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Young Love January Teasers 2021 Glow Tv

On the Season Finale episodes, Krish confronts Nandini about hiding the truth about Kundan’s deeds. Elsewhere, Premal and his mother manipulate Sudha into earning money. Read Young Love January Teasers 2021 Glow Tv.

Glow Tv Young Love January Teasers 2021 Season Finale

Monday 4 January 2021

Episode  2219

Nandini is shocked when the policemen arrive with a notice banning her from continuing her medical practice until proven innocent. Later, Kundan torments Nandini about losing her job and threatens to use this news to ruin Krish’s MD exams.

Episode 2220

Kundan breaks the news to Krish about Nandini being fired from the hospital and he gets furious and vents his anger at her for hiding the truth. Despite serious objections from Vandana, Premal, and Sudha, Amit is hell-bent on proving Nandini innocent.

Tuesday 5 January 2021

Episode 2221

Kundan tries to make Nandini break his fast but she dodges this fix with skill. After facing the humiliation by Dr Naresh, Vandana decides to leave Amit and gives him the freedom to pursue Nandini. Krish and Nandini finally leave for their honeymoon.

Episode 2222

Nandini and Krish’s intimate moment is interrupted by a strange sound. Earlier in the day, Kundan was furious and was frantically trying to find Krish and Nandini’s honeymoon destination. Has he come to sabotage it? Elsewhere, Sudha adorns the role of a ‘Rudaali’.

Wednesday 6 January 2021

Episode 2223

Finding Krish and Nandini asleep, Kundan torches their honeymoon suite. Elsewhere, Sudha is stalked by some miscreants and is saved in time by Shivam. Meanwhile, Karuna gets to know of Kundan’s intentions.

Episode  2224

Krish and Nandini make it home safely, however she suffers minor burns. Kundan, too, returns with minor burns and makes up a story about his friend being killed. Later on, Kalyani Devi appears to Nandini and tells her to expose Kundan before Krish.

Thursday 7 January 2021

Episode 2225

Krish and Nandini make it home safely, however she suffers minor burns. Kundan, too, returns with minor burns and makes up a story about his friend being killed. Later on, Kalyani Devi appears to Nandini and tells her to expose Kundan before Krish.

Episode 2226

Krish is late for his exams. Kundan poisons Triveni and Karuna’s mind against Nandini by stating that she is forgetting her responsibilities as a daughter-in-law and a wife. Triveni makes Nandini’s life a living hell. Will Kundan have his way?

Friday 8 January 2021

Episode 2227

Kundan tells Nandini that he pushed Karuna, leading to her blood pressure being raised. Kundan gets Nandini repeatedly insulted by Triveni and even gets Krish scolded by Karuna when he defends Nandini.

Episode 2228

Kundan’s viciousness gleams when he threatens to kill Karuna if Nandini reveals the truth to Krish. Then, he insidiously plans to drug Nandini into sleeping with him. Will Kundan be successful? Later, Shivam assaults an intoxicated Premal.

Monday 11 January 2021

Episode  2229

Triveni makes Nandini’s life a living hell by ordering her to have all the arrangements made for the ‘Jagrata’. Meanwhile, Kundan is setting the pawns to have Nandini trapped. Later, Shivam manages to get himself hired as a cook by Sudha’s family.

Episode  2230

While Krish is looking for evidence against Kundan, the latter calls ‘Rudaalis’ to Karuna’s birthday celebrations, intending to expose Sudha’s profession and put Nandini to shame. Meanwhile, Nandini pleases the family by decorating the temple.

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Episode  2231

On being blamed for calling ‘Rudaalis’ for Karuna’s birthday, Nandini is targetted and given a dressing down by Triveni and Kundan. Sudha, too, humiliates her for killing her unborn child. However, luck favours Nandini and she gets her medical degree back.

Episode  2232

On being accused for sabotaging Karuna’s birthday, Nandini is disheartened. Daadisa appears before her giving her courage to stand up for herself and retaliate against injustice. Nandini confronts Kundan and they get into a fight.

Wednesday 13 January 2021

Episode  2233

Krish arrives just in time as Kundan pulls out a gun on Nandini. Kundan’s sly manipulation attempts fail miserably and Krish ends up booting him. Karuna falls unconscious and is hospitalised, and Krish orders Kundan to walk out of her life.

