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Young Love December Teasers 2020 Glow Tv

Nandini is shocked to learn her father-in-law, Abhayram is none other than her ex-husband, Kundan. He is back to seek revenge from Nandini and vows to destroy her life.  Read Young Love December Teasers 2020.

Glow Tv Young Love December 2020  Teasers 

Tuesday 1 December  2020 

Episode 2184

Nandini approaches Shekhawat to talk to him, but Premal’s father interferes and demands to know if their demands have been met. Later, he receives Sudha’s medical report and confronts Shekhawat regarding the results.

Episode 2185

After much scrutiny, Premal confesses that he is responsible for Sudha’s pregnancy and agrees to marry her. Infuriated, his parents try to leave with him. However, Krish arrives with the police, threatening to get them arrested for demanding dowry.

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Episode 2186

Mr. Shekhawat scolds Nanisa for accusing Nandini of having an affair with Krish and asks her to leave the house. Filled with hostility, Nanisa locks Krish and Nandini in a room planning to embarrass the latter. Will her despicable plan work?

Episode 2187

Nanisa defames Nandini as she spots her with Krish in a room. Dr. Amit expresses his love to Nandini and proposes her to marry him. Later, Nandini and Dr. Amit’s engagement is interrupted by Krish. Who will Nandini choose?

Thursday 3 December 2020

Episode 2188

Krish arrives at Nandini’s house and gives her a ring, but she refuses it. Her family wishes her well and Krish subtly makes his advances while showing a happy demeanour. Krish confronts Nandini, who is confused. Later, inspector Chauhan phones her.

Episode 2189

Nandini’s worst fears have finally come true, as Kundan is out of jail and hell-bent on getting his revenge. Her only solace is Krish, who has vowed to protect her from all danger. But what if there is a conflict of interest he is unaware of?

Friday 4 December 2020

Episode 2190

Naanisa wants to stop Nandini’s marriage and intentionally sets her clothes on fire. Krish runs to her rescue and hurts himself in doing so. Later, he joins hands with Naanisa to prevent Nandini’s marriage and secretly protect her from her evil plans.

Episode 2191

Nandini has an intruder in her room. At the sangeet, she is green with envy when Krish flirts with Dr. Amit’s friend, Shiyaana. Later, Krish and Nandini have a moment, where she is overcome with emotions and confusion.

Monday 7 December  2020 

Episode 2192

Vandana reveals that she is Amit’s first wife to which everyone is taken aback. She goes on to insult Nandini and slaps her. Krish defends their marriage and tries to prove her wrong. Later, Amit loses his cool when Vandana says Nandini does not love him.

Episode 2193

Kundan reveals to Shivam the truth about Krish being his step son and later Shivam escapes from his captivity. At the wedding, to everyone’s surprise, Amit hands Nandini over to Krish and asks him to marry her, as they both are truly in love.

Tuesday 8 December  2020 

Episode 2194

Nandini and Krish are finally getting married. She asks Amit to tie the knot for them as a gesture to forget and forgive. Abhay Ram writhes in hatred for Nandini and can’t wait for her to come home so he can initiate his evil plans.

Episode 2195

Nandini and Krish are travelling in their car and on seeing her sad face, Krish tries to make her smile. Despite some hiccups, and a shock for Nandini, the couple makes a happy entrance to the house. However, it all seems like her troubles have begun.

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Episode 2196

Abhayram’s trick causes Krish to faint on his first night with Nandini. Shankar Singh is brought to the hospital injured and Dr. Amit tends to him. He reveals that his sister is in trouble before he slips into unconsciousness. What will Dr. Amit do?

Episode 2197

Nandini is shocked to learn her father-in-law, Abhayram is none other than her ex-husband, Kundan. He is back to seek revenge from Nandini and vows to destroy her life.

Thursday 10 December 2020

Episode 2198

Nandini is able to free herself from Kundan’s grip and warns him to inform Krish and Karuna about his evil intentions. Rife with rage to avenge his parents death, he threatens to ruin their lives too if required. What will Nandini do?

Episode 2199

Krish apologises to Nandini but interrupts her just as she is about to tell him the truth about Kundan. Later, Vandana offers Amit her support, demanding his love in return. Finally, Kundan’s game is up as Nandini decides to come clean.

Friday 11 December 2020

Episode 2200

Karuna faints after Nandini reveals Kundan’s true colors, causing an unwary Krish to unleash his fury on Nandini. Kundan deviously adds chilli powder in the curry to make Karuna ill and subsequently misbehaves with Nandini the moment he gets a chance.

Episode 2201

Seeing no one else at home and Krish’s mother asleep, Kundan tries to force himself on Nandini, yet again. However, she sprays perfume into his eyes and escapes. Later, Krish is unhappy that Nandini is not taking care of his mother.

