Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 10 July 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 10 July 2020

10th July 2020 Friday Update on Zara’s Nikah Update: Ruksaar is angry and break things in her room. zeenat comes to her and asks her to stop it, Ruksaar break downs and says you were right, I trusted wrong person, I thought Shahbaz is a father for me but he cares for only making Kabir head priest, he cheated me and gave Kabir to someone else. Zeenat says we are not part of this house, we are always outsiders. Ruksaar says if they think us as outsiders then we will be, I will make it hell for Zara in Kashmir.

Zara meets Salma, Salma says I am so happy that you both are going alone, I hope your love grows. Irfan says they are not going on some war. Ayesha blesses them, Kabir and Zara leaves. Ruksaar says she wont return with him. Kabir and Zara sat things in car, Zara and Kabir move to pick up luggage, Zara takes it and sits in car. Reema and Imran are in car too. Reema says I am here to drop Zara on her romantic trip.

Ruksaar shows Zeenat Zara’s chat online, Zeenat asks how did you open it? Ruksaar says I have password of this, I made this fake profile of her to disrespect her when time comes, this fake Zara talks love to many people at once.

Reema gives s*xy nighties to Zara and says enjoy your honeymoon. Zara says I wont take it. Reema gives it to her.

Zeenat says to Ruksaar that if Kabir knows about this profile then he will leave Zara without thinking, Ruksaar says this fake Zara have lover in Kashmir too, arrange money for me, I am going to kashmir to break them up.

Kabir and Zara comes to Kashmir. Their car have ‘just married’ sign on it. They hire it. Driver says this is a romantic place, you will enjoy it. Zara rolls her eyes. They arrive at their hotel. Zara looks at valleys and environment and smiles. Driver takes their luggage and takes them to hotel. They go to their room. It is decorated. Manager says we give room service till 12 for honeymoon couples, bed is soft and strong, we have big bath tub for couples. Kabir coughs, she leaves. Kabir says I will check bathroom. He comes out of bathroom and is uncomfortable. Reema calls Zara, her gift from Reema falls from bag, she doesnt see it and talks to Reema. Kabir takes her bag from floor and sees nightie there, he is stunned. Zara sees it and snatches it from him, he is disgusted.

She says you were not ashamed to put hand in my bag. Kabir says it was on floor, why did you bring things which you have to hide. Zara says Reema gave it, he says yes Reema. Zara says there is no sofa here, lets ask for another room. They come to manager. Kabir says actually.. we need another room, she laughs. Zara says we are not joking. Manager says I am sorry but all rooms are booked. Zara asks if they have nylon rope? she says yes. Kabir looks on.
Ruksaar arrives in Kashmir. She comes to hotel where Zara and Kabir are staying. Manager gives her room key. Ruksaar takes off veil and smirks, she thinks that Zara will stay here forever and I will return with Kabir.

Ayesha says to Zeenat that I didnt realize you need vacations too, I booked tickets for you, Kashan, Ayan and Ruksaar for Kerala, Zeenat says its not needed. Ayesha says you have been working so go, she leaves. Zeenat tears papers.

Zara brings rope to room, Kabir asks what you want to do? Zara says any girl with lounge would make noose of it and hang herself, he laughs and says if you are doing it? she says no I have mind too so I will make partition on bed so you can sleep on other side, he says I can sleep on floor. Zara says this is cold place, you will become ice cream. She makes partition with curtain hanging in middle of bed, Kabir helps her.

Ruksaar chats with Viraj using Zara’s fake ID, she says I am in Kashmir but I am with someone who doesnt have my heart, I cant even enjoy these valleys. Viraj says soon you will enjoy these valleys and you will have someone who owns your heart. Ruksaar writes that I wish that person is like you. She smirks.

Scene 2
Zara and Kabir lies on bed. He asks to switch off lights, she says I cant sleep in darkness. He says fine, I dont want to argue here. She asks why? she holds curtain, he holds it too and mistakenly puts hand on her hand, they share eyelock, Zara moves her hand away. Kabir says I dont like your ways so you might not like me too, we are together here alone so we can bear each other and roam around here like friends. Zara says you like to roam around too? He says I am human too, Zara says but different kind of human, where you like to go? he says anywhere, will we be friends? She says till you are friend then I am friend too, he says okay. Zara thinks and says you can switch off your side’s light. good night. Kabir is surprised but thanks her. Zara smiles.

Ruksaar calls Zeenat and says I am working as per plan. Zeenat says I pray for your success, I have added 1 lac in your account, if you need more then tell me. Ruksaar says you are best sister. Zeenat says just come with Kabir back and our dream will fulfill.

