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Zara’s Nikah December Teasers 2020

Kabir refuses to accept Zara back until she agrees to abide by his conditions. Rizwan wants Zara to release him from jail so that he can work towards taking revenge on Shahbaz. Coming up on Zara’s Nikah December 2020 Teasers :

Zee World Zara’s Nikah December 2020 Teasers 

Tuesday 1 December  2020

Episode 157

In the guise of a driver and a nurse respectively, Zara and Azra arrive at the Ahmed house to escort Ayesha for her therapy. Azra makes false excuses to evade being caught by Kabir. Things get difficult when Kabir decides to accompany Ayesha as well. Zeenat arrives at Dr Nagma’s clinic and sees Zara and Ayesha together. She conspires with Shahbaz to get Zara arrested to teach her a lesson.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Episode 158

Zeenat warns Zara to give up hopes to reunite with Kabir. Shahbaz suggests Kabir to get Zara to hate him to keep her at bay. Zara arrives at the Ahmed house to repair the damages. Zeenat gets furious at Zara’s audacity. Peer Sahab changes his opinion regarding Zara and Kabir’s togetherness. Kashan advises Kabir to change his decision to separate from Zara. Kabir saves Zara from getting injured. Kabir comes close to confessing his secret.

Thursday 3 December 2020

Episode 159

To stay away from Zara, he decides to move to Dubai until their divorce is finalised. Zara pleads with Kabir to change his mind. Kabir strongly advises her to stay away from him and to free him of their relationship.

Friday 4 December 2020

Episode 160

Kabir leaves for the airport with Shahbaz. Mysteriously changing his decision, Kabir agrees to give another chance to his marriage. Kabir discloses his real intention behind reuniting with Zara to Shahbaz.

Saturday 5 December 2020 

Episode 161

Shahbaz, along with his goon Rehman, plots to end Zara’s life.  Kabir catches Maqbool and realises that he is the same person who had shot Zara. Maqbool confesses to his crime but hides Shahbaz’s culpability. He instead blames Rizwan for the attacks.

Zara's Nikah December Teasers 2020


Sunday 6 December  2020  

Episode 162

Kabir decides to stay with the Siddiquis to protect Zara.  Shahbaz manipulates Kabir to stay away from Zara, but he denies. Amina is left impressed with Kabir’s care for Zara. Posing as a maid, Rehman’s lackey named Mehroon infiltrates the Siddiqui house.

Monday 7 December  2020 

Episode 163

Mehroon sets Zara’s scarf on fire and also tries to poison her, but Zara is saved each time. The next trap set by Mehroon proves fatal for Zara.  Zara finds a way to learn about Maqbool’s boss’ identity. Shahbaz and Rehman devise a plan to kill Maqbool.

Tuesday 8 December  2020 

Episode 164

The police spot Maqbool but he points a gun at himself. Later, a shot is fired and Maqbool falls to the ground. Zara laments over Maqbool’s death. She also keeps the details of her abduction a secret from Kabir. Kabir refuses to accept Zara back until she agrees to abide by his conditions.

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Episode 165

Zara tries to reason with him, but he refuses to relent. Kabir gives an ultimatum to Zara. Later, Zara is on her way to feed underprivileged children, when she sees Kabir on the street with his head in his hands. Their eyes meet, but she rides away. Qazi suffers a heart attack due to the turmoil in Zara’s life.

Thursday 10 December 2020

Episode 166

Zara contacts Kabir to get Qazi’s medical prescriptions back. Shahbaz blocks Zara’s attempt to contact Kabir on Zeenat’s advice. Zara forcefully acquires the medical records from Kabir’s car. Qazi gains consciousness after a successful surgery. Ayesha demands Kabir to leave their home. In the hospital while getting medicines for Ayesha, Kabir bumps into Zara.

Friday 11 December 2020

Episode 167

Later, Zara learns about Ayesha’s ill health and Kabir living at the mosque and decides to go meet Ayesha. Salma is against it, but Qazi agrees with Zara. Zara meets Ayesha and she urges her to forgive Kabir, but to no avail.

Saturday 12 December 2020 

Episode 168

Kabir refuses to return to the Ahmed house until she breaks all ties with his family. Zara challenges to get Ayesha and Kabir together for Eid. Shahbaz instructs Zeenat to prevent Zara from making any moves. Kabir goes to meet Shahbaz and asks him if he knew about Qazi’s heart attack and all that Zara went through because of Zeenat.

Sunday 13 December  2020  

Episode 169

Then, Kabir states his unwillingness to be a part of the Shariah board. Later, Shahbaz pays Qazi a visit to deliver shocking news. Shahbaz learns about Zara’s new duties in the Shariah board. Zeenat doubts the staff of the hospital where Rukhsar has been admitted. Zara and Kabir reminisce about each other.

Monday 14 December  2020 

Episode 170

At the Eid party, Rukhsar enters with her face covered. She pretends to be part of the staff and reminds Zara of someone. Kabir refuses to acknowledge Zeenat during the Eid party. Rukhsar helps Zara and vows to atone for her past mistakes. Kabir’s emotional apology melts Ayesha.

