Wednesday Update on This is Fate 30th January 2019

Preeta was awake at the sound of Prithvi. she holds a wooden stick and beat him under the shawl. Prithvi covers his face and tries to run away but the ladies were awake and badly beat Prithvi with broomsticks and wooden rods. Preeta goes to call the police. PRithvi hits Sarla and run away from the main door. The girls follow him out but he hides behind a wall. Prithvi flee while Preeta regrets he has run away. Shrishti asks Preeta to talk about Karan, as she begins a topic about him in every matter. She is always lost in his thoughts. Sarla calls the girls from inside. Preeta complains Shrishti was teasing her. Sarla asks about the thief, the girls get inside the house.
Sherlin comes to the room. Prithvi asks if his parents saw her come inside. Sherlin says they are asleep. He asks about

pain relief ointment. Sherlin was emotional to see his bruises at the back. It burns as she applies the ointment. Prithvi wasn’t ready to spare that Preeta, he will torture her daily.

At home, Shrishti tells Preeta that the lock of window is jammed, that’s why the thief wasn’t ready to flee. Preeta was afraid that the man had broken into the house for some other intentions. She senses he was coming towards Janki and fears he wanted to kill Janki. Preeta says may be Janki is aware of some secret and the man risked his life to kill her. Sarla comes to send them to sleep. Preeta insists upon staying with Janki now and sends the girls to sleep.

At home, Rakhi was awake at 5 am and comes in the kitchen. Kareena comes there and shares about her sleeplessness. She was concerned that their sons attempted to get into the fire. What did Sarla and Preeta give to their children that they haven’t done, then why Karan and Rishab didn’t value them. Rakhi was sure her children first noticed their safety first. Her sons like Preeta; they share a deep friendly relationship. Karan has chosen Sofia, while Rishab selected Sherlin but she must have been very happy if Preeta had become a daughter in law of thier house. Kareena was curt. Rakhi says if Rishab hadn’t liked Sherlin, Preeta must have suited with him. She goes to prepare tea for Kareena.

Preeta dreams about the horrible fire in the kitchen and wakes up out of fear. Shrishti wakes up beside her and complains to ruin her sleep. Preeta tells Shrishti she had seen herself covered in fire, then decides not to share it with Shrishti. Shrishti says nightmares if not shared come true. Preeta jerks the idea. Shrishti was now determined to know what Preeta had been hiding.
Outside, Preeta asks Sarla how is Janki. Sarla was upset that Janki isn’t concious, she called the doctor and he must be coming. Preeta goes to prepare breakfast. Sarla miss Janki in the house in morning. She wonders when will Janki begin to speak again. Sarla assures Janki must get fine, else doctor must have admitted her in a hospital. Preeta goes to prepare breakfast while Sarla leaves for a bath. Shrishti comes to Preeta in the kitchen and asks about the nightmare. Preeta tells her to peel the potato, it was only a dream and not a feature film. Shrishti warns she will tell Karan about it now. She then decides not to tell Karan, he will take it lightly. SHe will tell Rishab that Preeta had him in her dreams. SHe picks the landline. Preeta agrees to tell Shrishti, and says she was with Preeta and Deepak came in. She was afraid. Shrishti doesn’t trust. Preeta now teases Shrishti by Sameer’s name. Sarla comes there and smells something burning. Preeta hurries towards the kitchen.
Rishab shows the photo to his manager. Kareena wonders why Rishab has called Sameer at home and whose photo is this. Rishab asks him to inquire about this man, he doubt he has seen this man in some official documents. Kareena watches Prithvi’s photo, and goes to tell Sherlin about it.

The doctor tells Sarla and family that Janki is perfectly fine, he wonders why she didn’t get conscious by now. He suggests to wait for some more time, she might wake up soon. Preeta tells Sarla she will stay at home to help her today with chores at house. Shrishti also insists to stay, but Preeta says there was a call from her office and she has to leave. Sarla was proud of her daughters. Bee ji forbids her being over emotional at this moment.
Sherlin comes to Luthra’s house. Karan doesn’t greet her, she stops him and reminds about touching her feet as she is the elder sister in law. Karan says she doesn’t feel like any elder to him. They discuss about Preeta. Sherlin says Preeta is lucky that someone of Prithvi’s status is marrying her. Karan corrects that Prithvi is lucky, as

anyone would marry Preeta. Kareena spots them and calls Sherlin to herself. She warns Sherlin that Rishab would be upset if Karan is upset with her, as Rishab’s life lie with Karan.
Rakhi tries to speak to Sameer. Sameer clarifies he doesn’t like Shrishti at all and won’t marry her, she is so dominating over him. He is irritated by her. Rakhi laughs and takes it casually. She tells him to fell in love with Shrishti then, she is a nice girl. Sameer leaves the room.
Kareena brings Sherlin aside and shares with her that Rishab has turn into a caretaker. It now seems Prithvi isn’t as ideal as she thought him to be, Rishab gave his photo to his secretary and wants an inquiry about him. Sherlin was alert, and coughs badly. As Kareena hurries to take water Sherlin decides she must inform Prithvi about Rishab at once. Karan was looking for Sherlin to clarify it was Preeta who broke her engagement with Deepak. Sherlin calls Prithvi. He says he is really afraid right now and must hurt Preeta badly to be relieved. He is going to meet Preeta to show off his love for her, only then she will marry him. Sherlin hurries him to meet her right away. Prithvi says he has no time to meet her today, he has to prepare a fool proof plan against them. Sherlin insists it’s important, Prithvi agrees to meet her in a restaurant. Sherlin says he loves her more than he does, Punnu. Karan hears the conversation and decides to catch them red handed; he will question her straight in face today.
Kareena stops Sherlin for water. Sherlin says she feels really ill because of yesterday and must go home to take rest. Kareena feels pity for Sherlin. Karan says not her but they all are worth pitying.
Sameer curses his car which didn’t get fixed. He turns to see Shrishti at a flower shop wave at him. He jerks the idea thinking it’s a day dream. He calms himself down and turns around. Shrishti was holding a red rose and walks to him. Sameer says he doesn’t want to marry her. Shrishti was offensive and says she isn’t also dying to marry him and wanted to be nice. He asks if it’s really not a dream. Shrishti tells him to pick her rose up. Sameer offers the rose to her. A man nearby comments soon they fall in love as well. Sameer slaps the flower on floor. Shrishti says the girl who will marry him is going to suffer badly. She turns around and slips halfway. Sameer holds her in his arms and questions if she is fine. He says only she must have a feeling for him in her heart and heads on to hire an auto.
Sherlin was tensed thinking about Rishab while she drives the car. In the car, Karan thinks he didn’t tell Preeta about going behind Preeta. He stops the car at a signal few cars behind Sherlin. Preeta’s phone rings at home. Sarla takes the call at landline and tells Karan Preeta went for grocery and left phone at home. Karan tells her to ask Preeta call him back. Sherlin’s car move ahead at the signal, Karan follows her at a distance. Preeta was walking across the road, a car passes by and the mud fill her face. It was Sherlin who did this deliberately to Preeta.