Wednesday Update on Twist of Fate 12th December

Tanu telling Inspector that Nikhil is their friend. Inspector says three suspects under one roof. Aaliya asks what do you mean and says Nikhil let us stay here. Tanu says for free. Inspector says it sees he is your partner in crime, I mean your old friend and asks where is he? He says you all are prime suspects in Pragya’s murder case and says dushyant is dead else Nikhil would had been undergone third degree torture. He says he is going to Nasik to get the proofs and goes. Tanu tells Aaliya that she will go to Nasik and ruins the proofs. Aaliya says she will call Nikhil and asks him to be underground for some days.

Purab talks to someone and tells that he is not in Mumbai and don’t know where is Abhi. Mitali hears him and thinks why is he lying. Dasi scolds her and
asks if she is planning this to tell aaliya. Purab tells Rishabh that he will come after 2 days and asks him to understand. Rishabh comes to Mehra house and says I can see you also. Purab feels bad. Rishab says I thought you are a professional. Purab says Abhi is in problem and have no mood to work. Rishabh says he has signed this contract 2 months ago. Purab says he is not meeting his family also. Rishabh says but he can organize party. Purab says he is throwing party for his missing wife. Rishabh says if this concert don’t happen then sponsors will file case against me. Purab says he will return his money and also for the loss.

Rishabh says Abhi is my property and will sing for me. Abhi says I would be happy if my fan had told this. Rishabh says he didn’t mean that. Abhi recalls Pragya saying the same thing. He says you made this day special and says this concert will happen and I will sing. Rishabh thanks him with a hug. Abhi says he has become professional because of his wife and says he will work hard and hopes she returns seeing his hard work. Rishabh wishes him best and says he will send the show details. Purab says I have everything. Tanu goes to Nasik and thinks to ruins the proofs. Pragya’s lookalike stops her car and asks for help. Tanu refuses, and is shocked to see her face. Pragya’s lookalike asks Tanu to help her take chutki to hospital else she will kill her and keeps knife on her neck. Tanu agrees. Pragya’s lookalike sits in her car. Tanu thinks Pragya is alive.

Abhi asks Purab to tell which guitar he shall use today. Purab asks him to understand and tells that Pragya is dead as Police stopped the search. Abhi says she is alive and will come. Purab says truth don’t change. Abhi says she will come today or will give any sign. Purab says if others listen to you then will think you are mad. Abhi says he has faith that she will come if God wishes. Purab says you don’t believe on God. Abhi says Pragya believes on God. Purab asks if he will break his hopes if God gives no sign. Abhi says we shall talk good on anyone’s birthday. He says he will dedicate his concert to Pragya and will bring Pragya towards him. He says his hope will show its effects. Pragya’s lookalike asks Tanu to stop the car and takes the boy to hospital. Dr. comes and calls her Munni. She asks when did the accident happened? Munni says half an hour ago. Doctor takes the girl. Tanu thinks to call Aaliya.

Dasi tells Dadi that Abhi called Sarla and acted as if Pragya is coming. Purab tells that today he will accept that Pragya will not come. Aaliya catches the water drops coming from roof top. Tanu calls Aaliya and tells her that Pragya is alive and tells everything. Aaliya asks if she is drunk. Tanu says may be she was not dead. Aaliya asks why she is talking like Abhi and saying Pragya is alive. Tanu says I have seen with my eyes and asks her to come and see. Aaliya says ok, I will come to make you realize that it is a lie. She thinks to slap her.