Episode  2234

Krish confronts Nandini about hiding the truth about Kundan’s deeds. Elsewhere, Premal and his mother manipulate Sudha into earning money. Later, as Karuna wishes for Kundan to stay the night with her at the hospital, he devises his next scheme.

Thursday 14 January 2021

Episode  2235

After Krish’s warning, Kundan must now decide if he will leave Karuna and the family or stay behind. Nandini ensures that Karuna is stable while Triveni is very curious about Kundan’s misdeeds. Later, Shivam tries to find out what Premal is up to.

Episode  2236

Karuna is discharged from the hospital and she requests to meet Kundan. Kundan sneaks into her room late at night and is caught by Krish. Kundan seeks forgiveness, but Krish refuses to budge. Surprisingly, Nandini stops Kundan from leaving the house.

Friday 15 January 2021

Episode  2237

Krish is furious and opposes Nandini’s decision to let Kundan stay in the house. A perturbed Nandini feels Daadisa’s presence, who again warns her about Kundan’s malevolence. Later, Kundan’s crafty attempt to redeem himself fails to convince Krish.

Episode  2238

Nandini drives Krish up a wall when she asks him to take a more mature approach about letting Kundan stay. Later, she tries reaching Krish’s cell, but it is unreachable. Kundan kicks his wickedness up a notch by manipulating Triveni against Nandini.

Monday 18 January 2021

Episode  2239

Kundan mixes medicine in Karuna’s milk and Krish doubts his intentions. Kundan tells Nandini that he is a changed man. Krish distrusts him and asks him to drink the milk himself. Later, Sudha finds her missing necklace with an anonymous note.

Episode  2240

Krish finds Kundan walking around with a knife. He screams and disrespects Kundan but Karuna intervenes and questions about the unpleasant behavior with him. Later, Nandini tries to pacify Krish’s anger but he refuses to give in.

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Episode  2241

Krish is still upset over Nandini’s decision to let Kundan stay in the house. She tries to win him over by sending him an emotional message. Elsewhere, Shivam tries exposing Premal’s affair. Later, all are stunned to see Karuna in a new ‘avatar’

Episode  2242

Kundan’s plan on humiliating Nandini backfires when Krish takes Nandini’s side during a game being organised by Kundan. Also, Nandini is mocked at for the age difference between Krish and her. Elsewhere, Shivam proposes to Sudha.

Wednesday 20 January 2021

Episode  2243

Kundan’s plan to get Nandini drunk fails as the soft drink he spikes is consumed by Triveni, who gives him a dressing down. Later, Nandini gets drunk and has a passionate night with Krish. Elsewhere, Premal’s affair is exposed by Sudha and Shivam.

Episode  2244

Nandini is triggered into remembering her traumatic past, when she is made to sit for a ‘Puja’ not knowing that it is for Kundan’s dead parents. Kundan drugs Nandini and stirs Triveni into losing her cool over her. He also destroys Krish’s letter.

Thursday 21 January 2021

Episode  2245

Nandini is insulted and chastised by Karuna and Triveni, when she refuses to sit for the ‘Puja’. Krish arrives and loses his cool over Nandini on seeing Karuna collapse. Shivam saves Sudha and expresses his true feelings about her to Nandini.

Episode  2246

As the family prepares to leave the hospital, Kundan uses Shivam to arrange for some morphine and proceeds to put it in Karuna’s bag. The police arrive at Kundan’s behest and resort to violence against Karuna in jail. Can Nandini help her?

Friday 22 January 2021

Season Finale!

Good triumphs over evil, when Kundan meets his fate at the hands of Nandini and her family. A journey from Anandi to Nandini doesn’t end without a strong message that the evil custom of ‘Bal Vivah’ needs to be stopped. Nandini truly emerges victorious.

