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Zara’s Nikah August Teasers 2020

Zara and Kabir’s plans to divorce each other does not go according to plan. Meanwhile, Miraj creates problems for the couple and ends up hurting Zara’s life in the process. Read Zara’s Nikah August Teasers 2020 below.

Coming up on Zara’s Nikah this August 2020 Teasers:

Saturday 1st August 2020 Zara’s Nikah

Episode 35

Zara reaches the Shariya board’s office and learns that the women have filed a case to fight for their rights to pray in the mosque. Kabir intervenes and asks Zara to stay away from religious matters but Zara refuses and says that being a woman does not stop her from entering the mosque.

Sunday 2nd August 2020

Episode 36

Zara is shocked to learn that the women are planning to take back their case as they don’t want to cause trouble between a husband and wife. Upon persisting, they put a shocking condition in front of her. Thereafter, Zara asks her dad for help in order to provide justice for Muslim women, but he turns down her request.

Monday 3rd August 2020 Zara’s Nikah

Episode 37

During the meeting, Zara argues with Kabir and proves that Muslim women have the right to pray in a mosque. After the hearing, Kafi Irfaan announces that women have equal rights to pray in a mosque.  Later, on Shahbaz’s insistence, Khalid approaches Kazi Irfaan along with Shariya board members and decides to file a case against Kabir.

Tuesday 4th August 2020

Episode 38

Despite their differences, Ayesha successfully brings Zara and Kabir under the same roof to celebrate Eid. While Rukhsar pays a surprise visit to Kabir’s family, Nilofer devises a plan to embarrass Zara.

Wednesday 5th August 2020

Episode 39

Kabir soon apologises to Zara and informs her about the three surprises that he has planned for her. Meanwhile, the relationship between their parents gets strained. Later, Zara makes a shocking revelation to Kabir. Nilofer, on the other hand, plays the final card of her plan while Shahbaz is brainwashed against Kabir and Zara.

Thursday 6th August 2020

Episode 40

Ayesha refuses to testify against Kabir at the Sharia Board meeting. Kabir then justifies his actions and steps down from his post. Kabir’s resignation causes a chain reaction at the meeting as the other members to follow his example. Kabir drops a bomb on both the families with his decision regarding Zara. As a result, Ayesha informs Kabir that he has cut all ties with his mother.

Friday 7th August 2020

Episode 41

Kabir threatens Zara that he will fulfill the remaining two divorces with her soon. This leaves Zara depressed but she doesn’t want to give up.

Saturday 8th August 2020

Episode 42

Zeenath, who is eager for Kabir and Zara’s divorce, meets Kabir’s father in private. He encourages Zeenath to create as many complications as she can between  both.

Sunday 9th August 2020 

Episode 43

Soon, Zara uses reverse psychology to convince Kabir to behave like a husband for the next 30 days. Shahbaz goes to visit Zara’s parents to discuss something important. Despite many efforts, Zara fails to make Kabir happy. Later, he makes an unusual request.

Monday 10th August 2020

Episode 44

Zara is humiliated at the function she attends with Kabir when the people states that a couple who has been divorced cannot be together.

Tuesday 11th August 2020

Episode 45

Zara notices that Kabir is down with high fever and rushes him to a hospital. The doctors diagnose Kabir with a lung disease. Shahbaz and Zeenat blame Zara for Kabir’s condition. Imran and Rima then instruct Zara to lie about what happened.

Wednesday 12th August 2020

Episode 46

Kabir and Zara share a romantic moment. Irrespective of the differences between them, Zara decides to take proper care of Kabir. However, Shahbaz tells Miraj and Zeenat to create misunderstanding between them. Kabir visits Zara’s house and apologises to Kazi for insulting him during the inauguration of Kabir’s business project. He further assures Zara’s father that he will mend his relationship with Zara.

Thursday 13th August 2020

Episode 47

Meanwhile, Nilofer and Miraj get intimate with each other just to have fun. While passing by their room, Zara is shocked when she accidentally sees them. Nilofer tries her best to persuade Zara into thinking that she is Miraj’s sister but fails in doing so. Zara confronts her about her true identity and reveals something shocking.

Friday 14th August 2020

Episode 48

Miraj challenges Kabir to a round of arm-wrestling. While the duo is at it, Miraj advises Kabir to go ahead and complete his divorce with Zara. Back at home, Zara feels guilty about what happened with Kabir and confides in Rima. To cheer Zara up, Rima informs her about Kabir’s surprise for her. The next day, Kabir overhears Miraj and Nilofer discussing their plan to kill Imran and Amaan.

Saturday 15th August 2020

Episode 49

As planned, Miraj sends Imran away with Niloufer for a dinner date. Zara gives Kabir a ride on her new bike around the porch of the house. She soon hugs him excitedly, thanking him for such a wonderful present. Miraj tries to get Zara and Kabir killed in the guise of an accident, but Niloufer warns him against doing so. Miraj approaches Kabir’s father and suggests a plan to help him achieve his ambitions regarding the Sharia Board.

Sunday 16th August 2020

Episode 50

When Zeenat speaks of her plans to bring Rukhsar home for the wedding, Niloufer is alerted. When Miraj takes Kabir out to discuss the project and picks a fight with him instead about the Sharia Board issue, Kabir gets upset. Later, when Kabir gets romantic with Zara, she brings up the topic of their divorce.

