Zara returns as a ghost on Iron Lady Zee World

Zara returns as a ghost on Iron Lady

Indira’s lookalike, Zara Malik Khan captured viewers heart when she made her appearance but when becomes excessively obsessed with Rishi, her character gets totally dejected by the fans. Zara was last seen sent to the mental hospital when she displayed psychotic attitudes after trying to kill Indira. However, the show has come up with yet another surprise for the audience by digging up the Zara’s role to come back once again. Zara returns by disguising as a ghost to torment Indira and her in-laws.

She also join hands with a member of the family to deceive everyone and get intimate with Rishi in Indira’s absence. This time, Zara is not playing around as she will become more heartless in stirring turmoil in the lives of Indira and Rishi. Read December Teasers Season Finale.

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