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Young Love November Teasers 2020 Glow Tv

Dadissa breathes her last. 15 years have passed since Anandi was shot by Akhiraj and now Nimboli has grown up to be known as Dr. Nandini, an able and mature young lady.  Below are the Young Love November 2020 Teasers:

Glow Tv Young Love November 2020 Teasers

Monday 2 November 2020

Episode 2142

Nimboli learns that her real mother is Anandi. Mangala tries to convince Nimboli to stay with her however, Nimboli scolds her back and choses to go with Anandi. Later, back at home Shivam welcomes Nimboli and the family prays for peace.

Episode 2143

Anandi is overjoyed to have Nimboli back with her again, but Mangala is in a delusional state due to her separation with Nimboli. Later, Anandi urges Jagdish to bring Mangala back, but he refuses.

Tuesday 3 November 2020

Episode 2144

Anandi sees a mentally unstable Mangala treating a doll as her daughter Nimboli and decides to take her along. Unable to keep Mangala at her house, Anandi decides to shift her to the Mental Hospital in order to get proper treatment and surveillance.

Episode 2145

Akhiraj disguises himself and accompanied by Harki and Kundan, arrives in Jaitser with the sole purpose of taking revenge against Anandi and her family. Meanwhile, Nimboli is sad after a deranged Mangala fails to recognise her in the hospital.

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Episode 2146

Kalyani devi visits Baba Ji along with Nandini and Mannu. When Baba Ji preaches to Kalyani devi, Kundan cuts the break lines of Kalyani Devi’s car. Later, while returning , Mannu learns about the break failure and everyone panics.

Episode 2147

Mannu somehow manages to abort the car accident. However, Babaji is surprised to learn the same. Later, Anandi insists Nandini to take Babaji’s bhabhuti, which is cursed. Soon, Nandini gets admitted in the hospital in a critical state.

Thursday 5 November 2020

Episode 2148

The condition of the patients in Jagdish’s hospital starts becoming worse due to the utilization of wrong medicines. Later, the local people create chaos in the hospital when the drug inspector puts his finger on the problem.

Episode 2149

Jagdish is alleged of killing the patients in his hospitals. Villagers go to Jagdish’s house to punish him. However efforts made by Dadisa and Nandini send them back. Anandi and Ganga are adamant to solve the puzzle and bring the culprit to justice.

Friday 6 November 2020

Episode 2150

Mangala escapes from the mental hospital after one of the hospital staff mistreats with her doll who she assumes to be Nimboli. Earlier, Akhiraj attempts to murder Gupta by hitting him on the highway. However, Gupta survives after being taken to hospital.

Episode 2151

Mangala Devi falls off edge of a cliff and perishes when she tries to save the doll who resembles her daughter Nimboli. However, a disconsolate Nimboli realizes that Managala Devi’s fate could’ve been different with forgiveness from her side.

Monday 9 November 2020

Episode 2152

Nandini is sad, but Anandi wipes her tears and makes her laugh again. Shiv and Dadisa are still keen on convincing Anandi to marry Dr. Anant and when she returns from Jaipur, she finds the family with him.

Episode 2153

Anandi brings in Pushpa and asks Anant to give her a chance as she has realized her mistakes. Anant talks to Nidhi and they decide to give Pushpa another chance. Later, the police arrest Jagdish.

Tuesday 10 November 2020

Episode 2154

Somesh confesses, in the presence of the police, that he had a part to play in the vegetables and medicines being poisoned and also that it was only for the money offered to him by Samsher Singh and Baba Anand Maharaj.

Episode 2155

Baba Anand Maharaj escapes with Kavita before Jagya, Anandi and the Police raid his ashram. Disguising his lustful desires as a religious act, Baba gets the villagers to support the marriage to Kavita.

Wednesday 11 November 2020

Episode 2156

Anandi notices Akhiraj disguised as Anand Baba and tries to record his confession on a phone to use it as evidence against him. However, Akhiraj destroys the phone and tries to kill Anandi by throwing her into a dry well.

Episode 2157

When Akhiraj tries to kill Anandi by throwing her into a well, she survives the fall and climbs out with Jagya’s help. She rushes to stop Kavita’s marriage and expose Akhiraj’s true colors.

Thursday 12 November 2020

Episode 2158

Akhiraj stoops down to the level of defaming his own wife to conceal his fake identity. Anandi exposes the fake decoy and the police comes to arrest him. Misfortune awaits, as Akhiraj boils with aggression and attacks like a cornered animal.

Episode 2159

Dadisa lies hurt and helpless on the ground as she breathes her last. Anandi and the family cannot hold back their tears looking at her. Away from this tragedy, an absconding Akhiraj is being chased by the police.

Friday 13 November 2020

Episode 2160

Anandi and her family reminisce about Dadisa as they prepare to bid her farewell for one last time. But is another tragedy waiting in the wings? Having evaded the police, Akhiraj returns with some help from his allies, resolved to get his revenge.

Episode 2161

Jagdish asks Anandi to fulfill Dadisa’s last rite rituals as she is more worthy of it. He goes in search for Akhiraj with the police, unaware that he is at the cremation ground, trying to kill Anandi.