Abhi practices to perform in the concert. He imagines pragya there and dances with her. He sees her gone and thinks this is not a dream, and thinks she will return. He asks her to give him sign that she is fine. Aaliya comes to the hospital and asks Tanu where is she? Tanu says she has changed her attire and talking in UP-Bihar language and kept knife on my neck to bring me here. Aaliya asks her to make her see her. Tanu takes Aaliya inside and asks Doctor about Pragya. Doctor says she doesn’t know any Pragya. She asks Aaliya to show her pic. Aaliya says I am not Abhi to keep her pic. Tanu asks her to check in her mobile and gets her pic. They show to Doctor. Doctor refuses to see her. Tanu asks Aaliya to believe her. Aaliya slaps her and tells Doctor that she lost her friend and is in trauma. She asks her to come. Doctor thinks these girls are not looking good and thinks God please save her. Munni cries and tells that from where she will get money for the boy’s treatment. She says your mum brought me up with so much love and I couldn’t you that much love. Girl asks her not to cry and says she has an idea to earn money. Munni says it is a good idea and goes.

Sarla and Beeji come to Abhi’s house as Abhi invited him. Dasi tells her that Abhi is doing a big concert for Pragya. Sarla says she is good.

Aaliya scolds Tanu. Tanu says she saw Pragya there. Aaliya asks why did Doctor lie then? Tanu asks her to agree and says Pragya wanted to kill me. Aaliya says you have lost it and asks her to see a psychiatrist. She says you both see Pragya. The car is stopped due to traffic jam. Aaliya gets down the car to check. She sees people seeing a woman walking on rope and asks her to get down the rope. She turns and Aaliya sees Pragya walking on rope. She gets shocked. Munni gets the money from the people seeing her stunt. Tanu tells Aaliya that she is alive and asks her to go with Abhi to psychiatrist and says they will get good discounts. Aaliya says she knows where she will be? They come to hospital and see Pragya asking Doctor to operate on the boy. Doctor asks her to go as she knows that she handles kids and shop also.

Abhi imagines Pragya asking him to wear best clothes. Abhi says he is not in a mood to go. Pragya says you have signed the contract. Abhi says his throat is bad. Pragya asks him to go and take work seriously. Abhi says he can’t concentrate when she is not with him. Pragya says I am with you in your song words. Fb ends. Abhi thinks this jacket have a feeling of you. Dadi comes there. Abhi asks how is this jacket looking. Dadi says this is Pragya’s favorite. Abhi says everything will be her favorite today. He says he has so much work and is hopeful that she will come. Dadi says she will come. Abhi asks her to stop crying else Pragya will fly and come here.

Munni scolds the girl for getting drenched in water and asks her to drink kada. Someone (may be Aaliya and Tanu) comes there.

Aaliya and Tanu coming to Munni’s house. They introduce themselves. Munni introduces themselves. Tanu shows her Abhi’s pic. Munni says she accepts the alliance. Tanu says he is my boyfriend. Munni says she is joking. Aaliya tells her that her face resembles to their friend. Munni is shocked to see the pic and compares her pic. She asks if the pic is photoshopped. Aaliya says no. Munni shows the pic to her niece. She asks them to tell the truth. Tanu says she is my sautan and got married to Abhi. Munni says rockstar married her, so you are her sautan. Aaliya says talk is enough and offers money. She says it is not easy to earn money and you have to do a small work. Munni asks what? Aaliya tells her that she wants to kick Pragya out of his life and grows hatred in his heart.
She asks her to come to Mehra Mansion as Pragya and stay there as Pragya. Munni asks if she is drunk. Aaliya offers 1 lakh rs. Aaliya says you are talking something and saying something. Munni asks her to go.

Aaliya asks her to come with her and make Abhi hate Pragya. She asks her to do something so that Abhi thinks Pragya is a worst woman in the world, and he accepts Tanu back in his life. She says you are talented and will do this. Munni says you are chaalbaaz women, and says your brother might love his wife and asks what do you want to snatch his love. Munni refuses to work for them. Aaliya and Tanu threaten to kill her chutka and chutki.

Tanu tells her that they have done this to get Abhi’s property and have killed Pragya also. She asks her to think about then children and says think what I will do to them. Munni keeps knife on her neck and says you are threatening me, coming to my house. She asks them to take the money and leave. They leave. Munni thinks they tried to buy my face and honesty.