Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate 26th December 2018

Aaliya thinks if he is talking about me. Abhi asks Munni if he is saying right. Munni nods yes and says yes you are right. Abhi asks Purab to agree. Purab thinks Abhi is talking about Aaliya. He says your family is my world, if you think that happiness comes with my marriage then I am ready. Aaliya gets glad and is on cloud nice. Abhi says I know that you can give your life, but can’t break my trust. He wants everyone know this, I want them to know that you are my brother. Purab is still shocked. Abhi says I was joking and says you have the right to live your life. Purab asks are you mad, you took my life. He says he is feeling bad and thought everything ended between them. Aaliya is shocked to know that Abhi joked with Purab. She thinks you did wrong with me Bhai.

He talks about Bulbul and asks him to marry to make the girl’s life better and happy and says even Bulbul wants this. He says congratulations. They ask about Disha. Purab says she is standing outside and goes to bring her inside. Aaliya comes to room and recalls Purab’s words. She sees Purab’s pic on the projector screen and cries. She says you are just mine, no Disha can come inbetween us. She gets crazy and says she had to kill Bulbul because of him and now have to kill Disha also. She says whoever comes inbetween us will have to die. She determines to get him anyhow. She says I love you and can’t see you becoming of someone else. You are just mine, nobody can separate us. She thinks of Tanu’s plan.

Disha and Purab coming inside the house. Munni stops her and tells that the diya is off. She asks Mitali to bring match sticks. Mitali gets tensed. Munni asks her to light diya. They get inside. Purab asks who is getting married here? Abhi says you. Munni says he made arrangement since morning. Dadi asks them to freshen up and says Pandit ji will come. Purab refuses to marry and says I can’t do this. Disha gets teary eyes.

In the room, he sees Bulbul’s pics and thinks he can’t marry anyone. He thinks he will not marry Disha and will die with Bulbul’s memories. Abhi asks him to open the door. Tanu gets happy and informs Aaliya that Purab refused to marry Disha. Aaliya says this means he wants to marry me, and says I am sure he will marry me, nobody can come
inbetween us. She says I want to see Disha’s sad face. Disha cries standing keeping her head on the wall. Munni tries to pacify her. Disha hugs her and cries. She says why did Purab bring me here, if I had married Sangram Singh then my family would have been with me. She says Purab promised to take care of her, and says why he showed the dreams which he can’t fulfill. Tanu and Aaliya hears her.

Abhi asks Purab to open the door and breaks the glass of door and opens the door. Purab says I don’t want to talk to you. Abhi asks what is this thing? Purab asks why did you plan my marriage. Abhi says whatever happened with you was your destiny and says you are doing wrong with her, her finance broke up marriage with her, and here you are breaking the promise. Purab says I didn’t promise her. Abhi says why did you sit in the mandap there, with which thought. Purab says he sat in the mandap to save her from Sangram Singh. Abhi asks who will save her here, and says she will face Sangram Singh like guy daily. He says she eloped with you with a hope. Purab says how to marry her and says he can’t give Bulbul’s place to her. Abhi says Bulbul is dead and says I am not asking you to forget her. He says you have taken 3 rounds with her and might have given promise to her.

Disha tells that Purab don’t want to marry her. Purab says he had forgotten his promise and tells that today he is proposing marriage to her, and says if you are ready me with Bulbul’s memories then I will never leave you hand till my last breath. A song plays….Disha accepts Purab with his past. Munni says ghajab and asks Purab to get ready.

Aaliya says Purab will marry her only. She knows. Mitali comes there. Tanu says she already gave her good news. Mitali says it is an old news just like your modeling career and tells that Purab and Disha agreed to marry. Aaliya and Tanu are shocked.

Mitali breaking the news that Purab and Disha agreed to marry and that’s why they have to stick to their plan. Munni tells Abhi that she is happy and it is a good deed to unite two people. Abhi holds her romantically and gives credit to her for Purab’s decison. She feels love for him. Adha Ishq song plays…..Sangram Singh asks the men on road about Abhishek Mehra’s house. He says I am coming to change Disha’s life and end Purab’s life. Munni helps Disha get ready for the marriage. Abhi makes Purab ready and says he is very happy today. He says Dadi used to say that whatever happens is by God, and says Sangram is an angel as because of him only you met Disha and came here with her. He says he will dance in his marriage and hugs him. Munni tells Disha that she is looking ghajab and asks her to apply black spot.

Aaliya comes there and asks Munni to go.. Munni goes. Aaliya thinks of her conversation and decides to kill her. She introduces herself lifts show piece and asks if she is nervous. Disha thanks her and says she never met such good family. Aaliya keeps the vase and puts chloroform on the tissue to make her smell it, so that she dies. Dadi comes there and stops Aaliya. She tells Disha that she has work with Aaliya and takes her out. Aaliya asks don’t you have any responsibility towards me and asks why did you become my enemy. Dadi tells her that if she don’t mend her ways then she will tell everything to Abhi. Aaliya says if you don’t stop the marriage then the consequences will be very bad.

At the party, Dancer Shreya dances on the stage. Sangram Singh and his goons come there. Purab asks Abhi why did he throw party. Abhi says to celebrate your marriage.

Aaliya tells Purab that you have agreed for marriage, you said that you will live your life in Bulbul’s memories. She asks if that girl did something and asks him to answer. Purab says it is difficult to make you understand.READ THURSDAY: 27TH ON TWIST OF FATE