Monday 16 November 2020

Episode 2162

On the run from the bloodthirsty Akhiraj, wounded Anandi with Shivam and Nimboli, makes her way through the desert. Will she be caught?

Episode 2163

Akhiraj closes the gap on Anandi and chases her throughout the night. Cornered by his men the next day, she retaliates and snatches a pistol from one of the goons. Will Anandi pull the trigger?

Tuesday 17 November 2020

Episode 2164

15 years have passed since Anandi was shot by Akhiraj and now Nimboli has grown up to be known as Dr. Nandini, an able and mature young lady. She helps a wounded young man recover and is proud to have earned a place in Jaipur’s medical community.

Episode 2165

Dr. Nandini tries to get in touch with the young man she rescued, but fails as he confuses her with a telemarketer. Later, the press reporters come to interview Nandini for her accomplishments but brings up her dark past, causing her immense agony.

Wednesday 18 November 2020

Episode 2166

Nandini puts her foot down and orders the reporters to leave when their question’s aggravate her. Sudha’s future in laws break all ties with the Shekhawat family as Nandini was once a victim of human trafficking and child marriage.

Episode 2167

Nandini has to face Sudha’s taunts at the breakfast table, but she gracefully concedes and does not talk back to Sudha. Later, Nandini calls Krish, but he is not too keen on speaking with her. She proceeds to the hospital and meets Dr. Goyal.

Thursday 19 November 2020

Episode 2168

Nandini is chosen as the doctor who will assist Dr. Amit in the complicated surgery. However, things take a sombre turn when the patient does not survive. What does Amit have to say to a heartbroken and conflicted Nandini?

Episode 2169

Dr. Amit’s father speaks to him and advises him to encourage Nandini. Amit and Nandini go out for lunch where she finally gets a call from Krish, who seems to be nearby. Will Krish reveal himself to her?

Friday 20 November 2020

Episode 2170

Krish beats the goon who misbehaved with Nandini. While everyone in the house is preparing to welcome Shivam after 15 years, Nandini misses the bus to Alwar, and Sudha’s in laws urgently want to meet Bapusa. This is when Amit comes to help her.

Episode 2171

Nandini visits Shivam at the police station on her birthday but is shocked when he tries to deceive her. Later, Nandini and Amit find an ambulance stuck in traffic with a pregnant lady amidst a procession promoting Shankar. What will Nandini do?

Monday 23 November 2020

Episode 2172

When Nandini tries to convince her parents to avoid paying Sudha’s dowry, Sudha is displeased and insults Nandini yet again. Later, Shivam mysteriously leaves a cake for Nandini. Will she uncover the link between him and Shankar?

Episode 2173

Nandini and Krish have another close encounter and the confusion about his identity is cleared. However, Krish’s mischievous play-acting makes life difficult for him. Later, protests erupt against Nandini and she is accused of being careless.

Tuesday 24 November 2020

Episode 2174

Shivam sends Nandini a video that helps save Suryoday hospital. Nandini is surprised to know that Krish has rented a room in her house. Initially against it, she agrees later due to the financial difficulty her family is facing.

Episode 2175

Sudha, shattered and in despair, informs Nandini that Premal’s parents have disapprove of their marriage. Sudha then tries to commit suicide by drinking poison. When Nandini takes her to the hospital, Dr. Amit gives her a shocking news.

Wednesday 25 November 2020

Episode 2176

Having prevented Sudha from committing suicide, Nandini visits Sudha’s future in-laws’ to convince them to go ahead with the wedding. Calling her a ‘Balika Vadhu’, they insult her and refuse the proposal.

Episode 2177

Seeing Krish at the Central Jail, Nandini questions him about lying to her parents, and his parentage. In response, he tells her not to be judgemental. With her loan request rejected, Nandini pawns the bangles Anandi had given her.


Thursday 26 November 2020

Episode 2178

Sudha’s grandmother comes to attend her sangeet ceremony. However, she dislikes Nandini and humiliates her. Later, Nandini invites Dr. Amit to the sangeet ceremony, while his father hopes for them to get closer. Will that happen?

Episode 2179

Nandini is shocked to see Shankar as the special guest of Sudha’s in laws. Amidst the celebration, Shankar quietly comes into Nandini’s room and finds the birthday gifts that she had kept for him over the years.

Friday 27 November 2020

Episode 2180

Shivam shoves chilli powder inside Nanisa’s mouth in return for her insulting Nandini in front of everyone. Dr. Amit feels bitter seeing Nandini dance with Krish and later, he unreasonably confronts Krish for recording Nandini’s dance performance.

Episode 2181

Nandini faces a shortage of funds for Sudha’s marriage and calls for some financial help. Later, Sudha faints during her dance performance and is nursed by a concerned Nandini.

Monday 30 November 2020

Episode 2182

With the bank loan passed, Nandini is happy as she finds out that the person who stood as her guarantee is Dr. Amit. While on her way back home, a stranger barges into the auto that Nandini halts, leaving behind a tika that reminds her of her past.

Episode 2183

During Sudha and Premal’s marriage, Krish takes Nandini out and puts a Maang Tika on her forehead. She slaps him and explains its significance. Having questioned Nandini about her marriage, Krish calls the same stranger who had barged into her auto.

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