Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 16th Jan 2019

Abhi asking Pragya who are these kids. Pragya says she will tell him and asks kids to come. Abhi gets doubtful. Tanu tells Pragya that she will be expose now. Pragya says you will repent for this. Tanu says this is my attack, you will repent. She says since I am alive, you can’t get Abhi till 7 births. She says you got your kids at wrong time, whom you will handle now, Abhi, kids or karvachauth fast. Pragya takes kids with her. Dadi asks if Pragya said who are these kids? Abhi says she said she will tell later and says he is meeting them for first time.

Kids tell that they are hungry. Pragya asks them to have apples. Munni is still lying on road. Some people take her to hospital. Pragya calls Munni. An old man picks the call. Pragya thinks munni picked the call

and tells that Tanu brought kids home. Old man says this phone is his and says he don’t know Munni.

Aaliya scolds Tanu and asks why did you bring kids home. Tanu says she doesn’t care and tells that she can’t see Munni in Abhi’s life anymore. She asks her to support her. They see Abhi coming. Aaliya asks her to calm down and says we have to control this situation. She says it is time to be the savior and kick the enemy out of the house. Tanu asks what she is saying? Pragya thinks may be Munni lost her phone and this man found it. She thinks how I will contact her. Abhi and his family come to Pragya. He asks who are these kids and why they are calling you Maasi. Dadi says you have no nephew or niece, who are these kids?
Tanu comes and says you will not get answer from her and says she is silent as knows that she is fully trapped. Dadi asks did we ask you and says it is our family matter. Tanu says she is not Pragya, but her lookalike. Abhi asks her to stop her drama and asks her not to interfere. Tanu says this girl is a fraud and betrayal. Dadi says we praise you with these words and warns her not to talk against her. Disha asks why Pragya di is silent and gets tensed. Dadi says Aaliya and you have brought her here. She says we have kept you both at home as pragya said. Dasi says you gave them shelter and these naagins is spitting poison. She asks Pragya to slap Tanu.

Chutka asks why they are fighting. Pragya says nothing. Aaliya says she fooled us and made us believe that she is our Pragya Bhabhi, but we our confusion was cleared, we want to rectify our mistake. She tells that she is not Pragya, but her lookalike and playing big game with them. Abhi asks her to shut up and says we don’t want certificate from you and says he knows them best. He says he will just talk to Pragya.

Abhi asks her to say something. Pragya says she doesn’t know what to say. Ta nu says her tongue is stuck. Aaliya says what she will tell. Abhi asks her to tell truth and says he trusts her. Pragya says she wants to tell truth and asks for sometime. Aaliya says she is standing quiet as she is not Pragya, but her lookalike. Pragya thinks what they want to proof, if they expose Munni then it will be problematic for them. She thinks how to stop them. She thinks she has no proofs.