Wednesday Update The Promise Zee World July 18

Wednesday Update The Promise Zee World July 18

Bani gives birth to twins and vows to always keep them with her. The jail wardens come to take away her babies but Bani manages to escape from their clutches, only to be confronted by Jai who takes them away. Bani gets admitted to a mental asylum. Pia visits Bani and tells her that Jai is insanely in love with her, and that’s why he had to stage this drama. Jigyasa can’t stop showering praises on Pia on her brilliant scheme. On how she had the burqa clad woman come to the party so that Bani would follow her. On how Pia effortlessly managed to label Bani as a murderer and a mentally ill person.

Pia tells Jigyasa how she had showed Jai the DVD of Sahil claiming Bani of trying to kill her, and how she had blackmailed Jai into declaring Bani mentally ill. Pia says that their plan would have never succeeded without Karuna’s help! Karuna had decided to seek revenge from Bani for ruining Laxmi’s life. Rano overhears their conversation and gets furious. Pia tells Rano that she knows how to snatch her right and warns her not to ever harm her! Jai begs Pia not to let any harm befall Bani, and promises her to give her all his property, wealth and fame. Pia replies that she wants everything, and also wants to be his wife. Rano visits Bani in the asylum and is upset seeing her cry for her babies. Pia warns Rano that she can put Bani in a worse plight if she tells the truth to Bani.

INTRODUCTION OF RONIT ROY AS APARAJIT DEB Bani phones home, and Maasi answers. She makes Bani hear her babies’ voice. Just then, Jigyasa and Pia come to the asylum and warn the nurse never to let Bani phone home again. They give Pia and Jai’s wedding card to Bani. A furious Jai points a gun at Pia and asks for the CDs but she warns him that if she dies, then Bani and he will be sentenced to life. Jai is extremely guilty about what he has done to Bani. An NRI hotelier, Aparajit Deb (Ronit Roy) arrives in India.