In morning, curtain falls from bed so their partition is off. Kabir wakes up and sees partition off, he sighs and sees Zara’s foot on his foot out of blanket, he is surprised. He tries to move away her foot from his, Subhanallah plays as he stares at her.. Zara turns and moves closer, she puts hand on his chest, he looks at her face closely and is lost. He tries to remove her hand.. Zara wakes up and sees him holding her hand. She smiles a little but then realizes their position.

Zara wakes seeing Kabir holding her hand and them close to each other. Ishq subanallah plays. Zara gets up. Kabir leaves her hand and says your hand was on me? she says what? and sees his foot tangled with him, she moves it away and says sorry. Kabir asks to use washroom. Zara says you can use it first, Kabir says we decided to not argue.

Kabir and Zara offers namaz. Kabir says I have to work out so you cant take bath.
Kabir takes off his shirt and does work out. Zara comes out of bath and dries her hair in balcony. She sees Kabir working out near river. She smiles and admires his body, she thinks is this same priest which I married? Kabir sees her smiling at him. Zara looks away and says morning.. I mean its good view of morning. Zara murmurs I didnt have to ogle him,

dont know what he is thinking. Reema calls Zara. Zara says its a beautiful view here, wish you were here. Kabir says to Zara that lets call for breakfast. Zara says we didnt come to stay in room, lets go out and eat.
Kabir and Zara takes cab to for breakfast. Ruksaar is in car and follows them.

Kabir and Zara comes out to a restaurant. Ruksaar comes there too. Zara says I always loved Kashmiri food. Kabir says how many times you came here? Zara says we dont need to be here to eat kashmiri food. Zara asks him to order. Kabir asks her to order. Zara does. Kabir says you will eat alone, I dont eat outside. Zara says but you were hungry, we cant eat on floor here. Kabir says dont argue, eating on floor is our religion thing so dont argue. Zara says fine I will eat and show off too. Food comes there but Zara doesnt it. He asks what? Zara says I am not bad like you, I cant eat when you are not eating. Kabir says you want to win by emotionally blackmailing me.

Zara says its not about winning or losing, I dont like to eat alone. Kabir says fine, lets eats together. He gets up, puts newspaper and food on floor, all look on. zara says all are looking. Kabir says come eat with me, you catn be embarrassed infront of people but want to me get embarrassed inftront of God. Manager comes there and says you cant eat on floor here. He says okay. Zara shouts for waiter for pack it, she angrily turns to leave but Kabir holds her hand and says Zara.. she glares at him. Kabir asks her to sit down and eat. Zara thinks I will keep him hungry. Zara leaves. Kabir pays bill and goes behind her. Ruksaar follows them but is lost.

Zara and Kabir hires shikara. They are in river. Kabir says we can eat here. Zara thinks you will eat breakfast with dinner now. Zara deliberately throws food in river and says sorry it slipped. Kabir says its okay. Zara says there is a hotel nearby, where we can eat. Kabir says its okay, I am not hungry anymore, if you want to eat then we can go. Zara thinks he doesnt care about someone else’s emotions, I wont be miffed because of him. Zara captures pictures. They see a couple romancing in other shikara, woman asks man to move away, he pulls her closer and says you are my wife, he kisses her. Zara and Kabir are awkward. Kabir sits beside Zara and blocks her view. Couple keeps kissing, Kabir says weather is cold, Zara says yes, Zara says yes. Kabir asks rider to drive them back.

Scene 2
Siraj Ahmed who is chatting with fake Zara messages her. Ruksaar messages him that I came here to meet you, I am dying to meet you. Siraj says soon Zara we will be roaming in Kashmir.

Kabir and Zara roams in Kashmir, Zara takes selfies, Kabir comes in background in some photos. Zara enjoys view. They come to an abandoned fort. Zara is busy taking pictures and goes on her own, she sees Kabir missing and gets worried. She looks around for him. Kabir comes there and where did you go? he brings peas for her and says I brought this for you, Zara says you eat too. Kabir says I am allergic, Zara says lets go to hotel, you must be hungry.

Siraj messages fake Zara that if you are not happy with your husband then I wont let you stay with him. Ruksaar writes that my husband doesnt care about me, he never gives me flowers and stuff. Ruksaar sees Kabir and Zara returning to hotel. She leaves her laptop on table and hides. Ruksaar sees Kabir talking to driver Bashir.
Kabir asks Zara to eat in hotel, Zara says you wait here, I will go freshen up, she leaves. Kabir comes to hotel’s dining area. He sees a laptop on one table. Its ruksaar’s laptop and Fake Zara’s chat is open. Kabir sits on other table. Ruksaar takes her laptop. Kabir turns so she hides under table. Kabir sees laptop missing and stands up.

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