Monday 17th August 2020

Episode 51

Kabir confides in Shahbaz about his financial issue. He agrees to give him one crore but puts forth three conditions.  Nilofar then lets Miraj know that she is not interested in working for him, but he refuses to acknowledge her decision. She is unaware that he is plotting something vicious against her.

Tuesday 18th August 2020 

Episode 52

Miraj comes to Zara’s house and is angry with her. He tries to harm her but luckily Kabir steps in and saves her. This leads to further complications and a very ugly fight ensues between Kabir and Miraj.  After many attempts from Kabir to learn the truth, Miraj finally discloses his ghastly secrets.

Wednesday 19th August 2020

Episode 53

On the occasion of Zara’s birthday, Kabir brings her to her maternal home. Zara then is tensed about Miraj’s evil intentions and asks Kabir to not celebrate her birthday. However, he refuses to agree with her. Later, Miraj arrives at the party and insults Kabir leaving him infuriated.

Thursday 20th August 2020

Episode 54

Kabir tells Zara that there might be some problems for them if she becomes the Nayab Qazi. Khalid manages to smuggle Niloufer out by hoodwinking Zeenat.  After Kabir leaves for work, Zara is baffled when she finds a piece of paper regarding Miraj’s background. She later rushes to find Kabir and reveals the grave danger he is in.

Friday 21st August 2020

Episode 55

Elsewhere, Miraj blackmails Kashaan for fiddling with his father’s accounts.  Zara requests Imran and Rima to help her expose the people who have made a business out of ‘nikah halala’, an Islamic law involving female divorcees. The results of their sting operation leave them baffled.

Saturday 22nd August  2020

Episode 56

Kabir and Imran brainstorm over what to do about their financial handicap when Miraj arrives there. He tries to instigate Kabir on purpose which causes a scuffle between them shortly after.

Sunday 23rd August 2020

Episode 57

When Nilofer offers to help Zara, she asks her to go and meet Abida’s husband. Meanwhile, Kabir also meets Wasim and gets angry when he tells him that he wants to remarry Abida so that he does not have to pay the alimony.

Monday 24th August 2020

Episode 58

Finally, after Ayesha advises her, Zara decides to reconcile with her husband. Miraj and Nilofer get into a heated argument when they notice Zara and Kabir together. The next day, when the news about Zara reopening Wasim’s case reaches his ears, Kabir loses his temper. However, Zara makes up her mind to abolish the marriage laws and refuses to withdraw the case. Meanwhile, Wasim manages to prove himself innocent at the sharia board meeting.

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Episode 59

During Kabir and Zara’s heated debate, a few people intervene only to insult them. Meanwhile, her parents get concerned about her future. Shahbaz, on the other hand, gets upset to receive a threat from his idol. Nilofer, who eavesdrops on Miraj’s conversation, is shocked to learn the truth about his goal. While Shahbaz sternly expresses his concern to Kabir, Abida’s new husband starts torturing her.

Wednesday 26th August 2020

Episode 60

Zara’s father asks for Kabir’s opinion after she is done presenting her side of the case. His response is disappointing for Zara, who soon resigns from her post. At home, a confident Shahbaz arranges for a press conference which doesn’t end according to his liking. Nilofer is rushed to a hospital owing to her deteriorating health. When Zeenat finds out that Zara ignored Nilofer’s condition to help Abida instead, she gets furious and reprimands her.

Thursday 27th August 2020

Episode 61

Kabeer and Zara are both devout followers of Islam but interpret the ‘Quraan’ differently. Kabeer abides by the traditional code of conduct and Zara applies the teachings of Allah in a practical way. Kabeer and Zara take us on a journey of their world where they are grappling with issues like Triple Talaaq.

Friday 28th August 2020

Episode 62

Kabir tries to cheer up a worried Zara by attempting to make her laugh. When he goes to fetch some documents on the way to her house, she helps a lost child find her mother. Kabir, on the other hand, is shocked when a group of people arrive there, chanting slogans against Zara. She is then attacked in the ensuing scuffle.

Saturday 29th August 2020

Episode 63

Kabir is surrounded by a mob and a fight breaks out which injures Zara. Zara rushes to the police station to seek help for Kabir but fails. Inspector Pandey is about to arrest Zara on the basis of some evidence, but Kabir saves Zara by getting the anticipatory bail. Later, Kabir tells Shahbaz that he will divorce Zara only if he cannot prove Zara innocent in seven days.

Sunday 30th August 2020 

Episode 64

The inspector concludes from the available feed that Zara has killed Nilofer as well. Zara and Kabir deduce that Hashim is involved in the murder.  Zara follows the man in burqa to find out his true identity. Kabir rushes to save Zara and informs her that it’s a trap. Later, Zara informs Imran and Reema about the trap. Kabir suspects that there is an informer in their team who has leaked the plan to Hashim.

Monday 31st August 2020

Episode 65

Ali leaves Zara in an abandoned scrapyard. She calls Kabir but is ambushed by Miraj, who locks her in a car with a bomb.  Zara’s last rites are performed, but Kabir is convinced she is still alive. The next day, he convinces his team of the same and shares his plan to find her. Elsewhere, Miraj dumps Zara in an isolated building and explains how she is dead to the world.

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