Monday 14 December  2020 

Episode  2202

Krish picks Nandini up from her house and they go on a drive where a stray vehicle sent by Kundan gives them a scare. Krish reassures and consoles Nandini, who is still unable to tell him about her past.

Episode  2203

Krish files an FIR against Kundan and the cops arrive to meet Nandini. However, she refuses to disclose any details about her past and denies knowing anybody by the name of Kundan. Later, Krish is surprised when Shankar is admitted to the hospital.

Tuesday 15 December  2020 

Episode  2204

Premal and Sudha have an altercation following her argument with his mother. During the ‘puja,’ Nandini gets frequent calls from the hospital as Shankar’s condition worsens, prompting her to leave. Seeing this as an insult, Triveni slaps Nandini.

Episode  2205

Nandini storms off to the hospital regardless of Triveni’s disapproval, leaving the latter fuming with anger. Kundan plans to use Triveni against Nandini and vandalizes the ceiling fan with an intention of harming Krish.

Wednesday 16 December 2020

Episode  2206

The ceiling fan narrowly misses Krish and Triveni blames Nandini’s disregard for the rituals as a reason for it. Kundan tries to make a move on Nandini and she shrieks, causing Triveni and the others to arrive. Will Nandini tell them what happened?

Episode  2207

Kundan threatens Nandini by putting Krish’s life at stake. Meanwhile, Nandini is asked to make a hundred rotis by punditji to ensure a happy wedded life with Krish. Later, Kundan frames Nandini in front of Maasa, causing her effort to go in vain.

Thursday 17 December 2020

Episode  2208

Kundan’s scheme renders Nandini’s hard work as useless as the cow refuses to eat the rotis. When the panditji suggests an expensive remedy, Nandini stands up against Maasa’s superstitions. Premal asks Sudha to sell saaris despite her pregnancy.

Episode  2209

Still fuming about her insult to the family, Triveni demands Nandini’s family to arrange the 21 gold coins needed to repel the curse on Krish. However, Nandini is adamant about not giving in to superstition while Krish is tired of it all.

Friday 18 December 2020

Episode  2210

Krish comforts Nandini with his love after Triveni behaves bitterly towards her and blames her for Krish’s curse. Elsewhere, Kundan uses every opportunity to taunt Nandini. Meanwhile, 21 gold coins are offered at the temple to remove the curse.

Episode  2211

Kundan threatens to destroy Nandini’s life. Triveni adds to her stress by treating her like a slave. Meanwhile, Krish receives the dates for his MD exams and is worried about his preparation. Amidst all this a pregnant Sudha rushes to the hospital all alone. Will she find help at the right time?

Monday 21 December  2020 

Episode  2212

Triveni gets hold of the man who was stalking Nandini and her and trashes him, after which he reveals the truth, Later, she protects Nandini when Kundan threatens her. Meanwhile, Premal’s parents try to turn him against Sudha.

Episode  2213

Kundan’s plan to harm Karuna misfires, when Nandini saves her from being electrocuted by the live wire he had left in the washroom. However, Kundan turns the table and slaps Nandini, who later indirectly threatens him while talking to Triveni.

Tuesday 22 December  2020 

Episode  2214

Premal and his parents are influenced by Kundan and they proceed to meet Sudha in the hospital with intentions to murder her. However, an alert Nandini is there to prevent them from putting their evil plan into action.

Episode  2215

Nandini slaps Premal and holds him responsible for Sudha’s miscarriage. Nandini rushes to the hospital, but is unable to save Sudha’s child. Earlier, Maasa makes Sudha drink the poisoned milk and she starts experiencing pain in her stomach.

Wednesday 23 December 2020

Episode  2216

After Sudha’s miscarriage, Premal and his parents make a scene in the hospital, demanding answers from Nandini and berating her for her carelessness. Eventually, Sudha too is brainwashed and begins to see her own sister as her enemy.

Episode  2217

A distraught and worried Nandini is consoled by an old friend of Kalyani Devi’s. Later, in a miracle of sorts, Nandini sees Kalyani Devi herself return and give her an inspiring pep talk which leaves Nandini in much better spirits.

Thursday 24 December 2020

Episode  2218

After an ‘imaginary talk’ with Kalyani Devi, an emboldened Nandini challenges Kundan and vows to expose his depravities. Meanwhile, Premal incites hate in Sudha towards Nandini and asks her to adorn the role of a ‘Rudaali’

Please note that Young Love goes on a festive season break from 25 December to 3 January. The omnibus for 21 to 24 December will still air on the 26th and 27th.

Normal programming will resume on 4  January. Glow will air a Holiday Movie Marathon in place of the soaps.

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