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Young Love full plot

It traces two young children, Anandi and Jagdish, who get married in childhood. The 8-year-old Anandi faces difficulties to accept and accustom herself to a new family of strangers as well as her roles as a friend, lover, wife and daughter-in-law during childhood. Further in the story, Jagya’s sister Sugna’s husband redies. After some time Shyam is impressed by her and wishes to marry her, but his father rejects while she is pregnant with Pratap’s child, so they leave Shyam, but later they accept Sugna. Later Jagdish and Anandi have final exams where Jagdish gets lesser marks so he replaces his paper with Anandi. Bhairon finds out about it so Jagdish runs from home to Mumbai, where some goons kidnap him. Police find out where the goons are and Jagdish and Anandi have a faceoff. One goon tries to shoot Jagdish but Anandi takes the bullet. She recovers and returns home. Later Daadisa wants to remarry Jagdish and remarries him with gudiya (Gauri). Bhairon rejects the marriage and takes Jagdish and Anandi back to the haveli. Anandi went back to her village for 5 Years for child marriage issues.

5 Years Later
Anandi returns to her in-laws. Jagdish and Anandi are in love. Basants father returns. Jagdish goes to Mumbai for his college education. In meantime, he falls in love with his colleague, Gauri and insults Anandi for being uneducated.

4 Years Later
Jagdish completes his MBBS and wants to work at Mumbai. Jagdish wants to marry Gauri, so he confesses the truth to Anandi that he doesn’t love her, actually, he didn’t his self knows that whether he loved Gauri or just impressed by her. Bhairon slaps and breaks all his ties with Jagdish stating that he has cheated Anandi. Gauri comes to know that Jagat is married and also that he lives in Jaitsar, not in Jaipur, ruined her life in childhood by marrying her with him and rejects her. So she wants to leave him.

Later she accepts Jagdish. Jagdish marries Gauri thinking that his marriage with Anandi was not valid as they were married in childhood and he comes back home with Gauri where family refuses to accept their marriage except Anandi. Bhairon asks Anandi to file a case against Jagdish by claiming that she is his legally wedded wife as according to the law if you are married in childhood and continue your marriage even after teenage then your marriage is considered legal. Anandi Singh refuses to do so and allows Jagdish to live with Gauri by thinking that marriage should be believed by heart and not forcefully.

After sometime Gauri gets pregnant but miscarries the baby which is then blamed to Anandi by brainwashing Jagdish. Because of the rejection from her in-laws, Gauri becomes vengeful towards them creating problems in her marital life with Jagdish. Anandi faces new challenges trying to carve her identity out in the world. She starts an NGO to educate girls, fights against child marriage, becomes Sarpanch Bitiya of Jaitsar. One day Anandi decides to move on by giving divorce to Jagdish, soon she sends divorce papers to Jagdish which makes Jagdish furious and he asks for his share in the property in spite of the divorce because of Gauri’s attempt of brainwashing him. Anandi refuses to do so by saying if he will not divorce her without asking any share then she will file a complaint against him for illegally marrying Gauri. By hearing this Gauri steps back and asks him to sign the divorce papers without asking for anything. Anandi meets district collector Shivraj Shekhar, who is impressed with her.

Jagdish’s family wants Anandi to marry Shivraj. Jagdish and Gauri have constant fights and finally, he comes to know that Gauri is cheating on him. He divorces her and realizes his mistakes. Jagdish vows to reunite with Anandi but is shocked learning about her wedding. He tries to create misunderstandings between Shiv and Anandi but is failed. Anandi marries Shivraj and forgives Jagdish and they remain friends.

Jagdish meets Ganga, another victim of child marriage and domestic violence and helps her in fulfilling her dream of being educated and becoming a nurse. Later Jagdish goes to Mumbai to complete his MS and Anandi moves to Udaipur with Shivraj.

After Anandi moves to Udaipur, Saanchi started hanging out with Jagdish and eventually developed a crush on him. She proposed the idea of marrying Jagdish to her parents and family and they agreed to talk to Jagdish’s family. Jagdish agreed to marry Saanchi and the preparations for their marriage started.

Saanchi thought that Ganga might be an obstacle to her marriage and tried to turn Sumitra against Ganga. A few days later, Ratan Singh (Ganga’s husband) attacked Jagdish’s family for Ganga’s son, completely turning Sumitra against Ganga. However, Ratan Singh ended up getting arrested by the police and Ganga Divorced him.

