Wednesday Update on This is Fate 9th December 2019

Sherlin thanks Rishab for help. Rishab forbids her being formal and leaves to make a call.
Karan rings bell of Preeta’s house. Preeta was enraged and says Karan must have come with his ugly thoughts that she is behind Rishab. She tells Karan a girl and boy can be true friends as well, he insulted her today and Karan wasn’t worth disgracing her so much. He has a disgusted thinking. He must be a star but he can’t recognize what is right and what’s wrong. Karan finally presses her mouth with his hand. He tells her to at least listen to him once and asks her promise that she won’t speak. He says he is with her. Preeta asks if he trusts them. Karan says he is worried for Rishab and doesn’t want him to marry a wrong girl. He only knows his brother won’t like someone who he thinks

as wrong one. Preeta asks if Karan agrees Rishab likes him and is her friend. Karan says Rishab always abide by their mother, but he is here to help her get her mother out of jail. He promises to help Preeta in getting Sherlin’s character unveiled, but he must never be put in suspicion from her side. They leave to get Sarla freed from jail. Shrishti comes from behind with her ringing cell phone. It was Rishab who was concerned for Preeta. As Rishab leaves, Sherlin discuss with Kareena how can Preeta ignore Rishab. Kareena tells her not to worry, they aren’t speaking to each other and this is their victory.
Outside the police station, Preeta tells Karan Rishab wasn’t able to help her. If he has thought well, as his family won’t forgive him for this. Karan says he will see to it later, but right now he will get her mother out of jail first. Preeta holds his hand. Karan forbids her being emotional, he is doing it for his brother and for his own conscience. He is selfish as she calls him to be.
Sherlin and Kareena enjoy green tea together. Sherlin boasts about throwing Preeta out of their lives. Dadi comes there complaining about her foot ache and asks about Preeta. Sherlin says Preeta doesn’t care about her at all and isn’t even attending their call. They insist on Dadi to appoint a new physiotherapist. Dadi finally agrees with a heavy heart. Kareena says now Preeta’s mother will rot in jail for a lifetime.
In the jail, Sarla was elated to hear Karan came for her bail. Preeta tells her that Luthra’s haven’t agreed yet. She tells Sarla Sherlin was behind this all.
The inspector wasn’t ready to take the case back. Karan says he can bring an affidavit from each of the person who fall ill, that they don’t want a case at all. The inspector wasn’t still ready. Karan takes the name of his lawyer, Jagdeep Khanna who is a famous lawyer with media face value. They can unveil in the media that the inspector didn’t carry on any investigation about reason of food poisoning or try to jail the culprit and only arrested Sarla directly. Karan calls Jagdeep to come to jail with reporters. The inspector decides not to mingle with Jagdeep as they didn’t investigate the case well. Karan says he is ready to give in writing Arora’s have nothing to do with food poisoning.
Janki comes home and asks Bee ji if she called Preeta. They say Preeta left her home. Janki insists these days no one forgives their phone home. There, Preeta was shocked to hear from Sarla that Rishab came here. Sarla says he was really guilty. Preeta holds him in high prestige and feels bad for saying a lot to Rishab. The lady inspector comes to release Sarla. Karan finds Preeta and Sarla in a hug. Preeta was excited and says Shrishti would be elated to see her and Dadi was also really sad for her. Karan thinks why he is being happy for her. Sarla get emotional that Preeta’s smile is beautiful. Preeta and Sarla hug again. Sarla holds Karan’s hands and thanks him. Karan apologizes that she had to stay inside. Preeta thanks Karan for helping when no one did. Karan tells Sarla to come home before her daughter starts over again.

At home Shrishti cheerfully jumps and hugs Shrishti. She dances around with Sarla and takes her to the couch, and sits hugging her there. Sarla smiles that Shrishti is the youngest, and loves her the most. She kisses Shrishti. Sarla now gets emotional and says since they are friends now they will love each other. Dadi asks Sarla how she was released. Shrishti wasn’t ready to leave Sarla, she says she had been so afraid. Sarla says Preeta and Karan brought her home. Karan is parking his car. Janki says she must bring sweet then. Karan and Preeta come inside. Janki says she already was in favor of Karan and Preeta’s couple, everyone felt awkward. Sarla explains its about partnership. Janki apologizes as she always has a slip of tongue. Shrishti brings the sweet and thanks Karan for doing a

lot for them. She says he must be a hero for the world but for her, he is Super hero. She kisses his cheek. Sarla was apologetic as Karan stood open mouthed.
In the car, Rishab scolds Sameer and tells him to make clients wait. He tells the driver to go to Preeta’s house. The driver says he would have to change the route. Rishab bursts over him for instructing him, then apologizes.
Karan says he doesn’t eat sweet from market. Sarla insists on him to stay, she will just make sweet for him at home. Dadi appreciates Karan’s effort and says she is inspired how well her mother must be. Janki calls Shrishti to hand her sugar box in the kitchen. Dadi goes to give Janki dry fruits. Preeta asks Karan if he has thought what he would reply to his family. Karan says he would see, it will take people a lot of time to know Sarla has been released.
At home, Kareena gets a call from inspector Chauhan that they released Sarla. Kareena asks if Rishab came there. The inspector says Karan took the case back. Kareena was shocked. Sherlin wonders if Karan trusts Preeta.
In the car, Rishab thinks he might not be able to help her even today. The driver says they have reached Preeta’s home. He gets a calls from Sherlin who hurries him to come home, Kareena is calling him. Rishab leaves Preeta’s home.
Sarla had prepared dinner for Karan. Karan discuss with Preeta he might die eating so much. The family serve for him. Karan says he could have eaten at home. Shrishti sits to make Karan eat with her own hands. She was excited as Karan takes a bite from her hands. Preeta finally asks them to finish it up. Karan’s phone bell rings, it was Kareena. He goes aside to take the call. Kareena questions why he got Sarla released, she tells him to come home right away. Kareena sends the servant to call everyone here except Rakhi. Karan takes a leave, appreciating the food. Preeta goes behind him. Shrishti gives sweet to Sarla. Dadi tells her to call Kappu and inform him as well. Preeta comes behind Karan and asks what the trouble is. Karan says he never thought they would come to know so soon. Karan says he thought he would find a proof against Sherlin or her. Kareena must have gathered everyone at home. Preeta asks what he would tell everyone. She insists on knowing exactly what he would say. Karan says he would see about it. Preeta says she fears Sherlin doesn’t get alert about their suspicion. She might do anything, even harm him as well to save herself otherwise. It’s their mission to catch Sherlin red handed, until now she has shown everyone that Aroras are responsible. She suggest Karan that he must tell everyone she blackmailed him, she had an mms and she deterred to release it. Karan says Preeta isn’t that type of girl, he is infact not mms type man. Preeta questions if he is a respectable man? Karan now shouts at her that he doesn’t need clarify his character to her. He comes by his car. Preeta apologizes for getting him in trouble. Karan says he is only worried for Sherlin, as she got alert. He hurries towards home as there was a call again.

Shrishti complements Dahi Bhalla, Sarla says she pours love in them. Preeta comes inside, Shrishti asks her to join as well. Janki says she already said, Karan is nicer than the two boys. Sarla says when she first met him she disliked him, but today she felt he seems to be rude only from outside. He helped them today. READ THURSDAY 10TH ON THIS IS FATE