Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 6th Feb 2019

Pragya thinks she must find out what Aaliya and Tannu are upto, and promises someone to be there soon. Pragya plans to follow her.

Tanu and Aaliya going in night. Pragya thinks where are they going? Simonika calls her goon and asks where is he? Goon says he is outside Khan’s house and will not let him go. Simonika says she will give him money once her work is over. Pragya follows Tanu and thinks where is she going. Tanu thinks Aaliya must have called the doctor to give electric shock to Munni. She sees Pragya and thinks she must had given her much lecture and thinks to hide. Pragya wonders where is she? Aaliya asks Doctor to give her shock and make her conscious. Doctor refuses. Aaliya shouts and asks her to give her electric shocks. Tanu comes there. Aaliya asks Doctor to keep giving her electric shocks until she comes to senses. Tanu tells her that Pragya was following her. Aaliya asks her to be careful and scolds her.

Purab talks to the detective Karthik and tells about the attacks on abhi. Pragya hears him. Detective asks who is she? Purab says she is Pragya di, Abhi’s wife. Detective praises her and tells that they got the car in burnt state, and tells that they even found the snake charmer, but he was shot dead before he could tell anything. Pragya says someone is keeping eye on them. Detective says a black reflection is found near the house and says the attacker can be girl. He says the killer is smart, powerful and dangerous and it is her obsession to kill Abhi. Pragya says why anyone would want to kill him.

Disha and Abhi plan something and asks Robin to come indisguise and stabs Abhi with toy knife. Pragya hears them and thinks what they are planning. Disha tells Abhi that Pragya might tell the truth that she is pragya seeing his condition. Pragya thinks she can’t let her secret comes out else she can’t rescue him. She thinks how to hide the mole and hears Abhi coming. She pretends to make a call and tells that Abhishek is a fool and thought her as Pragya, don’t know where is real Pragya. Abhi hears her and says this girl is not Pragya, and is betraying me. Abhi asks why did you make fun of my emotions and have proved to the world that you are my Pragya. He says why did you do this with me and made fun of my love. He says I will always love my Pragya and can’t love her lookalike. He holds his hands and asks her to be away from him.

From Kumkum Bhagya, everyone enjoyed the breakfast. Abhi was angry. Simonika smirks that Mitali must save her children from going near the stage, else they will also be killed. Pragya comes to the table. Abhi blocks the seat and says she can’t sit here, she isn’t Pragya but Munni and can’t sit here. This table is only for the family. She isn’t as simple and innocent as she appears to be, but is a cunning enemy. She is an enemy in disguise; she will no more be a part of their lives, their matters and not even the concert. He leaves the table. Everyone goes behind him. Pragya tells Purab and Disha to take care of Abhi and leaves.