Tuesday 15 December  2020 

Episode 171

Not knowing that Rukaiyya is Rukhsar, Zeenat accuses her of spying on the Ahmeds. Zara becomes suspicious of Rukaiyya and wonders how she could be related to the Ahmed family. Rukhsar gets exposed in front of all. She pleads innocence and claims to have changed her ways, but Kabir refuses to believe her. Zeenat conspires to get Rukhsar back in Kabir’s life.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Episode 172

Ayesha gauges Kabir’s feelings towards Rukhsar. Kabir and Zara visit Rukhsar to test her motives. Later, a man hired by Rukhsar tells Kabir that he wants to be with Zara. This makes Kabir furious. He breaks a glass in anger and attacks the man.


Thursday 17 December 2020

Episode 173

Zeenat lauds Rukhsar for her pretence to reunite Zara and Kabir. Kabir overhears her and misunderstands Rukhsar’s actions. Zara decides to meet Rizwan in the prison. Kabir worries for Zara’s safety with Rukhsar around. Kabir learns about Zara’s impending visit to the prison. He disguises himself as a cab driver to prevent Zara from reaching there.

Friday 18 December 2020

Episode 174

Ahead of Zara’s visit, Shahbaz arrives at the prison to meet Rizwan.  The reason why Rizwan took the blame for attempting to kill Zara is revealed. Disguised as a cab driver, Kabir tries to stop Zara from reaching the prison in time. Rizwan wants Zara to release him from jail so that he can work towards taking revenge on Shahbaz.

Saturday 19 December 2020 

Episode 175

Zara brings an ailing Rukhsar to the Siddiqui house. Kabir tells Shahbaz to keep Rukhsar away from Zara. Kabir arrives at the Siddiqui house and insists that Rukhsar leave with him, to which Rukhsar agrees on a condition. Elsewhere, Zara reminisces about all the memories she has with Kabir and tears roll down her cheeks.

Sunday 20 December  2020  

Episode 176

Later the Ahmeds arrive at the Siddiqui house to take Rukhsar back. Rukhsar confesses that she has been lying, and hands Kabir a certificate that shocks everyone.

Monday 21 December  2020 

Episode 177

Zara and Azra help release Rizwan from jail on a temporary basis and hope this will help them find Maqbool’s boss. At the cafe, Kabir overhears that Qazi is in dire need of money and he vows to work tirelessly to help pay Qazi’s loan. Later, Zara and Kabir meet his cousin Aaliya at a café.

Tuesday 22 December  2020 

Episode 178

Azra expresses her suspicions about Rukhsar to Zara. Later, she catches Rukhsar sneaking into Qazi’s room at night. Salma realises that Rukhsar was trying to keep the money in their room and not steal. Zara learns about her family’s financial problems and promises to help.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Episode 179

Shahbaz learns that Zara may end up working at the same NGO as Kabir. With a hidden agenda, he meets with the NGO’s owner. Zara is left shocked upon meeting Kabir at the NGO.  Meanwhile, Rizwan gets his hands on the golden gloves which could incriminate Shahbaz.

Thursday 24 December 2020

Episode 180

Zara and Kabir refuse to speak ill about each other during the investors meeting. They instead turn the tables on Wasim and reject the job offers. Kabir saves Qazi from getting injured. Shahbaz gets Zara and Kabir’s picture published in a newspaper. The accompanying news article puts Zara and her morals in a bad light.

Friday 25 December 2020

Episode 181

Kashan conveys a bad news regarding their business to Shahbaz and Kabir. Wasim requests Zara and Kabir to solve a sudden crisis with the Bilasa Village School Project undertaken by his NGO. This crisis had been orchestrated by Rizwan. Kabir and Zara arrive at Sajid’s factory in Bilasa to solve the NGO’s crisis.

Zara's Nikah December Teasers 2020


Saturday 26 December 2020 

Episode 182

Fearing that this crisis may bring the couple together, Shahbaz instructs Rehman to blast the factory. Rizwan traps an unconscious Zara and Kabir inside the factory. Kabir is unable to find a way to get Zara out of the factory. Zara expresses her last wishes to Kabir and slips into unconsciousness.

Sunday 27 December  2020  

Episode 183

Rehman sets off the blast. Rizwan’s goons tell the police about Kabir and Zara being locked inside the factory. Rizwan gloats over how he had orchestrated Kabir’s death and will incriminate Shahbaz for it. Elsewhere, Kabir is seen tending to Zara’s injury, having escaped the factory before the blast.

Monday 28 December  2020 

Episode 184

Rizwan’s ally threatens the goons from revealing about Rizwan’s hand in the blast to the police. Kabir pours his heart out to Zara and she regains consciousness. Shahbaz learns that the police have found the proof which could incriminate him for the blast.

Tuesday 29 December  2020 

Episode 185

Rizwan gets the golden gloves back from the police. Kabir refuses to answer Zara’s questions. Zara and Kabir return to their homes. On receiving the final ‘khula’ notice, Zara vows to learn why Kabir wants to separate from her. Kabir tells Imran that he has decided to divorce Zara. Zara tries to find the reason behind Kabir’s decision.

Wednesday 30 December 2020

Episode 186

Zara, along with Azra and Rukhsar, arrives at the Ahmed house for Ayesha and Shahbaz’s wedding anniversary. Shahbaz insults Zara and Qazi before a few guests. When Salma comes to get Zara back, Rukhsar informs her of Zara being with Kabir.

Zara’s Nikah January Teasers 2021

Thursday 31 December 2020

Episode 187

Shahbaz has all of Zara’s belongings sent back to the Siddiqui house. Going behind Zara’s back, Salma and Qazi entertain a potential suitor for her.

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