Saanchi and Jagdish get engaged and Ganga goes to Mangalore for further studies. Jagdish also goes to Mumbai to complete MS.

6 Months Later
Jagdish completes his MS and returns home. Sanchi wanted to marry Jagdish but later Jagdish come to know that Sanchi is just acting that she liked their family and to live in the village, so he marries Ganga. He also accepts her son Mannu and later Ganga gives birth to Abhimanyu. After some time Alok and Meenakshi confess the truth that Shiv is not the son of Alok And Iravati, but he is son Of Anoop and Meenakshi. Later family comes to know that Anoop is Alive and Anoop Returns. Anandi and Shivraj adopt an orphan named Amol who suffers from osteoarthritis giving him love and affection. Basant meets with an accident and dies, Gehna is left distraught with the news.

Kalyani and all her family go to the Mandir to pray and whilst there, they hear someone singing and his voice is so soothing, Kalyank asks the (pandit) priest who’s voice it is and the pandit pointed up at the stairs and said that he did not know his name but he is such a devotee to the Mandir, that he doesn’t speak to anyone, he just cleans, eats and sleeps there. Kalyani looks up at the stairs and called him to come down and as the devotee looked down he slips on some water on the stairs and comes rolling down the stairs, Shiv and Jagdish run towards him and as they turn him over, they realized it’s Gehna’s music (guru) teacher Niranjan and they take him home to take care of him.

A painter Pralash comes to the village, Shiv shows him around. He has a portrait of Anandi in his room which he calls Venus, and when he Shiv first introduces Anandi to Pralash, he thinks its Venus and starts to pester her to make her life hell, from calling her constantly to following her to work and threatens to take her away from Shiv. Diwali night, everyone is enjoying the fireworks display as well as sparklers, the fireworks are so loud that Pralash kidnaps Anadi from under Shiv’s nose. Shivraj and Anandi help Amol regain his ability to walk. Shivraj dies while trying to Udaipur from a terrorist attack. Amol is found by his real parents who had never abandoned him but lost him thinking he was dead, but they Give Anandi Amol Back.

Shortly after his death, Anandi gives birth to their twin children, Nandini and Shivam, but Akhiraj Singh kidnaps Nandini who is renamed Nimboli and made a slave by marrying his son Kundan as he wants to avenge Anandi for preventing Kundan’s wedding with a child bride.

11 Years Later
Nandini faces hardships of child marriage and domestic violence. Kundan is cruel towards her and grows up as a result of the wrong precedent set by the society around him. Anandi and Jagdish are searching for Nandini. Jagdish finally finds Nandini, but she says that she doesn’t like her mother. Later she comes to know that she was kidnapped.

Akhiraj is arrested but manages to escape from jail to avenge Anandi. He tries to kill Anandi, Jagdish, Nandini and Shivam but fails and then kidnaps Ganga, wanting to exchange her life for those of Jagdish, Anandi, Nandini and Kalyani in the first place.

Akhiraj succeeds in killing Anandi who protects Nandini and Shivam. In the ensuing action, Jagdish shoots Akhiraj to death. Nandini and Shivam fall into a river together with Anandi (whose death is shown through a flashback scene in Lamhe Pyaar Ke). Elsewhere Jagdish and Ganga presume them dead.

15 Years Later
Nandini has become a physician after Anandi’s death and was adopted by a man named Naren Shekhawat, who raised her. She recalls her past where she and Shivam were put in an orphanage, a few days later, Shivam was arrested for murdering a man who was trying to rape Nandini and hence they got separated.

Nandini made a promise to the decreasing Anandi that she would fulfil her wish about opening medical treatments in every corner of Rajasthan and name it as Anandi Memorial. She gets great support by her mentor and another physician Amit Goel, who later falls in love with her.

Shivam, now a gangster is mad because Nandini asked him to leave after the rape at the orphanage. Nandini meets medical student Krish Malhotra. They fall in love and marry. Nandini finds out that Krish’s stepfather is actually Kundan and the groom she chose for Naren’s daughter Sudha is actually Shivam.

Nandini reunites with Shivam. The police kills Kundan after he kidnaps Nandini to forcefully remarry her while threatening Sudha’s life and good prevails evil.