my parents so I came here. Irfan asks how is she? Zara says everything is fine, I have some work, I want to call meeting of sharia board. Irfan says you are member of board so you have right to call the meeting, Zara says I want to call meeting tomorrow. He says tomorrow is off but I will call meeting tomorrow, what is the agenda? Zara says I will tell you that tomorrow. Irfan says okay I will arrange for it, he leaves. Salma asks her what is the matter? Zara says there is a matter but I wont tell you, you got me married so let me fight my wars. Salma says I am happy that you are fighting for your life, I pray that God make you wife that your husband will be proud of you. Zara smiles and leaves.

Zara comes home, Ruksaar asks if she found pest control? Zara says its difficult to find pest control of poisonous insects. Ruksaar says forget about insects, pacify your husband first. Zara says you know nothing about marriages, husband and wife can fight but all anger goes away in bedroom.. but you wont understand that. Ruksaar angrily leaves. Zara thinks I have to do something about her.

Zara comes to Ayesha. Ayesha sees her tensed and makes her sit down. Ayesha says I know why you are worried, whatever happened between you and Kabir.. Zeenat told me about it, I would suggest you to avoid these small things. Zara says he is little miffed with me but I will pacify him. Ayesha says I expected that from you, these small fights can become bigger. Zara says no I wont let this fight become bigger but I am worried about Ruksaar, she always try to come inbetween me and Kabir. Ayesha says what you want? Zara says I want you to talk to her inlaws and get her married soon. Ayesha says okay I will talk to them, you just worry to pacify your husband, I can give you tips.. Zara blushes and hugs her. She smiles and runs from there. Ayesha smiles.

Scene 2
Kabir is busy working in his room. Zara brings milk for him but he avoids her. Zara says my mother says that your memory becomes strong with almond milk, drink it Kabir. He keeps ignoring her. Zara sits infront of him and stares at him. Kabir moves away from her, Zara takes his pen.. o Zalima plays.. Kabir takes another pen, Zara takes it from him, she close off his files. Kabir tries to ignore her but she keeps taking things from him. She smiles at him. Kabir tries to get up but she comes infront of him. She hints at him to smile, he glares at her. Zara tries to pull on his nose. Kabir moves away and says I think it was all not your mistake but mine. Zara says lets say it was both’s mistake and I want to say on each one’s behalf, dont fight over such small thing. Kabir says small thing? Zara says sorry and offers him milk, he takes it and puts it away, he says its not a small thing, I am scared that the gap between our thinking can bring gap in our relation too. He takes files and leaves from there. Zara is tensed. Zara says this gap was removed with much difficulty and I wont let it comeback, I know you are miffed because your investor left because of me but I will bring another investor, just wait till tomorrow.

Kabir is sleeping on bed. He wakes up and offers namaz. Zara brings breakfast and greets him, he replies coldly and leaves. Zara sadly leaves.

Zara comes in lounge and sees Kabir having breakfast at table with everyone. Ayesha says there is a happy news. Ayesha says to family that Hamdan is coming to see Ruksaar. Ruksaar says who Hamdan? Zara says same Hamdan whose mother liked for marriage proposal. Ayesha says lets start preparing. Zara says dont worry, its about Ruksaar’s happiness so I will get all preparation done. Ruksaar fumes in anger. Zara offers paratha to Kabir but he says I dont need it, he says I have to go to board meeting. Zara holds his arm and says comeback fast, I will arrange everything, he jerks his hand away and leaves.


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