Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 12 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 12 March 2021

Zara asks the priest who are ghosts? The priest says we are made from mud and they are made from fire, they didn’t bow to Adam Prophet so God was angry with them. There are good and bad ghosts, some can really hurt people. I can’t guarantee that you will come back from there. It can even kill you. Kabir says we just need your prayers.

Kabir sees a car and tells Zara that this is Jalali’s car, they are taking opium there. Zara stops the car and scares the man. She makes him unconscious. Kabir takes the car and leaves with Zara. They both disguise. Zara says we will have to pretend as husband and wife, I don’t even have the experience, you will have to romance with me and take care of me like a couple does. Kabir says protecting you is my responsibility so I will do it regardless. They both enter Jalalpur. They both enter Jalali’s house.

Kabir and Zara are in the car in a disguise. A black cat stops them. The man says we will search for your car with this cat. The cat goes in the car. Zara is scared of it. The car gets locked and smoke is filled automatically. Kabir says this car is a ghost. He starts praying to God and the car leaves. Kabir and Zara have a sigh of relief.

Jalali is dancing in his den. Shahbaz asks what happened? Jalali shows him the clip of Kabir and Zara entering his village.
Zara and Kabir enter Jalali’s village and there is magic everywhere. Kabir asks her to be careful. Zara falls down. Kabir says don’t worry. He helps her in getting the sprain away and asks if she is fine? Zara thinks that he does care for me, maybe I will be able to make place in his head. Kabir sees the people scared of coming out of their houses. A man stops on a scooty. Kabir greets him but he says come with me. They start going with him, a tree falls on him but nothing happens to him. Kabir takes the tree branch and follows him. The man brings them outside a gate and asks them to come inside. Zara and Kabir are scared. Zara says what if this place ghosts’ den which Hilal asked us not to go inside of. Kabir says God will protect us. Kabir turns to see Jalali and Shahbaz coming there in a car. Jalali asks who is he? Kabir says I am Aryan Khan and I am here to do business with you. Jalali says you will like to do the business with us, do you have any other mission here?

Kabir looks on. Jalali laughs and says you look worried? I like that, don’t worry, we will do business with you but later. First, we want to take care of you. He shows him powder and says once you taste this opium, you will enjoy your life. Kabir looks on. Jalali says you have to taste this as you are going to sell this to us.

Kabir says I really like it but I do it at night only. Jalali says don’t worry. He calls his man who is the same guy that met Kabir earlier. Jalali asks his man Janab to take care of them. Zara thinks this man is a ghost. Kabir and Zara take them from there. Shahbaz says if we doubt them then why don’t we send them off? Jalali says let’s have fun with the prey before killing it. Kabir tells Janab that I know you are a ghost but you can’t do anything with us. He says that I am a human, he shakes hands with him. Kabir says no you are playing with us, he checks his tongue and it’s fine. Janab says I am a human and I want to leave this hell. Kabir says then why you were acting like that? Janab says some ghost might have disguised as me and tried to take you both the ghosts’ cave. You both should leave from here. Kabir says no, we will win against Jalali. Zara is scared. Zara walks on the streets and recalls her childhood. How she used to play with her brother Asim. She cries and says I loved Asim so much, I wanted him to leave with me but he stayed with Jalali. I don’t know if you are still in Jalalpur, I don’t know where to find you. She sits on a tree and hears someone calling her baji (sister). She is shocked and looks around. She loses balance and falls from the tree but Kabir comes there and holds her. They both share an eyelock, tera ban jaonga plays as Kabir helps her in standing up. He lifts her on his back and starts walking… It turns out to be Zara’s dream. Kabir shouts at her that why did she come alone here? I have to protect you. Zara shows him the tree and says I used to play with my brother Asim here.

A man (Asim) tells a woman that you have to pack opium, Jalali didn’t even leave my sister and my mother. You women are the destruction of this world.

Scene 2
Zara tells Kabir that we have to find Kamran and get him to sign these papers. Kabir says I will go and talk to Jalali, I will keep him busy and you find Kamran to get these signed. Zara says I used to doubt husband and wife’s relation but now I feel we should have a companion, I couldn’t face Jalali alone but now you are with me and I am able to face him because you are my protector. Kabir looks on.

Asim brings a woman that is chained on the streets.

Zara comes outside her house and recalls her mother’s death. She screams and cries. Kabir asks what happened? Zara says Jalali killed my parents, he beheaded them in front of me, he is so evil, he likes to see pain of others. These memories will make me crazy. Kabir says you should leave from here. Zara says I will not leave you alone. I will be with you and finish this mission. Suddenly the winds blow and Zara is falling away. Kabir asks her to keep herself in control otherwise she will enter ghost’s cave. Jalali’s man laughs at them.

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